loss of their former crop of potatoes, and subsisted during this hard


without as yet any government work or food.  And now your memorialists

are totally

run out of the old provision or money to buy it, and have nothing to


themselves or their families, as they have lost their early potatoes by

the rot, and

the stalks of the late crop being blighted.  Your memorialists are in

destitution and

despair and most humbly beg for work."  Signed by several including (x


illiterate):  Cryan inhabitants James x Cryan, John x Cryan, James

Cryan, Michael

Cryan.  Names to a memorial: Patrick Cryan, John x Cryan, Mathew x

Cryan, James

x Cryan, Denis x Cryan, Roger x Cryan, James x Cryan, John Cryan, John


Sr., James Cryan, Andrew Cryan, Martin Cryan, James Cryan, James Cryan

Jr., Patt

Cryan, Roger Cryan, James Cryan, John Cryan, Michael Cryan, Patt Cryan,


Cryan, Mathew Cryan, Dominick Cryan, Widow x Cryan, Mathew x Cryan,

Thomas x

Cryan, Michael x Cryan, James x Cryan, Pat x Cryan, Thomas x Cryan,

Michael x

Cryan, James x Cryan, Thomas Cryan, Bartly Cryan, Martin x Cryan, Widow


Cryan, John x Cryan.


(page 168)  9 April, 1847 (Ballymote).  Request from Rev. J. Garrett to

Society of

Friends:  "I have attended upon the distribution of soup and bread to

the relief in

the last week in this parish of 360 families, averaging 6 in every

house and my

family have given out needlework and knitting to a large body of young

women put

off the public works…Our funds are now exhausted.  If you will now help

us we shall

have 9 additional soup kitchens and bakeries in operation in a week and


funds we cannot save the lives of the unemployed and starving people."



(page 181) 14 May 1847.  Petition of 477 able-bodied men of Toomour,


seventeen and under fifty years, to Toomour Relief Committee. 

"Petitioners are in

a most deplorable state at present owing to the great distress

existing…beseech the

gentlemen of the committee will take their distress into their


consideration by granting them present employment on the Knockoconnor

line of

road, to prevent actual starvation in the electoral division of Toomour


petitioners and families will every pray as in duty bound."  Cryans

listed on the

petition include:  Patt Cryan, Patt Cryan, Patt Cryan, Patt Cryan,

Thomas Cryan,

John Cryan, James Cryan, Mathew Cryan, James Cryan, Thomas Cryan, Roger

Cryan, John Cryan, Bartly Cryan, John Cryan, Patt Cryan, James Cryan

Sr., James

Cryan Jr., Patt Cryan Sr., Patt Cryan Jr., Patt Cryan red, Dominick

Cryan, Michael

Cryan, John Cryan, Mathew Cryan, Martin Cryan, James Cryan, Michael


Michael Cryan, Patt Cryan, Martin Cryan, James Cryan, Peter Cryan,


Cryan, Bartly Cryan, James Cryan, John Cryan, Martin Cryan, James Cryan

D, Patt

Cryan, Thomas Cryan.   



Winter 1847-1848 (page 160).  Keash.  18 December.  Abby Fleming to

Society of

Friends:  "Never was relief more needed than the last, no never were


more numerous than at present…The destitution is most heartrending in


extreme, the haggard, emaciated, miserable appearance of the applicants

is truly

appalling.  Many hundreds of these are subsisting on turnips often



Winter 1848-1849 (page 356).  Keash.  22 November.  "Sworn statement of


Fleming, poor rate collector of Toomour electoral division":  'having


threatened in a very violent manner by a large crowd of persons at


and Brogher, 50 to 60 in number, armed with sticks and stones, on 1


not to attempt to collect or destrain for the rates, that they would

take his life.' 


Passages also state that if one had 1t2 to two acres of land - even if

the land was

'unproductive,' those persons were not entitled to 'poorhouse relief'

(page 323).  


Anyone searching for "missing" female ancestors from this region should

note that

the author describes the situation whereby beginning in 1848, several


orphans between the ages of 14 and 18 who resided in workhouses were

sent to



Karen McElrath



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To:          <>

Subject: Cryan Database

Date:      Sun, 18 Mar 2001 21:20:37 -0000

Hi Kevin,

I was just reading on the Leitrim/Roscommon website that you had a database on the Cryan surname. I wondered if it was available online and if so what the url is?

I'd be delighted if you found the time to reply.

Many thanks

Peter Cryans


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Date:      Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:48:31 EST

Subject: O'Crean to Crane -- any connections?


