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Hi all Got a letter form John Crean I met n Galway at
Here is a relevant section:
'My own father John Crean was born in
near Loughglynn Co Roscommon in 1894 and died
Manchester in 1989. A John Crean who died in
Manchester is buried at Athleague Co
that person is unknown to me.
My fathers parents were John Crean and Annie
My grandfather was a small farmer who died in
1944 and
was probably born about 1870. His father was also
Crean and he was for a time an inspector of
His wife was called Bridget MacCormack.'
Can anyone shed any light on this family history?

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hiI met a John Crean at a conference in Galway and
said that his grandfather was schools inspector.
is going to send me his family history soon. He
told me about a graveyard with crean headstones
Mionlough a few miles out of Galway. I took a
drive down and noted the following details from

Michael CRane 24/12/1894
wife Ellen 8/12/1933
son patrick march 1904

John Crane 31 jul 1945 [87]
wife Una 8/12/1952 [92]
Bridget 14/11/1989 [61]

Thos Crean 14/5/1976 [83]
Dau. Bridget 14/5/1941 [19
his parents
Patrick and Bridget
wife molly
[neeFlannery, Dingle]
29/9/1994 [92]

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AUS-NSW-WEST Mailing List
Homestead Leases 1890
Initially much of the land in the Far West of NSW
wasdivided into vast Pastoral Holdings. In 1884 the
Government introduced a system of HOMESTEAD
LEASESunder which a person could apply for a "small"
10240acre Homestead Lease, the land to be taken out of
aPastoral Holding.
The Homestead Lease System was a tightly
controlled,highly legalised and well documented process -
all ofwhich is a goldmine of information for those
wantingto find out about their ancestors on the land.


Applicant Land Dist - County - Parish(es) Acres
Annual Rent -s-d Gaz HL No Applic No Reg No

CRAIN Rachael Charlton Bourke - Cowper -
Mulholland 10240 53-6-8 1 630 89-35 89-14825

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Havana Band 1934


Article I discovered in book on Boyle.

I am currently trying to find out if it is
possible to
get any recordings of their music.



Boyle -The Origins, The Buildings, The Times.
Moylurg Writers, Boyle 1988

Veronica O'Connor
'Bands in Boyle'

"Havana Band 1934.
Francis Cryan, Melodeon; Michael Cryan, Clarinet;
Cryan, Drums.

Their father, Michael Cryan, played with the
Rangers Band 1905. The Havana Band also played
local halls - Crossna, Croghan, Boyle and
On the way to each dance they would recite the
Transport was provided by Gus Regan.


Boyle Havana Band
The proprietor wishes to announce to its patrons
it has now of a fully equipped up-to-date P.A.
Equipment, which will be in use at their
Christmas and
New Year Dance. This apparatus is so constructed
it can be used in any hall whether it be
electric, gas
or lamp light - the only one of its kind now
in the country.
It is also available for hired-out purposes, such
concerts, plays or other functions on reasonable
terms. - F.J. Cryan"

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Cryan and Pierce Brosnan ?


6th August, 2001.



Tom Shiel.


To the list of extraordinary roles played by
Pierce Brosnan you can now add the Invisible Man.
He played the part most convincingly at his
wedding to
Keely Shaye Smith in Baillintubber Abbey. Co.
Mayo, on
Saturday - even if press reviews of his
have been less than ecstatic.
007 fans who gathered in large numbers at the
ancient abbey were certainly disappointed - all
saw of the James Bond hero was a clenched fist
and 12
inches of immaculately suited arm as he briefly
saluted through the partly rolled down window of
Mercedes on his arrival for the 4.30 pm ceremony.
The entrance of both bride and groom to the
through a flower-bedecked, specially constructed
wickerwork porch, bordered on the farcical -
from Hello! magazine draped each wedding car on
arrival with large protective sheets - green
him, white for her - to prevent press cameramen
getting any photos.

In such circumstances, it is little wonder that
Mayo couple- Michael Monaghan from Balla and
Cryan from Bohola - who shared the Brosnan's
day and venue, grabbed a fair share of the media

In the bright sunshine, which followed thundery
showers, the crowd warmly applauded Mr. Monaghan
Ms Cryan as they left the church for their
in an open-topped Phantom Bentley convertible ,
like royalty - the vintage vehicle Pierce Brosnan
wanted to hire.

"Pierce requested the vehicle, but Carmel and
had it already booked ," chauffeur Eamon Walkin
explained, However, in a generous gesture of
solidarity with the pair, Pierce (48) and Keely
sent a bottle of champagne and separate
cards to them.

