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Re: Parents of Austin R. Cryan of Buffalo, NY (Erie County)


Thu, 13 Jan 2005 21:40:17 -0500

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You mentioned on your web page that you have the Famine Immigrant List (Cryan and variants) arriving at Port of New York 1846-1851.


Is there a Sarah or Jane Cryan on any of those ships heading to NY?



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From: Caoimhghin O Croidheain

To: Daniel Cryan

Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 7:43 AM

Subject: Re: Parents of Austin R. Cryan of Buffalo, NY (Erie County)


Hi Daniel

Thanks for your mail. Basically, I put every bit of

info I have on my site.

The name Austin is relatively unusual and any mentions

of an Austin could be important as names ran down the

various siblings in even families that split between


I notice one Austin in the Cryan deaths list.

Have you gone through the cryan list archive files on

my site?


There are nearly 1500 A4 pages of information

contained in these files.

Try searching the keywords [esp Austin] you have given


Are you on the cryan list? the reseachers there are

very helpful...

Any Cryan and variants info is valuable.

Please do put all you know on the list or send it to

me for the archive as you never know when someone will

find connections [back to you] in the future. Any

American material would be great to have.



I generally dont put info from mails sent directly to

me in the archive as they are not in the public domain

and may contain personal material [unless asked to do

so]. So if you join the list [which is free] and

resend then I can put everything on my site.




--- Daniel Cryan <dancryan@msn.com> wrote:


> Kevin,


> Happy New Year.  I recently came across your


> page at




> I noticed that you have a wealth of information at

> your finger tips and was hoping we could help each

> other out.    I spent a few days in Washington DC at

> the National Archives trying to find out information

> on my GG Grandparents, specifically my Great

> Grandfather, Austin Cryan's, parents.  His wife

> Josephine may have parents from Ireland as well (at

> least 1 side).  I can't even find out what ship they

> came over on. 


>  I have spent countless hours conducting research.

> The Cryan lineage is a bit harder to trace due in

> part to the lack of records during the move from

> Ireland to the US.  Below is a summary of what I

> have so far. I can't tell you how much it would mean

> if you could help me find out the missing links.  I

> have spent countless days and hours on the web and

> at the National Archives in Washington DC.



> Here we go.




> Austin R. Cryan was born (I believe in Buffalo), 19

> April 1881.  The censuses between 1900 and 1930 list

> his birth as either 1880/1. 




> On 10 October 1906 Austin married Josephine Griffin

> in Buffalo NY.  Austin was 25 and Josephine was 18

> when they were married.




> Josephine was born 3 Nov 1886 in Buffalo. Her

> parents are Thaddeus Griffin and Ellen Gartlet. 




> According to his obituary he was a Mechanic

> (Shipyard, reportedly Crystal Beach boat. Retired

> after 30 years in 1923).




> Children of Austin and Josephine:


>             John Griffin Cryan - born April 1907,

> died 1957


>             Robert Thomas Cryan, born 12 Nov 1908,

> died 28 Aug 1995.




> Austin died at 3pm on 12 May 1931 at the age 50

> years and 23 days.  His death certificate listed

> cause of death as Mitra stenosis and acute


> ON.




> Josephine died 19 November 1959. INFO ON HER PARENTS





> Their last address was listed as 28 Knox Ave.






> Here's where I need help.  According to the census

> data, Austin's parents came from the Irish Free

> State - IRELAND.  I have been told that his Dad's

> name was Robert Austin (cannot find a scrap of info

> on - I'm not even sure that is his name) and his

> Mothers name may have been Sarah (possibly Sarah

> Otis).






> 1. J (possibly Jane, was hard to read) Cryan.

> (Buffalo, Erie Co.):


> Per the 1900 Census, Jane S. Cryan (could that S be

> Sarah?) was living at 70 Myrtle Ave and was listed

> as the head of the household.  She was born in 1865

> or 1866 and according to the 1900 census (taken 8

> June 1900)she  was 34 years of age and widowed.  She

> migrated to the US in 1873.  The following children

> were listed as living with her: Austin R or S - 20,

> Julia R - 12, Mary E. - 13, Michael - 14, Thomas -

> 8, John J - 6, and William H, 2.  Accordingly, this

> Austin would have been born around 1880 (Could be

> our Austin Cryan). (Roll T623-1025, Page 7B, ED 25.