I recently received the following email (and have signed this gentleman

up to

the list so that he may participate in the search):  Connection,


- - - - - - - - -

I am looking for relatives anywhere.  My father was born in


PA, USA in 1903, son of very recent Irish immigrants named O'Crean


changed to Crane).


Thank you


Bill Crane

San Deigo, CA, USA



From:     "Thomas Crane" <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

Subject: O'Creans from Philadelphia

Date:      Tue, 20 Mar 2001 14:20:58 -0800


I would be happy to receive information regarding O'Crean/Crane from

Bill Crane of San Deigo, CA.  For some strange reason, I have an affinity

for Creans from anywhere.  Ordinarily they seem to be pretty nice

people.   Best wishes to All,  Tom Crane


Date:      Tue, 20 Mar 2001 19:16:13 PST

From:     Karen McElrath <K.McElrath@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

Reply-to:                K.McElrath@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK

Subject: Re: O'Crean to Crane -- any connections?





On Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:48:31 EST wrote:


>> Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:48:31 EST

> Subject: O'Crean to Crane -- any connections?

> To:


> I recently received the following email (and have signed this

gentleman up to

> the list so that he may participate in the search):  Connection,


> - - - - - - - - -

> I am looking for relatives anywhere.  My father was born in


> PA, USA in 1903, son of very recent Irish immigrants named O'Crean


> changed to Crane).


> Thank you


> Bill Crane

> San Deigo, CA, USA




hiya:  would very much appreciate bill's email address.  or perhaps you

can send

him mine.  some of my cryan ancestors lived in philly at that time. 

also, one

person in my cryan (philly) line changed the spelling (or someone did

it for him) to




many thanks, karen




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Subject: Derrygolagh/Derryvolagh

Date:      Sat, 31 Mar 2001 00:40:11 +0100


Pat Cryans has recently been asking about the CRYANs and the HENRYs of

Derryvolagh (as written in the Keash Parish Register)

This may therefore be of interest - a list of the landholders in the

townland of Derryvolaghfrom the Griffiths Valuation Survey of 1858


that there is no individual acreage.


Patrick Dignan

Matthew Cryan

Timothy Duffy

Thomas Cryan

John Scanlon

James Dolan

Patrick Horan

James Cryan(Strong)

Michael Madden

Thomas Cryan

John Henry

James Henry - leased from John Henry - all the above leased from




Shared acreage of 78 acres leased from Viscount Lorton

Thomas Mulvany

Patrick Cryan(Gildea)

John Mulvany

James Cryan (Jack)

Thomas M'Gowan

Thomas Jordan

Luke M'Gowan

Patrick Lydon

Patrick Cryan(Ruadh)

John M'Donagh(Tailor)


James Killoran leased from John M'Donagh


The names in brackets are to distinguish between individuals of the


name, thus two plots with the same name probably mean one individual


the two plots.


Could Thomas HENRY be a child of one of the HENRYs here?

It looks as though this John HENRY is father to Catherine born 1854


mother is Maria HIGGINS of the information that I gave from the parish






Date:      Mon, 2 Apr 2001 03:47:25 -0700 (PDT)

From:     Caoimhghin O Croidheain <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

Subject: Dublin City Directory 1850


Dublin City Directory 1850




John Joseph B., 13 Portland place (Esq.)

Mary, 29 Portland place (occup not listed)

From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)

Austin F., 132 Lower Gloucester St (solicitor)-address

listed as vacant




From:  Date:       Mon, 9 Apr 2001 13:35:16 EDT

Subject: Thank you, Eve and Caoimhghin


For your recent posts.  You're inspiring me to get back to the

business!  I

really enjoy reading about these scattered references to Cryans, et al. 


time I get a free couple of hours I'm heading to a library to see if I


find any cousins in dusty old directories ... anyone else for a





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From:     "FamSpack" < >  

Subject: More Cryans

Date:      Tue, 10 Apr 2001 09:58:23 +0100



I do not know how many of you subscribe to the SLIGO list but they have


project to transcribe the 1901 census for Co Sligo.


As you know ,I have been involved in transcribing the 1901 census for


Roscommon for the Leitrim and Roscommon website .We are now extending into our area


Gurteen etc) of Co Sligo, eventually to include the rest of the Boyle

PLU.(and we are co-operating with the Sligo list about this)


The Boyle PLU eventually became almost the same as the Boyle


district - it straddles the border between the two counties and gives


to homeland anomolies . eg some folk find relatives in the indexes as


registered and believe they were born in Co Roscommon where in reality

it is

Co Sligo nearby. Others know that it is Co Sligo and can not believe


their relatives were registered in Co Roscommon.