Apart from actor Rod Steiger, a former Oscar
now 76, there were very few stars on the Brosnan
wedding guest list. This, said Phil Hall,
editor-in-chief of Hello! , was because Pierce
wanted the event to be a celebration of family
friends rather than a bit "big celebrity" affair.

But a gigantic midnight fireworks display, which
not be out of place on a James Bond movie set,
was one
of the highlights at the wedding reception in
. The Spectacular display was ignited out
Lough Corrib which surrounds part of the castle

Earlier the 150 guests had toasted the newlyweds
imported Californian champagne and they feasted
caviar and lobster. One insider revealed
"The marquee was like a Hollywood set. I have
seen anything like it before. It would have done
Oscars proud."

After the church ceremony, the wedding party and
guests had been driven to Ashford, where they
were met
by members of the Balla Pipe Band, led by Mattie
who piped them into the castle, The guests were
ushered to a huge marquee which had been erected
the grounds, but members of the band and other
entertainers employed for the night had to walk
through a "bodyscan" to ensure they were not
hidden cameras.

After the champagne reception the party sat down
baby potatoes and buckwheat blinis with caviar,
followed by organic baby greens and Stilton. And
the main course, they had a choice of Cleggan
or chicken with herb stuffing, while dessert
of orange parfait with citrus fruits and caramel.
six-tier wedding cake formed the centrepiece at
top table.

Afterwards, a section of the, marquee opened up
reveal a floodlit tropical garden and the
on stage. Pierce and his new bride led the guests
the first dance.

Following the "fairytale" wedding, life is
expected to
return to normal at Ashford Castle today, when
couple and their guests are due to depart after a
hectic weekend of partying.

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Roscommon Herald Articles No. 100



Roscommon Herald Articles No. 100
Thanks to Veronica Cryan for the typing
25 May 1901


With reference to the case of Mr. Fitzsimons,
D.I.,against Mr.Martin Cryan. Keash, for an alleged
breachof the Sunday Closing Act, which was adjourned
from aprevious court in consequence of the bench being

Mr. Henn said having regard to the constitution
of thebench to-day, he would not ask Mr. Fitzsimmons to
goon with it, as Mr. O'Brien and he were for
convictingthe last day , and Mr. Cryan and Mr. Hannon were
fordismissing it.

Mr. Fitzsimmons said having regard to the bench,
hewould not ask to go on with the case, as it would
bevery unfair to Mr. Cryan.

Mr. Henn said they would adjourn the case to the
nextcourt day, and ask Mr. Hawksby, C.P.S., to inform
themagistrates in the district about the case, and
request them to attend.

The court then adjourned

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Roscommon Herald Articles No. 101



Roscommon Herald Articles No. 101
Thanks to Veronica Cryan for the typing
30 March 1901



At the meeting of this branch on Sunday last, Mr.
P.Duignan, V.P. presided. The committee decided to
a list of subscribers to the Parliamentary Fund
to the"Herald " and the "Sligo Champion." The secretary
saidhe would do so. He had the lists ready to send.
Theywere aware that he sent 7 to the credit of J.E.
Redmond , M.P. The following is the list of
subscribers to the Parliamentary Fund: - Rev. P.
Stacy, P.P. 10s.; a friend, 10s; J.M. Cryan,
2s.6d.;2s. each - M. Gray, D.C.; M.Cryan, Mathew Lavin,
JoeConry, D.Crofton, Co.C.; J. McDermott, P. Horan,
T.Flynn. A friend 1s. each - J. Trimble, P.Breheny.
T.Plunkett, J. Mullen, J. Kelly, T. Conlon, J.
Flynn,P. Morrison, M.Henry, A.McGowran, J.Killbran,
P.Flynn,J.Taheny, T. M'Garry, P. Keelty, J. Benson, P.
Lydon,L. Reagan, J. Lavin, J. Doyle, J. Sheeran. D.
Cosgrove, J. O'Connor, J.McGettrick, A. Keelty,
L.Hannen, M. Lavin, F.Dyer, P.Tansey, M.Keelty,
P.Gormley, T. Mahony, M. Cryan, M. Keneveny, J.
Breheny,A. Keelty, M. O'Connor, L.Conry, M. Clarke, M.
Leonard, E. Crofton, R. O'Connor, T.Harry,
A.Hannon,J.O'Kane, P.Keaveny, J. McDonagh, J. Scanlon,
P.Breheny, T.Lavin, P.Balentine D.Cosgrove,
P.Langton,J. Brady, J. Cryan, M.Healy, D.C.; J. Goulden,
P.Kelly, J.McGowan, P.McGowan, Gp. Horan, J.
Cryan,M.Brennan, M.McGowan, L.Queenan, P.Snee, J.Soden,
M.Cryan, P.Cryan, B.Scanlon, P.McDonagh,
B.Taheny, J.Cosgrove, P.Dyer, B.Tahony, J.Flynn, Buoye,
M.Brennan,T.Clarke, J. O'Brien, J. Cullen, A. Donoher, C.
Morrisroe, P. Dyer, P.Reagan, M. Morrison,
M.Morrison,J.Scanlon, M.Gaffney, M. Keveney, T. Kelly,
J.Cullen,Mr. O'Galaghan, Fitz. Devine, J.Scanlon,
J.Breheny,D.C.; M.Keelty, M.Breheny, J. Casey, J.Conlon,
P.Henry, T.Coleman, T.Lavin, Mrs. Garvin, J.
Harte, J.Cryan, P. Benson, E.Tahony, J.Cryan. M.Dyer, J.
Ward,J. Keelty, T.McLoughlin, J.Shorte, M. Kenny, M.
Cawley, J. Gallagher, P.Kenny, E.Keelty, P.
Burns, J.Boylan, P. Duffy, M.Dyer, J. Tahony, Mathew
Breheny;6s. each L.Connor, T.Nangle, Mrs.Culen, R. Fagan,
M.McCormack, Mrs. Fitzwilliams, P. Cryan M.