> 2. Sarah Cryan. (Buffalo, Erie Co.):


> Per the 1920 census Sarah Cryan was the head of the

> household. She was widowed and had migrated to the

> US in 1879.  It listed her at about 55 years of age.

>  Living with her were two sons (Michael age 31, and

> Joseph age 27) and two Daughters (Mary, age 33 and

> Julie age 35). Also living with her were Mary's

> children, William - 14, Catherine - 12, Lillian - 8,

> and Florence - 6).  Mary was also listed as widowed

> and her last name was listed as Gallavin or Galvin.

> (Roll T625-1100, Page 15B, ED 32, image 32).




> In the 1930 census, Mary Gallavan, daughter of

> Sarah, was then listed as the head of the household

> at 342 Myrtle Ave.  Sarah, then 65 as well as her

> son Joseph still lived with her as well as Mary's

> children Catherine, Lillian and Florence. Joseph was

> listed as a handyman at a crockery factory.  (Roll

> 1424, ED 36, Image 339, sheet 17A)




> Could Jane S be the same as Sarah? The ages are

> about the same.  The names and ages for the children

> are about right as well.  If Austin was married

> before the 1910 census, he wouldn't have shown up

> with Sarah Cryan in the 1920 census, so this seems

> to fit as well.




> I need names or any other information you can gather

> on our great-great (or just great) grandparents.

> Who are Austin's parents?  If it is Jane/Sarah, who

> was her husband?




> Again, I would appreciate any information you can

> gather (even copies of old pictures). 




> I will be going to the archives again in the next

> month or so. If I can research anything for you as

> well, let me know.




> Dan Cryan



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Fri, 14 Jan 2005 16:45:35 -0500




[Cryan et al.] roll call!

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Over on Rootsweb's Irish American list, they are

doing a roll call - and I

thought to myself, Self, I would love to see a

roll call on the Cryan list!

Things have been a bit quiet here lately, so why

not ask everyone to speak

up and remind the list who they're researching?

You never know, you might

see something that piques your interest.....


Here's how it works:

Subject: Surname, state(s)

Body of message: short roll call about where the

ancestor originated

and to what states they emigrated. Use just

surname, years and if they

went from state to state use >> between.

ie Smith, 1880s, NY >> 1890s OH >> 1905 CA

If you want to put in city and/or county, that

will be fine.


~ Ali

Ali Crehan Feeney" <crehan@comcast.net>  Add to Address Book


Fri, 14 Jan 2005 16:45:36 -0500




[Cryan et al.] Crehan, Massachusetts

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My Crehans appear to have originated in Co.

Galway and came over here to

Massachusetts in the first half of the 1850s, so:


Crehan, Co. Galway >> 1850s, Massachusetts


~ Ali

Quincy, MA

Fri, 14 Jan 2005 17:24:15 -0800 (PST)


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[Cryan et al.] Roll Call for Crean

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This is my first time doing a roll call.


Contact me at nancy_fiore@yahoo.com


O'Crean/Crean/Crane/Creen, (married Lewis,


Dillon, Miller, Roach, Lally) 1820s, Sligo, Mayo,


Dublin, Ireland >> London, England >> Dublin,


>> 1851 NY, USA >> 1856 Chicago, Cook, IL, USA >>

Crean, Roach (NY) 1890s CO >> CA, OR, IA, NY


O'Hara (married Crean, Miehe (MO)) 1820s Sligo


Leitrim, Ireland >> St. Timothy Village,


Montreal, Quebec, >> 1840s Buffalo, NY, USA >>


>> St. Louis, MO >> Chicago, Cook, IL



Sat, 15 Jan 2005 07:09:52 -0800 (PST)


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[Cryan et al.] Roll Call

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Contact me at nancy_fiore@yahoo.com


O'Crean/Crean/Crane/Crain/Creen, (married Lewis,

Decker, Dillon, Miller, Roach, Lally, Blanchfield


Lee) 1820s, Sligo, Mayo, and Dublin, Ireland >>

London, England >> Dublin, Ireland >> 1851 NY,

USA >>

1856 Chicago, Cook, IL, USA >> Crean, Roach (NY)


Denver, Pueblo, Arapahoe, CO >> New Orleans, LA

>> NY,

CA, OR, and Midwest Area(MN, WI, MI, IN, IA) USA 


O'Hara (married Crean, Miehe (MO)) 1820s Sligo


Leitrim, Ireland >> St. Timothy Village,


Montreal, Quebec, >> 1840s Buffalo, NY, USA >>


>> St. Louis, MO >> Chicago, Cook, IL


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Re: [Cryan et al.] roll call!


