Carrowreagh Cryans
Patricia Buker

Currently, there are 3 Cryan families in Carrowreagh (that we know of) and they are all related to Sean Rua Cryan, approx 4 generations back. From what I understand, my Gr.Gr.Grandfather Sean Rua (Red John) had 8 daughters and 5 sons. Two of the sons died young and the farm was split between the remaining 3 sons, Patrick (Padraig Rua), Martin & Peter Cryan. The property on which the family house was located was left to Padraig Rua who is my direct ancestor.

Sean Rua married a woman with the maiden name Carney. I believe that there were 8 daughters & 5 sons. The birth dates are not known at this time

  • Michael, died May 7, 1907 (26yrs). An obituary for his funeral is available

  • John...believed to have died young

  • Peter

  • Martin

  • Patrick (also called Padraig Rua) was my Great Grandfather

  • Nora (married name Kehoe)

  • Winifred (married name Cummins or Mr.G.Commons, Mrs.L.Commons)

  • xxxx (married name Nolan, Mr.& Mrs.J.J.Nolan)

  • xxxx (married name Fitzmorris or Mr.& Mrs.P.Morris)

  • xxxx (married name Kallery)

  • xxxx (married name Connor or Mrs.G.O’Connor)

  • xxxx (married name Mr.& Mrs.M.Connellan)

  • Frances ?


  • in black text, my Grandmother Delia Cryan communicated the history in 1980. 

  • In blue text, an obituary from 1907 names sisters and brother-in-laws. Using this as a reference, there appear to be alternate surnames. For this reason, I’ve included both for cross-reference purposes. 

  • Also, the obituary from 1907 also references uncles which suggested that Sean Rua had a brother Luke Cryan. The same obituary suggests that his Sean Rua’s wife had brothers Peter Carney, John Carney & Martin Carney. 


My Gr.Grandfather was Padraig Rua Cryan (Red Patrick Cryan). He married

Catherine O’Reily and had 5 sons and 2 daughters. The birth dates are not known at this time

  • Mai > Birthdate unknown. Died Oct.10/81. She married Charlie Barrett and remained in Co.Leitrim, Ireland

  • Ann (called Nell) > married name Kenny

  • Tom > died when he was 7 at the family home in Carrowreagh. The description from my grandmother suggested Meningitis.

  • Padraig

  • Samual Gerard > born 1902. Immigrated to Argentina

  • William > was killed by a car in New York

  • John Joseph > my Grandfather, raised his family in Carrowreagh, Ireland.

My Grandfather was John Joseph Cryan (called Jack) Cryan. He married

Bridget Agnes (called Delia, maiden name Elwood). They had 5 sons.

  • Padraig, b1926, married Patricia O'Connor in Carrick-on-Shannon

  • Joseph, b1927, immigrated to Canada, 1949, Married Mary (Kelly) & died Sept.30, 2007

  • Richard, b1930?, resides in Carrowreagh

  • Samual, b1932?, resides in Carrowreagh

  • Thomas, b1934. He immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1953, married Jessie Briget (called Netta, maiden name Kelly) Aug. 31, 1957. They had 6 children which includes me (Patricia. My mother was born in Glasgow, Scotland on Dec.17, 1935 and lived in Mallaig, Scotland until 18 years old. They had 6 children.

  1. Delia Margaret b1958 in Toronto, Canada. Married Charles Grech & had 3 children, Christina Maria, Melissa Carmela & Rebecca Anne.
    Patricia Mairi b1959 in Toronto, Canada. Married Kerry Buker Oct.10, 1981 and had 3 children, Brendan Patrick b1984, Shawna Mairi b1986 & Kylie Margaret b1988.

  2. John Michael (called Iain) b1960 in Co.Roscommon, Ireland. He died Feb.21,2000. Never married.

  3. Gerard Patrick b1961 in Co.Roscommon, Ireland. Married Lorrie (maiden name Tremaine) and had 2 children, Kevin & Colleen

  4. Thomas James b1964 in Toronto, Canada. Married Sharon (maiden name xxxxx, 1st married name McQuade) already had 2 children Ashleigh & Angeleigh. Tom & Sharon had 2 more children, Connor & Sinead.

  5. Maureen Anne b1976 in Toronto, Canada. Married Patrick Farrell and had 3 children, Peri Jane, Caeden James & Layne Rian.