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Roscommon Herald Articles No. 102


Roscommon Herald Articles No. 102
Thanks to Veronica Cryan for the typing
8 March 1902



A member of one of the most respected families in
thecounties of Roscommon and Leitrim passed away on
lastSaturday, in the person of Mrs. Catherine Cryan,
Bridgetown, Carrick-on-Shannon. Mrs. Cryan had
beenunwell for about a fortnight, and although very
slighthopes were held out as to her recovery in the
laterstages of her illness, still the sad tidings of
herdeath occasioned the deepest sorrow - sorrow that
wasnot only felt in the immediate neighbourhood in
whichshe lived, and was so universally beloved, but
throughout Roscommon and Leitrim, in which
countiesher family have for years been so well known, and
sodeservedly popular. She had reached the age of 68
years, and during her long and honourable
allottedspan she, with her characteristic, ladylike and
gentlemotherly qualities, earned these effusions of
popularesteem, which none can elicit but those who
duringlife have associated with their acts such
desirableessentials as charitableness, geniality, probity
andaffability. That she possessed all these splendid
traits was quite plain to all who knew her, if
theirkeen and sincere regret, mingled with eulogistic
reference can be taken as any indication of
character.A Lady whose considerations were always most
profuseto those who, through poverty, have always a call
uponthe charitable, she extended that hand of
encouragement and alleviation to the poor, who
willnow mourn her loss, and who, by her death, have
lost afriend, whose memory must indelibly remain
implantedin their hearts. She was at all time imbued with
thosegentle, amiable and lovable propensities that go
toconstitute the ideal lady, the kind mother, the
hospitable neighbour and generous friend. She was
mother of our respected and popular townsman, Mr.
JohnCryan, with whom, as well as the other members of
thefamily; the greatest sympathy is expressed in
theirirreparable loss and deep affliction. The remains
wereremoved to Drumlion Catholic Church on Sunday and
Solemn Requiem Mass was offered for the repose of
hersoul at 11 o'clock on Monday, the celebrant being
rev.Father Lynch, C.C., Boyle; deacon, Rev. Father
Crehan,C.C.; Elphin; sub-deacon - Rev. Father Humphries,
C.C., Boyle; Master of ceremonies - Rev. Father
O'Brien, P.P. Croghan. In the choir were - Very
Rev.Canon Coyne, P.P. Boyle; Very Rev. Cannon
Mannion,P.P. Elphin; Rev. Father Foley, P.P. Ballinameen;
Rev.Father Cummins, C.C. Drumlion, and Rev. Father
Gallagher, C.C. Breedogue. The funeral, which was
thelargest seen in these parts for years, took place
immediately afterwards, and showed by its
dimensionsthe esteem in which deceased was held.