Sun, 16 Jan 2005 14:40:19 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)



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Cryan, Patrick and Catherine Conlon Cryan

1820-1860, Brogher

Townland, County Sligo.  Children:  Patrick,

Martin, and

Bridget, 1840-1900 > Taunton, Wareham, Somerset

and Swampscott,

Massachusetts > Mercer County, PA (named changed

to CRAIN for PA


Paul Cryan" <paulcryan@eircom.net>  Add to Address Book


Mon, 17 Jan 2005 01:31:42 -0000




[Cryan et al.] Cryan [ Et. Al.] roll cal

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Cryan, James, Townland Sroove,Town

Monasterradeen, County Sligo. to England 1840s

County Durham married Sarah McMahon 1858,to USA

1870. to Lowell MA.

    Brothers Timothy, Michael, Thomas  and sister

Mary (O'Flahaven in Lowell MA.

brother John Stayed in Ireland.

    Children of James and Sarah were James, Anne,

Mary, Bridget ,Catherine

John Philip,  and Alexander.

Mon, 17 Jan 2005 08:09:11 -0800 (PST)


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[Cryan et al.] Cryan Roll Call

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Great Idea Ali!


Cryan, James b:1805-1815?, Sroove,


Sligo,M;Mary Phillips,immigrated to Lowell, Ma.

Child of James- John Cryan,b: 1851, Sroove, D:


Sroove, Ireland Monasteraden, Co Sligo.

M: Honoria Lavin(Lannon)B: 1844, Ireland


Thomas, B: 1869,d: ?, Sroove, Ireland buried in

Monasteraden, Ireland


Mary B: 1870, Sroove,D: 1942, San Francisco, Ca


Bridget,B1873 Sroove (Can't find her)


Agnes b: 1874, Sroove, M: Michael

Casey,04-10-1899Kilnamanagh, FrenchPark,




Michael b: 09-13-1874 D:? , buried in Cemetery,

Monasteraden, Ireland


Honora (Winey) b: 08-26-1877 Sroove, M: Lawrence


10-25-1900 Ballaghaderreen, Immigrated to San

Francisco, d: 04-1961 Belmont, Ca


John b:1880 Sroove, m: Mary ?, immigrated to


Ma, lived in New York in 1915, but can't find him


Anne b: 08-111,1882 Sroove, immigrated to Lowell,


then back to Ireland, m: John Conway 09-19-1910,

Ballaghaderreen, d: 10-19-1957 Townagbrack,

Monasteraden, Co Sligo


James J. (Crane) b: 11-18-1884 Sroove, never


immigrated to New York in 1915, lived in Montana,

Seattle, Wa, then San Francisco, Ca, d:


San Francisco, Ca.


I have more on the rest of John's grandchildren


but could be typing for days.



(grandaughter of Honora (Winey) Cryan)

Edna Lydon Fuller

San Mateo, Ca.

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Mon, 17 Jan 2005 18:38:09 -0500




[Cryan et al.] Fw: {not a subscriber} Massachusetts Crehan lookups

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----- Original Message -----

From: "Ali Crehan Feeney"


To: "CRYAN-L" <CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com>

Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 9:45 PM

Subject: {not a subscriber} Massachusetts Crehan




> Hi all,


> thought I'd put this out to  the list - I'm

getting to the Massachusetts

> State Archives about once a month and am slowly

working my way through all

> the records for Crehans that I can find. If you

have any lookups you'd

> like

> to have me check out, drop me a line. No

guarantees on how long it'll take

> me to get it for you, but there's my offer. ;)


> ~ Ali Crehan Feeney

> Quincy MA



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Tue, 18 Jan 2005 13:50:33 GMT




[Cryan et al.] Crohan from Kerry

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Anyone have any Crohans from Kerry?