I also notice that the 1901 census is gradually expanding on the L-R

site to

include Co Mayo ,Co Galway, Co Limerick and others.



JUST A WORD OF WARNING - I receive SPAM ,despite a filter, from time to

time.  I am horrified by those missives that say in very persuasive

terms -

give us your data and we will SELL it back to you at reduced costs.  I


hope that you just DELETE it and DO NOT REPLY, even to deregister as


acknowledges that you are you and have received the message.

This is another reason for not putting too much personal stuff on open

access on a website.


But then you are CRYANs and all wise enough   !



Date:      Fri, 13 Apr 2001 23:05:29 PDT

From:     Karen McElrath <K.McElrath@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK>  Reply-to:          K.McElrath@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK

Subject: Re: Eve's family queries



like eve, i too am interested in the john cryan who was transported to


after reading the book, "The Great Shame", i realize that he might have


decendants in both ireland and in australia.  if anyone comes across


information about him, please let us know. happy easter, karen


Date:      Wed, 18 Apr 2001 12:22:18 +0100 (BST)

From:     Caoimhghin O Croidheain <>  Subject:               *New* old Cryan grave found!



I was in Ardcarn Cemetery near Boyle to see  the

famine memorial which was erected recently. I had been

in the old graveyard before but it hadnt been

surveyed. Now there is a display board with index and

map. I saw Cryan in the index and found the grave

which was very old and difficult  to read in parts. It

is a large slab lying horizontal. I think the stone

had not been read before as there was a lot of moss

and as I cleared it off I found more and  more names.

The following is what I could make out:


Lord have mercy on the soul of Danl. Cryan who

departed this life on the 24 th of Dec 1816? aged 76

years. This stone was erected by his dutiful son Robt

Cryan of Boyle.

Mathilda? Cryan  ... of Robert Cryan dep. July 1821?

aged  ... years.

Robert Cryan died 11 July 1833 aged 60 years.

Peter Cryan MD departed this life 5 April 1871 aged 76



Please let me know if you can elaborate on any of this

info. Was Dr Peter Cryan not buried in Glasnevin in



regards caoimhghin




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To:          "Caoimhghin O Croidheain" <>

Subject:  Fw: Eve's family queries

Date:       Thu, 19 Apr 2001 10:57:11 +0100


----- Original Message -----

From: "FamSpack" < >

To: <>

Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 12:41 PM

Subject: Eve's family queries



I am still looking for and doggedly going through the Parish Registers


my family. I know not where they came from - John CRYAN  born before


and children

John CRYAN born abt 1844 died 1886 of TB

Daniel CRYAN born abt 1844 d 1882 of a wound

Michael CRYAN born 1854/5 d 1884 of TB single

Margaret CRYAN born 1857/8 d 1879 of TB single


All worked in the tobacco industry in Liverpool.

John and Daniel's families did not have TB so I suspect it was


into the household of John with the arrival of Michael and Margaret in


1875/6. No children were born of the family after that date.


There are hundreds of John CRYANs so I am concentrating on the name


linked with John as it is a very unusual CRYAN name


I have records of all the well known Daniels including

Daniel CRYAN m Margaret McDonogh and the Scottish and Canadian /USA

connections Quite a few stayed in Scotland and I have them on the 1881


Daniel CRYAN m Mary BREHANY on 3 March 1842 in Keash - could possibly

be a

candidate for brother of my John born before 1823 - witness at marriage



Daniel CRYAN born 1842 parents John CRYAN and Catherine GILDEA (they


had a son John born 1837) - if no other possibilities, these could be


candidates and all the dates on my certificates are wrong. However

there is

no Michael or Margaret of even vaguely the correct age in the family.


I would dearly love to know more about the John CRYAN b about 1820 who

appears on the Transportation to Australia site. He was convicted in


and sentence to 7 years - it fits with the dates of birth of the known



Has anyone anything new?...........please


I hope that you all have a very Happy and Holy Easter,and feel renewed


refreshed in all that you do..



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Subject: Ardcarn Graves

Date:      Thu, 19 Apr 2001 13:13:38 +0100



Putting in your data with what I have gleaned over the years......and


thank you , another Daniel !!!!!!