The chief mourners were - Mr. Patrick Cryan and
Mr.John Cryan (sons); Miss Kate Cryan, Miss S.J.
Cryan,Mrs. B. Fallon (daughters); Mr. Peter Carney, Mr.
JohnCarney, Mr. Martin Carney (brothers); Mr.
P.J.Carney,Mr. Peter Cryan, Mr. Patrick Cryan, Mr. M. Cryan,
Mr.Michael Cryan, Mr. Patrick Kielty, Mr. Peter
Carney,Creevolan; Mr. M. Carney, Corballa; Mr. M.Carney,
Corballa (nephews); Miss Carney, Creevolan; Miss
MoranCorballa; Miss Carney, Portobello; Mrs. M'Greevy,
Mrs.Egan (nieces); Mr. M. O'Dowd, Mr. P.O'Dowd, Mr.
Carney (cousins); Mr. Michl. Fallon (son-in-law).
Amongst those present at the funeral were - Rev.
Father O'Brien, P.P. Croghan; Rev. Father
Cummins,C.C. Drumlion; Dr. Kieran Delany,
Carrick-on-Shannon;Mr. H. Slonne, do. ; Mr. McInery, Inland Revenue
Officer, do.; Mr. M.J. Barrett, J.P. do.; Mr. T.
M'Dermott, Co. C. do.; Mr. Pettit, do.; Mr. B.J.
Rogers, Aughamore, Elphin; Mr. J. Rogers, do.;
Mr.J.J. Murray, National Bank, Boyle; Mr. John Cox,
do.;Mr. M. Cunningham, D.C., do.; Mr. P. O'Connor,
Co.C.,do.; Mr. Ernest Cunningham, do; Mr. P. Bealin,
do;Mr. J. Griffin, do.; Mr. J. Lavin, Elphin; Mr. A.
Kelly, C.P.S., do.; Mr. Callaghan, do.; Mr.
Conlon,do.; Mr. W.J. Kilgallon, Martry, do.; Mr. John
Dockerry, do.; Mr. J. McDermott, Solemount. Mr.
G.R.Acheson, Rushill, Mr. Sharkey, Elphin; Mr. E.
M'Dermott, do.; P. O'Dowd, D.C., Elphin; J.
O'Dowd,N.T. Breedogue; M. Conkin, do.; P. Conlon do.;
TimothyO'Beirne, Lescarrow, John O'Dowd, Cullmore; P.
Fitzmaurice, Cuilmore; Mr. Patrick Morris,
Clonfad;Mr, Luke Cryan, Carrowreagh; Mr. P. Cryan, do.;
Messrs. T. Goldrick, P. Goldrick, Drumlion; M.
Fox ,Carrowreagh; E. Padin, D.C. Drumlion; Messrs.
M'Greevy, Drumlion; Mr. Hayden, do.; Messrs.
Hayden,Fortland; Mr. J. O'Dowd, Clonfad; P. O'Dowd,
Cloonfad.; Mr. J. Boyd, Cashel; Mr. M. Boyd, do.;
Mr.J.J. Connellan, Carrick-on-Shannon; Mr. P.
Kellagher,Co.C., Cartron; Mr. E. Kellagher, do; Mr.
P.McDermott,Cashel; Mr. J. McDermott, do; Mr. McNabola,
Carrick-on-Shannon; Mr. A. Little, Boyle; etc.,

A beautiful wreath bearing the following
inscriptionwas placed on the coffin, "In loving memory and
affectionate remembrance of our dear mother,"
from hersorrowing family.

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Roscommon Herald Articles No. 103


Roscommon Herald Articles No. 103
Thanks to Veronica Cryan for the typing
27 Apr 1901


At the meeting of this body on Tuesday last, Mr.
EdgarS.Robinson, Chairman, presided. The other members
present with Messrs. J. MacDrury. C.T.C. M.
Cunningham, Hon. Sec. John Cox, G.W.Tally, Peter
Griffin, T.J. Devine, Patrick O'Connor, C.C.,
M.J.Egan, John Cryan, and J. Cahill.


The chairman said that they had obtained
subscriptionsto the amount of 9.9s.6d., less expenses, in
Carrickand the year before they could only get 10s. in
it. InBallaghaderrea, they got in actual cash, 9.1s.,
andfrom this quarter they were promised additional
subscriptions which would bring the amount up
11.9s.After a short discussion, he decided to send Mr.
Brindley the amount of the stakes, the chairman
stating that they had something about 100 on