Thanks, Mary

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Re: [Cryan et al.] roll call!


Mon, 31 Jan 2005 10:04:51 -0500



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My great-grandfather, Bernard Cryan, was 

probably born sometime in the

1870's in the Roscommon area and migrated in the

1890's to the US through

the port of New York and settled in Buffalo, New

York.  He married Bridgett

Ryan from Tipperary.  They had 5 children: Helen,

Claire, Mary, Anna and

Francis (my



Any information on Bernard's ancestors or

descendents would be greatly



Best regards,


Jamie K. Cryan

Ali Crehan Feeney" <crehan@comcast.net>  Add to Address Book


Tue, 15 Mar 2005 13:09:52 -0500




[Cryan et al.] William J. Crehan

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Does anyone has a connection with William J.

Crehan, born in Attleboro,

Massachusetts on 11 November 1891? Father's name

is John, mother's name is

Mary Maxcey, sister is  Annie Crehan and brother

is James Crehan.


If you have a connection, please email me. I have

received documents on

William which may be helpful or of interest to




Ali Crehan Feeney

Quincy, Massachusetts


Fri, 18 Mar 2005 18:05:27 -0800 (PST)


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[Cryan et al.] Cryans from Sroove

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I have two mysteries that I cannot solve and


maybe someone could help.


My Great Grand Parents


John "Sony" Cryan, B: 1851, M: Honoria(Nora)


(Lannon), lived in Sroove,Monasteraden, Co Sligo,

Ireland.  They had the following children:



B: Jan 1869, Sroove, died as an infant, buried in


Aiden's cemetery, Monasteraden, Ireland



B:Jul 03, 1870, immigrated to the US, never


D: 1942, San Francisco, California



B: Jan 26, 1873

( I cannot find any record of her after her





B: 1874,M: Michael Casey,Lived in Frenchpark,


(No other records for her)



B: Sept 1874, D: as an infant, buried in St


cemetery with Honoria



B: Aug 26, 1877, M: Lawrence Lydon in 1900,


to the US, D: 1961 Belmont California

(My Grandparents)



B: 1880, immigrated to the US in 1900, was living


James Cryan (Brother to John "sony" Cryan) in


Mass, M: Mary ?  They were living in New York in


when James Joseph Cryan immigrated to the US.

(I can find no further records about them)



B: Aug 11, 1882, M: John Conway, lived in


Ireland,D: Oct 19, 1957


James Joseph

B: Nov 1884, immigrated to the US in 1915, D: Oct


1968, San Francisco, California


I have hit a brick wall for Bridget, John and


so I thought I would put it out to the Cryan list


see if anyone can help


Edna Lydon Fuller

Fri, 15 Apr 2005 13:48:50 -0400


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[Cryan et al.] New subscriber details and request for info

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Welcome, Beth and your sister!  Beth mailed me

the following a day or two ago, and I am re-posting

for her so that everyone can share the info

enclosed.  She's now a subscriber, so feel free to

respond through the list or to her directly.


From: "Beth" <beth326@verizon.net>

>>>> Hi my name is Beth

>>>> My grandmothers name is Bessie E. Cryan my

mother said her name was

>>>> Bridget E. Cryan but they called her Bessie


>>>> She came to this country from county Sligo,

Boyle, Brougher.


>>>> She came to the USA via Queenstown in 1903

by the manifest and it states

>>>> coming to see sister Kate and a Mrs. Thomas

Jordan in Swampscott

>>>> Massachusetts.


>>>> Her birthdate is anywhere from 1876 to 1880.


>>>> Her fathers name

>>>> Thomas Cryan

>>>> Mother:

>>>> Mary or Margaret Cryan ( we do not have a

maiden name for her)

>>>> Brothers:

>>>> Patrick

>>>> James

>>>> and we beleive sister Kate or Catherine


>>>> Her brothers and sister came to the USA and

resided in Lynn and

>>>> Swampscott

>>>> Massachusetts.

>>>> Her parents were deceased in Ireland at

least thats what the manifest

>>>> stated.

>>>> She married my grandfather Philip Fraher

from Limerick Ireland but they

>>>> met in this country.

>>>> We are trying to find out her birthdate but

are having a hard time.  We

>>>> have called Ireland and they stated unless

you have a mothers maiden

>>>> name

>>>> its almost impossible to find.


>>>> On her marriage cert. she only has her

fathers name is Thomas Cryan

>>>> and her mother is Mary Cryan (again no

maiden name). It only states

>>>> where

>>>> she was born was Ireland.


>>>> On her death cert. same exact information.  

She passed away in August

>>>> of

>>>> 1947.


>>>> We are in the process of having a stone put

on the grave site with all

>>>> the

>>>> names of deceased and there dates of birth

and deaths.

>>>> My grandmother is the only one we are having

a hard time with.


>>>> My parents are also deceased and there is no

other family to check

>>>> information with on this.


>>>> Any help you can give us would so much



>>>> Thanks so much Beth


"Eve" <dandyeve@dsl.pipex.com>  Add to Address Book


Sat, 16 Apr 2005 08:56:20 +0100




[Cryan et al.] Re Bessie Cryan

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Welcome Beth,

Although we are not very active we still read all

and contribute when we can.

You may find it interesting to look at the 1901

census on the website


Insert Broher in the townland part and Sligo in

the county of the search page and you will find

John Cryan  aged 24 and his sister Bridget aged


If this is the one that you are interested in I

may be able to find more. But will have to do it


Good luck Eve


PATRICK CRYANS" <pat@pcryans.fsnet.co.uk>  Add to Address Book


Re: [Cryan et al.] Re Bessie Cryan


Sun, 17 Apr 2005 15:43:06 +0100



Top of Form


Bottom of Form


Re Cryan's of Brougher 1901 census the John Cryan

married Ann Cosgrove just

after 1901 and had 3 children Patrick and Mary

who were sent to Swampscott

U.S.A about 1910 their parents died very young in

their 30's another son

John was left in Sligo (Bearlough) with a family

named Davey and he later

married a lady named Norra Breheny about 1940

they moved to England (Sussex)

and had a child again named John born about 1947.

The house ruins now on the

Snee  Farm can still be seen.

Patrick and Mary when sent to America ,were

looked after by a relation

Patrick S Cryan .

Because of the large number of Cryan's in the

area the family was known as

Johnny Andy Cryan.

The John who married Ann Cosgrove  parents were

Thomas Cryan and Mary

Cryan(this was her name also) Thomas's father was

Patrick Cryan,Thomas died

about 1890-1900.

I do have some records of Thomas and Mary's other


Patrick Cryans

K.McElrath@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK  View Contact Details


Re: [Cryan et al.] Re Bessie Cryan


18 Apr 2005 00:33:48 +0000



Top of Form


Bottom of Form


Hello Beth and Patrick (thank you, Eve, for

posting Beth's message): There

appear to be several Cryan connections between

Brougher (Brogher) Townland

and Swampscott, Massachusetts. It reminds me a

bit of the connection

between Springfield, Massachusetts and the folks

who emigrated from the

Blasket Islands, County Kerry.


My great grandfather, Martin Francis Cryan

emigrated from Brogher about

1858 as a child, and travelled with his older

brother (Patrick) and sister

(Bridget - married Patrick Feeney and lived in

Wareham, MA). When brother

Patrick volunteered for the US Civil War, young

Martin was sent to live

with relatives in western Pennsylvania. Before

she died a few years ago, my

aunt (born about 1918 and Martin's granddaughter)

vividly recalled visiting

Cryan relatives in Swampscott. Some of them

worked at a General Electric

factory there (one Patrick Cryan in Patrick's

recent submission to this

list, also worked at the GE factory). That was in

the 1920s and early

1930s. Several years ago, when researching the

Cryan name in Swampscott, I

did come across Thomas Jordan. I think he married

a Cryan, and I have this

information in my work office where I will be

later this week. As I recall,

I have the marriage certificate for Thomas

Jordan, which I will forward

later in the week.


Unfortunately though, I'm not sure how to locate

Bessie's birth date. Was

there any info in the 1947 obituary? I have good

luck with locating info

from those sources, and if you know the date of

death, you can access the

local newspaper where she died. Then again,

perhaps you already consulted

it. Where was she living when she died?