Mr. McDrury inquired if the committee had any
power tomake the "bookies" who were stationed outside the
enclosure pay for their stand.
Mr. Cunningham - you have no pwer over them.
Mr. O'Conner thought they should be made to pay,
Mr. McDrury said these men came down from Dublin
tomake a pile of money, and they should be made.
Mr. Griffin was of opinion that the outside
bookmakerswere interfered with, the other bookmakers would
leavein a body as they did on a former occasion.
Mr. O'Connor said he heard that some of the best
ofthe bookmakers remained outside the stand.
Mr. Griffin said where the bookmakers inside the
enclosure would be accepting bets of 10. and
20. theoutside would only be dealing in as many
shillings.Mr. McDrury said the races were run off at racing
speed on the last occasion, and samething should
bedone to remedy this.
Mr. Cox --- A great many have to run away to
catchthe evening train.
Mr.Drury --- Have we any power to change the
The chairman thought the matter rested in the
hands ofthe committee.Mr. Cryan was of opinion the first race should
nottake place until about half past one.
Mr. Cunningham said this would be all right if
theofficials would not have to attend another
meeting onthe following day.
Mr. Cunningham then drew up the list of hours at
whichthe races could be run off, the last to take
place at4.10 p.m.
Mr. Cryan --- That would be rather early.
Mr. Cahill said the races were run to suit the
officials and not the public.
Mr. Devine --- Arranging the races, so as they
cannotcatch the 5 o'clock train.
Mr. Cunningham --- They will catch it all the
same. Ifthey have a meeting to attend the following day
theywon't wait beyond the 5 o'clock. If you don't
striveto accommodate them it will be another matter.
Mr. Egan said the officials waited for the late
trainat the Sligo races.
Mr. Griffin --- They had to, as they had to drive
three or four miles.
Mr. O'Connor suggested that Mr. Brindley be
written tostating it was the wish of the committee that the
race be run off at 5 o'clock.
Mr. Griffin --- If you arrange to have the first
raceabout 2 o'clock. Mr. Brindley can leave on the
9.20a.m. train in the morning from Broadstone instead
ofthe 7 o'clock.
Mr. Cryan thought Mr. Brindley usually inspected
thecourse before the races.
Mr. Griffin said he would have plenty of time to
inspect it by arriving on the 1 o'clock train.
After a desultory discussion, the chairman said
hewould acquaint Mr. Brindley that it was the wish
ofthe committee to have the last race about 5
Mr.Tully --- And if the first race is fixed say
at1.40 p.m. it will give the Carrick people a
chance ofcoming.
Mr. Cunningham --- And Mr. Brindley can arrange
theintermediate races as he likes.
Mr. Tully --- And you will make the races more
popularby having the last race at a later hour than last
year. You should also ask the Railway Company to
run aspecial from Longford.
Mr. Cunningham also suggested that the Railway
Companybe asked to run specials from Sligo and
The chairman said he would write to the Company
on thematter.


The committee next proceeded to consider tenders
forthe erection of a Grand Stand.
Mr. Cunningham showed the members a plan of the
proposed Stand. It would be considerably larger
thanlast year and there would also be three stairs in
front. Last year there was only one, and it was
foundto be totally inadequate.
Mr. S. Black, Boyle, tendered to erect the Grand
Standin accordance with specification, together with
additional 90 foot railing, at 34.10s.
Mr. McDerry --- What did he charge last year?
Chairman --- I think he charged 29.10s.
Mr. McDrury --- There must be a great deal in
thatadditional rail.
Mr. James Quinn, The Crescent, tendered to erect
thestand at 35.
The chairman explained that if any accident
happenedowing to a break down of the Stand the committee
wouldbe responsible.
Mr. O'Connor --- There was considerable anxiety
aboutthe safety of the Stand last year. Mr. McDrury
saidthere were some people raising the cry of "wolf".
Mr. O'Connor --- There was a great deal in the
wolf. Ihad the misfortune to be under the Grand Stand
lastyear, and I was not very easy in my mind.
Chairman: You won't be there this time
Mr. O'Connor --- I hope not.
Mr. Cryan said the contractor should leave the
completed at least three days before the races,
andnot finishing it the night before the races.
Mr. Griffin --- Fine him 1 for every day he is

Mr. O'Connor said the contractor made over 20 on
theerection of the Stand last year.
Mr. Cunningham said if the committee were to
employmen to put it up, it would cost 50.
The chairman said he heard Mr. Black did not
clear 2.on the transaction last year.
A few of the committee said the contractor should
beresponsible for the safety of the Stand up to the
morning of the races.
Mr. Egan --- That is all right. He puts a man
there atnight with a gun (laughter).
Mr. O'Connor --- It is not for the sake of the
Standbut the timber.
Mr. Griffin said timber was a good deal dearer
lastyear than this year.
On Mr. O'Connor's suggestion, it was decided to
appoint the following committee to inspect the
Standafter its erection: Messrs Cunningham, Robinson,
Mr. O'Connor --- When Mr. McDrury is there the
standing orders will be put in force (laughter).
Mr. S.Black was brought before the meeting and
Mr.Cunninghamsaid the committee had decided not
toinclude in his contract the additional 90 feet of
The committee wished to know would he accept 32?
Mr. O'Connor --- A few members of the committee
think 30 sufficient.
Mr. Black said the railing consisted only of a
fewposts. He knew what the contract cost him last
year,and would not accept the offer.
He did not begrudge the job to anyone.
Mr. Egan thought Mr. Black should throw off 10s.
as asubscription. He should start off on the level
Mr. Cunningham said the enclosure would be a
greatdeal bigger than last year.
Ultimately Mr. Black decided to accept 33. and
saidhe would have the work completed on Monday, 13th
May.He would also be responsible for the safety of
theStand up to morning of the races.
Mr. Egan --- He has backed the first winner

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Roscommon Herald Articles No. 104


Roscommon Herald Articles No. 104
Thanks to Veronica Cryan for the typing
1 June 1901



The morning of Whit-Monday opened threatening,
andthere was every indication of a downpour until
aboutmid-day, when the weather turned out beautifully,
andsplendid sunshine favoured the remainder of the
day.The day will be remembered for some time to come
bythe boys attending the Presentation Brothers'
Schoolsin Boyle, for on that day the good Brothers gave
themtheir annual outing and sports. The place
selectedthis year was the Drill Field, convenient to the
town,which was kindly placed at their disposal by Mr.
JohnCryan. A move was made for the field about 12
o'clock,the Brass and Reed Band of the Catholic
Associationplaying the elder boys whilst the infants were
conveyed in waggonettes to the area of
operations.During the progress of the programme, the Band
alsodiscoursed a charming selection of music, which
materially contributed to the success and
enjoyment ofthe afternoon. As regards the details, they were
gotthrough with clock-work regularity, a commendable
proceeding, for which Brothers Luke and Benedict,
whowere allotted this position, were mainly
responsible.The events were very evenly contested, close
finishesbeing the order of the day. This spoke eloquently
ofthe handicapping of Brother Wenceslaus and Mr.
P.Bealin. Brother Fenton had charge of the
refreshments, and extended hospitality of a
lavishscale to all. During the evening the boys were
treatedto a sumptuous luncheon, and if their happy
smilingfaces were to be taken as an index of the
pleasurethey felt, the extent of their enjoyment must be
unlimited. The Brothers were indefatigable in
lookingafter the comforts of all, and are deserving of
thehighest praise for the enjoyable day they
provided forthe boys. The hon.sec., Master Eric Cunningham
andMaster J. Cryan, also worked hard for the
success ofthe meeting. Amongst the large crowd present were
Very Rev. Canon Coyne, P.P.; Rev. Father
Humphries,C.C.; Rev. Father Lynch, C.C. and Rev. Father


50 Yards Infants' Race ---First Heat---P.Grady,
Daly, 2. Second Heat---John Walace, 1; John
Feely, 2.
Final---Patrick Grady, 1; John Walace, 2; Thomas
Turbett, 3.

100 Yards. First Class Boys--- First heat--- John
Beirne, 1; James Doherty, 2. Second heat--- Tom
Callery, 1; Joseph Stanford, 2.Final --- Tom
1; James Doherty, 2.

100 Yards, Second Class Boys --- First heat
Maxwell, 1; Patrick Linskey, 2. Second heat ---
Linskey, 1; Patrick Higgins, 2. Third heat ---
Christie, 1; Francis McMorrough, 2. Final --- P.
Higgins, 1; P. Linskey,2.

Three-legged Race---First heat --- Michael
and Patrick Cryan, 1; Patrick McManus and Joseph
Higgins, 2. Second heat --- John Cryan and
Egan, 1; George Leyland and James McGowan. 2.
--- J. Cryan and F. Egan, 1; M. Staunton and P.

200 Yards. Third Class Boys --- First Heat
Dodd. 1; Henry King, 2. Second heat --- Michaael
Higgins, 1; James Casey, 2.Final --- M. Higgins,
1; J.
Casey, 2.

200 Yards Fourth Class Boys --- First Heat ---
Grady, 1; John Spellman. 2. Second heat ---
Stanford. 1; John Reynolds, 2. Third heat ---
Brennan, 1; Peter Cryan, 2. Final --- John
1; Michael Grady.2.

150 Yards. Fifth Class Boys --- Final --- Joseph
1; Patrick Killelea, 2.

220 Yards Fifth Class Boys --- First heat ---
Egan, 1; Joseph Kilmartin, 2.Second heat ---
McCormack. 1; Thomas Redican , 2. Final --- J.
Kilmartin, 1; F.Egan, 2.

Donkey Race --- Michael Feely's "Green Lad!" 1;
Hubert Heran's "Mogeelore", 2. There were several
starters. "Green Lad" won comfortably by five

Obstacle Race --- Final --- George Leyland, 1;
Heran, 2.

220 Yards, Sixt Class Boys --- First heat ---M.
1; James Dowd, 2. Second heat --- J. Cryan, 1; A.
Leyland, 2. Final --- J. Dowd, 1; M. Reddy, 2.