What about the naturalization papers? I was able

to obtain these documents

for my great grandfather. As I recall, they are

at times held by the State,

depending on the year of naturalization. A

genealogy library/center in the

State of Massachusetts might be able to help in

terms of locating

naturalization papers for Bessie.


Did she work outside the home? The city

directories will tell you whether

she did. At one stage, I was thinking of

contacting the GE plant (probably

gone!) and asking if they retained records on

former employees (a long

shot, but genealogists get desperate!). The 1930

US census records are now

available (for a fee!) but they would be limited

to age, so that year of

birth could be calculated but not actual birth

date. Sorry I can't be of

more help here, but the Swampscott-Brogher

connection sparked my interest.


Patrick: Do you know the names of Thomas Cryan's

siblings? You mention that

Thomas' father was called Patrick. My great

grandfather Martin Cryan lists

his father as Patrick Cryan (Brogher) who would

have been born about 1820.

We think that our Patrick had died by 1858, when

the children emigrated to

Massachusetts. This Patrick married Catherine

Conlon Cryan.


Thanks and best wishes, Karen

Karen McElrath" <k.mcelrath@qub.ac.uk>  View Contact Details


Fw: [Cryan et al.] Re Bessie Cryan


Wed, 20 Apr 2005 12:06:12 +0100 (GMT Standard Time)



Top of Form


Bottom of Form

Patrick and Beth:  It looks like Patrick has

found the birthdate

for Bessie Cryan (12 November 1876).  It's nice

to find a piece

of the puzzle every now and then.  Because all

this information

is logged in the archives, it might be useful to

other Cryan

researchers in the future.


Some comments about the info passed on by Patrick

and Beth:


1) Thomas Cryan and Mary Cryan (her maiden name

as well) had

children 1) Thomas, 2) Andrew, 3) James, 4)

Catherine, 5)

Bessie, and 6) Thomas (first child named Thomas

died as a

child).  Beth notes that her Bessie had a brother

named Patrick.

In the 1800s, various children's names were

omitted from

records, so the omission here is not surprising. 

On 3 August

1949, a Patrick J. Cryan died in Swampscott,

Mass. at the age of

79.  Born in Ireland, and a gardener residing at

45 Pleasant

Street, his parents are listed as Thomas Cryan

and Mary Cryan.  

I have links with Patrick J. although i have yet

to learn how.


2) One possibility is as follows:


Patrick Cryan and Catherine Conlon (Brougher

townland, Sligo)

each born circa 1820.  They had at least 4

children: 1) Thomas,

married Mary Cryan (Beth's line), 2) Patrick

(emigrated to

Mass., USA, served in US Civil War and married

Catherine Lavin),

3) Martin Francis (emigrated to USA, my line),

and 4) Bridget

(emigrated to USA, married Patrick Feeney, lived


Mass.).  Patrick and Catherine Conlon Cryan

definitely had

the last 3 children, and I am thinking that

Thomas (who

married Mary Cryan) was their first born son. 

Patrick Cryans

(this list) mentions that Thomas Cryan took over

the lease from

Patrick Cryan (probably his father) in 1862.  The

younger 3

children emigrated to the USA in 1858, perhaps

because the lease

was going to Thomas and the mother (Catherine

Conlon Cryan) had

died.  Just a hunch...


Questions:  Regarding the Thomas Cryan who

married Mary Cryan -

does anyone have info on the names of his

siblings AND the name

of his mother?


thanks, karen


"Eve" <dandyeve@dsl.pipex.com>  Add to Address Book


Re: [Cryan et al.] Re Bessie Cryan


Fri, 22 Apr 2005 18:10:44 +0100



Top of Form


Bottom of Form

Hi Beth, (probably best to print this)

Spent some time at the LDS and looked up the USA

census data 1900, 1910,

1920 and 1930

You said that Bessie went to the USA in 1903 to

visit sister Kate and Mrs

Mary Jordan (so maybe the were there is 1900)