440 Yards. for past and present pupils ---
Cregg, 1; Davitt Cunningham, 2.

A football match between the Presentations and
Celticsconcluded a most varied and well-contested
The Presentations wore green and the Celtics,
red, theformer, after a most exciting and scientific
exposition of the manly game, being declared the
winners by two goals to nil. The following were
theteams:--- Presentations --- M. Leonard (goal), R.
Livingstone and P. Fitzpatrick (full backs) F.
J. McDonagh, and J. Rice (half backs), H. Heran,
J.Fitzpatrick, E. Cunningham, J.Dowd, J. Cryan
(forwards). Celtics --- P. Dowd (goal), P. Bealin
B. Cregg (full backs), R. Rice, J. Higgins, A.
(half backs), F. Heran, T. McGrath, D.
Cunningham, J.
Higgins and J. Cox (forwards).

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Roscommon Herald Articles No. 105


Roscommon Herald Articles No. 105
Thanks to Paul Cryan for the typing
24 October 1903
Ownership of a Stream

Martin Cryan of Creggane, sued Michael Coleman,
of the same place, for
damages for trespass of cattle on his land. There
was also a title case as
to the ownership of a stream which divides the
holding, which was decided in
favour of Coleman without going into the case,
owing to some necessary
documents not being in court, which, however,
could not be produced.
Mr. E.J. McMorrow appeared for Cryan and Mr. H.
MacDermot was for Coleman.
Cryan deposed to Coleman's cattle trespassing on
his land. He went over to
the field where Coleman was working and told him
to put out the cow, but he
said he would not, and let her eat away. He held
he was entitled to half the
stream which divided his holding from Coleman's.
Mr. H. MacDermot - Did the cattle do any damage
only to come in on your
land? - They did not.
Is there any fence on this side? - There is no
fence to keep out cattle.
Did he ever make up the fence on your side with
you? - He did not.
Didn't the cattle come in because you would not
keep up that? - I broke it
down, when he broke down the fence on my side of
the river.
Thomas Harrington deposed to seeing Coleman's
cattle trespassing on Cryan's
In reply to Mr. MacDermot, he said he was aware
Cryan broke down the fence
purposely. That was the most likely place the
cattle got in on the land.
John Drury deposed he knows the opening in the
fence since 1853. There was
no fence there but the river, which is a good
In answer to Mr. MacDermot, he said for the last
twenty years there was no
fence on Coleman's side of the river.
Coleman, the defendant, deposed to his
recollection there never was the
vestige of a fence on his side of the stream. He
actually made up the fence
on Cryan's side of the stream with Cryan, which
was the mearing fence.
To His Lordship - It was where Cryan broke the
fence that the cattle got in.
Mr. McMorrow - Was that breach always there to
allow Cryan's cattle down to
the stream? - No.
His Lordship dismissed the trespass case.

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Roscommon Herald Articles No. 106



Roscommon Herald Articles No. 106
Thanks to Paul Cryan for the typing
November 7 1903
Cryan v Same

Mrs. Honoria Cryan applied to have a fair rent
fixed on her holding at
Ballinultha, the area of which is 41a, 2r, 12p;
rent, 11; poor law
valuation, 3 15d.
Mr. McMorrow appeared for the tenant.
James Cryan, son of the tenant deposed that his
mother has the building 50
years. The holding is in six different parts, and
some of it is a mile from
the house. He has to trespass on other people's
lands to get to some of it.
The dwelling house is situated on a little patch
separated from the rest of
the holding. The rent was raised at one time from
10 10s to 14 11s. He
claimed five acres reclamation and 150 perches
stone walls. He built a
slated granary.
Mr MacDermot, for the tenant, valued at 8 13s 6d
gross and 6 18s 6d net.
In reply to Mr. Goddard, he said he did not allow
anything for proximity to
Mr. Goddard - Would it be a benefit to him to be
near the creamery.
Mr. MacDermot - Well, I don't see what benefit it
is when they are only
giving 3d and 3.5d a gallon for milk.
Mr. Doolin, for the landlord, valued at 10 12s
6d gross and 10 0s 6d net.

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Roscommon Herald Articles No. 107


Roscommon Herald Articles No. 107
Thanks to Paul Cryan for the typing

2 Sept. 1905

Mullaghroe Petty Sessions
(Co. Sligo)

The above monthly petty sessions were held on
Thursday, before Mr. F.B.
Henn, R.M.
Mr. Dermot MacDermot solicitor, Boyle, Mr. M.
O'Connor, solicitor, Sligo,
Mr. B. McGovern, D.I., R.I.C., Ballymote, and Mr.
Joseph Gillespie, C.P.S.,
were also present.

Row About a Pass

Thomas Cryan (John), Clogher, summoned Pat
Stenson, of the same locality,
for obstructing him in the use of a pass, and
also for assault.
Mr. Dermot MacDermot defended.
Cryan deposed on 14th July he was working his
mare and cart, bringing turf
from the bog, when the defendant came on the
passage before him, and tried
to stop him, though he was working on his pass
for over 22 years. Defendant
hit the mare with a shovel, and complainant
shouted at him not to do so any
more. Defendant then hit the complainant.
Mr. MacDermot - Was it to stop you Stenson came
on the passage? - I believe
it was.
Weren't you going through his holding?
- Yes, I'm going there for 22 years.
Isn't there another way? - Yes.
Why don't you go the other way? - I never went
that way.
Hadn't you to interfere with his fences? -
Why don't you go the road the other tenants go? -
I never went that way in my life.
He disputed your right to this pass? - Yes.
Mr. Henn - You only use the pass occasionally? -
Yes, sir. When I sell turf
I bring it out this way.
You sold turf this year? - Yes.
And used this pass? - Yes.
Michael Flannery was sworn, and stated he knew
the disputed pass, and he saw
the two men in handigrips. Stenson was opening a
dike, and Cryan's mare was
knocked down in the scuffle.
Cross-examined by Mr. MacDermot - Are you using
this pass? - Not latterly.
Does anyone use this pass? - Only to go to this
Has he any other way to get out? - No.
Did you hear him swear he had? - It is only a
sort of a way.
Hadn't he to cross a fence to bring his cart
along? - Yes.
Pat Stenson, the defendant, deposed two years ago
Cryan came to him and
demanded the pass. He said there was a pass there
before the defendant, and
it would be there after him. He allowed him the
pass, but in September last
Cryan tumbled down the fence at night and carted
out turf. He afterwards stopped him.
Mr. MacDermot - You made a pass for him? - Yes.
Cryan - Did you see me working at night?
- The man who was with you came and told me.
Mr. Henn - The case is dismissed without
prejudice, as there is a question
of title involved. It will have to go to the
Quarter Sessions.

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Roscommon Herald Articles No. 108


Roscommon Herald Articles No. 108
Thanks to Paul Cryan for the typing


29 April 1905
SLIGO). [burial ground at Templevanny]

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Michael
Cryan, which took place at
his residence, Carrowcrory, on Monday, at the
good old age of 86 years.
Deceased, who was father of Mr. John M. Cryan,
the respected and popular
chairman of Boyle No. 2 District Council, was
held in the highest terms of
esteem by all who knew him. An old gentleman, who
possessed all those
desirable traits, which earned for him such
unequivocal admiration, his
death has been the subject of regret to all
aquainted with his family. The
funeral took place on Wednesday to the family
burial ground at Templevanny
and its exceedingly large dimensions was a
fitting demonstration of sympathy
for the family of one who during life had carried
such respect.
The chief mourners were:-Mr. John M. Cryan, J.P.
(son); Mrs. Taheny and Mrs.
Killelea (daughters); Mr. P. Keighron, N.T.; Mr.
J. Cryan, Mr P. Cryan,
Tully, Mr. M. Cryan, do (nephews); Mr. Taheny and
Mr. Killelea
(sons-in-law), Mr. B. Horan (brother-in-law).
Amongst those present were:-Rev D. O'Grady, P.P.;
Father McKeon, C.C.; R.
Gorman, Templevanny; J. Clarke, D.C., Boyle; T.J.
Devine, T.C., do; J.
Martin, do; James Coleman, do; J. Higgins, do; P.
Beirne, J. Cox, Master of
Workhouse, do; M. Gavagan, P. Candon, do; J.J.
Coleman, D.C.; J. Hannon,
J.P., Ballymote; M. Hannon, D.C., do; H. Markey,
do; J. Walsh, do; L.
Hannon, Keash; J. Breheny, P. Kane, Tree; J.
Coleman, Knockarush; J. Duffy,
D.C.; T. McDonagh, D.C.; P. Curley, D.C.; J.
Coghlan, H. McDermott-roe,
Ballinafad; C. Morrisroe, Omar; P. Duignan,
Derrynaskeagh; P. Gormley, do;
J. McCabe, Carrowcrory; J. Barnes, N.T., do; J.
Conry, do; M. Lydon, Boyle;
P. Clarke, Broher; E. Crofton, J. Stenson,
Gurteen; P. Horan, Smutterna; T.
Candon, Parkmore; Mr. Beatty and Son, Keash,
etc., etc.

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Subject: [Cryan et al.] Roscommon Herald Articles No. 109