Found in 1900

at 36 Pleasant St  Swampscott Essex MA

Thomas Jordan bAug 1866(Ire) aged 33 Gardener

arrived in USA 1887

Mary Jordan b Oct 1870 (Ire) aged 29            

arrived in USA 1888

with children

Mary E(5), Agnes(2) and James(4mths) allborn USA


and boarder

Patrick CRYAN aged 37 b May 1863(Ire) Gardener

arr USA 1888


have not found Kate CRYAN


In 1910 census

at 36 Glen Rd, Swampscott, Essex, MA(Next to

Pleasant St)

Mary JORDAN wid aged 39 (b Ire)

with children

Mary E (15), Agnes E(11), James(10) and Alice(7)

also James H CRYAN(27) (b Ire),  Brother,

Motor...? with Electric RR(diff to

read) arrived USA 1909


1920 Census

James H CRYAN aged 26 b Ire is a lodger in Friend

St. Lynn Essex MA ,job

Motorman StreetRailway Says applied for

naturalisation in 1912


1920 Census

36 Glen Rd Swampscott

Mary Jordan and family Agnes,(21)nurse in private


Auto(looks like) Trucker Controller,Agnes(17)


Patrick Cryan and family at 75 Pleasent St


Patrick(55) Gardener private estate

Norah(35) wife b Ire

children JohnJ(7) Mary(5),Henry(18mths)


NOW the Gem


1930 Census

39a Coburne St Lynn, Essex MA

Philip FRAHER(45) age at first marriage 31 b Ire

arr USA 1909 Labourer for

the City(goverment)

Bessie FRAHER(43) age at first marriage 29 b Ire,

arrived USA 1909(not


and son Philip Jr(10)


If this is your Bessie she says that she was born

in 1887 , however she may

have given a false age so as not to be older than

her husband  (However this

is near to the date of birth of Bridget Cryan in

Brogher in 1901 census .

There are very few who fit your criteria for

Bessie/Bridget and fewer Philip


It also means that you should be able to find her

marriage in 1919 (probably

in Lynn or possibly in Swampscott) which should

give her parents

I have not found her in 1920 or 1910 yet


It would also seem that James H Cryan above may

be your Bessie's brother and

so Mary Jordan is her sister.......and so on


Good Luck...You can probably look yourself at

these censuses and obtain

copies of the originals if your local LDS

subscribes to Ancestry.com for all

to use.


If 1887 is Bessie's date of birth I maybe able to

give a reference for you

to get a photocopy of her birth registration from

Joyce House Dublin....

Look on the internet and fill in the form and pay

something like 3/4$ (with

full references) or more for a search (few

Bridget Cryans only 2 or 3 in 10

years at this time)


Best Wishes Eve



PATRICK CRYANS" <pat@pcryans.fsnet.co.uk>  Add to Address Book


Mon, 2 May 2005 16:40:26 +0100




[Cryan et al.] BETH YOUR SEVER

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Hi Beth,

i am unablle to send you some documents as i am

blocked by your server can you adjust,i have the

records of your family home in Brougher from

Vicount Lorton Records.


JAKES1968@aol.com  Add to Address Book


Wed, 11 May 2005 21:43:00 EDT


CRYAN Family



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Kevin, I came across your email when trying to search for my Great grandparents.They were Patrick Hannon and Bridget Cryan from Seafin, Co. Sligo.I have very little to go on.My grandfather Michael Frances Hannon was born Nov 19,1884. He was one of many children

Thomas,Mary,Maurice,James P. ,Michael Frances ,Catherine,Agnes,Margaret,Emily, Joseph. I believe he had a second family with second wife possibly Sylvia with 4 more children Mary,Patrick,John,Frenchy.Many of these came to U.S. in early 1900's.


Does any of this tie in with reasearch you have done.Any help would be greatly appreciated.As far as I know all were Roman Catholic.



Anne Hannon McCann

"PATRICK CRYANS" <pat@pcryans.fsnet.co.uk>  Add to Address Book


Wed, 15 Jun 2005 18:29:03 +0100




[Cryan et al.] Old Maps

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Anyone interested in old maps should look at one

by Baptista Boazio dated 1599 available from the

British Library.

It shows the Cryan's as living on  the right hand

side of the river Foyle( County Tyrone) which is

where some people think that we originated from

before Sligo and Roscommon as opposed to Donegal

and Sligo Town.

Patrick Cryans