Descendants of Daniel Cryan


 1   Daniel Cryan Abt. 1740 - 1816 b: Abt. 1740  d: December 24, 1816


buried - Ardcarn nr Boyle

......... 2   [1] Robert Cryan Abt. 1773 - 1833 b: Abt. 1773  d: July



.............  +Matilda 'Little' Lytle Bef. 1775 - 1821 b: Bef. 1775 m:


1793 d: July 1821 in gravestone Ardcarn Cemetery nr Boyle

.................... 3   Joannes Cryan 1794 - b: August 28, 1794

........................  +Johanna Murren Bef. 1799 - b: Bef. 1799 m:



............................... 4   Robertus Cryan 1820 - b: November


.................... 3   Peter Cryan Abt. 1795 - 1871 b: Abt. 1795  d:


5, 1871 in gravestone Ardcarn Cemetery nr Boyle

.................... 3   Brigida Cryan 1805 - b: April 1805 in Boyle RC



.........  *2nd Wife of [1] Robert Cryan:

.............  +Maria Anna Ford Bef. 1806 - b: Bef. 1806 m: February


1824 in Boyle RC Co Roscommon

.................... 3   Robertus Cryan 1825 - b: January 1825 in Boyle


.................... 3   Brigida Cryan 1826 - b: October 1826 in Boyle



I also have

Descendants of Johanna Murren


 1   [1] Johanna Murren Bef. 1799 - b: Bef. 1799

..  +Robertus(poss Johannis) Cryan Bef. 1799 - b: Bef. 1799 m: Abt.


......... 2   Patricius Cryan 1818 - b: February 1818 in Boyle

  *2nd Husband of [1] Johanna Murren:

..  +Joannes Cryan 1794 - b: August 28, 1794 m: Abt. 1819

......... 2   Robertus Cryan 1820 - b: November 1820


where I think that Robertus(poss Johannes) is a priest's error from the




1.  I have the christening dates of most of these but as it is an


copy of a storage program these have not been printed. To check these


in the LDS VS

2.  I also have several possibilities for the families of the offspring


these are not given as there is no evidence

3.  The above information was substantiated by some extracts from court

documents(if I remember correctly) that Caoimhghin put on the site ages




If anyone is going to the National Archives in Dublin, pleeeeease could


look up John Cryan b 1820 convicted in 1848 to transportation for 7

years on

the ship the LONDON




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Date:      Thu, 19 Apr 2001 14:41:22 EDT

Subject: Re: CRYAN-D Digest V01 #18


Thank you for the message .

These are our Crain/ Crane/ Crehan

William Crane left Ireland , 1819 was in the census of Carleton , Co.


Brunswick , Can.age 54 .  William ,rightly or wrongly spelled it so .

His son

 John used Crain and a priest spelled it Crehan once. William was

married to

Lucy /Levenia Smith , a Baptist at the baptism of the children , all in


except one in 40. Those are recorded at St. Bruno's Catholic Church in


Buren Maine ,probably the priest was a missionary.

there are so many variations to the name that Cryan  is possible

The names of William and Lucy's children were  that John , Michael,

James ,

William  and Richard.

There was a Lawrence Crane who was the godfather of one of John's


Delia Bridget who md James Mahany (Mahony it is  in Ireland)

michael md Elizabeth Duly ;James mdMary Reilly of Johnsville N.B.

richard md

hanna Donnelly ;Lizzie md John Allen Mc Donald; William md Mary Murphy;


Ann  a spinster;Susan died young ; Lavina md  Richard Murphy.

Lucy /Lavinia  Smith Crane had Siblings:George, and Botsford Smith of


Fairfield .,Maine USA; Hepsy Smith.

If possible could you forward this information .

The names you showed don't appear to ours , but they will be


eventually .

A matter of time . That was my first hangup in genealogy and remains


My husband's grandmother , Mary Ann Crain md Melvin Henry Williams  in


Brunswick , (either records are at St Gabriel's or St John  the


Catholic church , Bath , Woodstock , Johnsville, Jacksontown in the


region ) Several of these persons are bd. at Clearview Catholic

Cemetery in

New Brunswick , tho many lived as Crane/ Crain in Easton , Maine across


river. there is a small Catholic Church there, abandoned but kept up

Thanking you , Mrs Melvin Louis Williams  (Odile)


Date:      Sat, 21 Apr 2001 16:40:23 PDT

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Reply-to:                K.McElrath@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK

Subject: Re: book: diocese of elphin



Source:  "Read Ireland" Information List (from Karen)

Book:  The Diocese of Elphin: People, Places and Pilgrimage edited by


Beirne Hardback; 30.00 IEP / 41.50 USD / 17.50 UK; Columba; 403 pages,

with b/w



"This book outlines the history of the Diocese of Elphin from Patrician


until the end of the second millennium.  It is a compendium of


detail on the thirty-eight parishes on the clergy and religious, and on


host of other aspects of the life of the diocese.  The extensive

bibliography will be a treasure trove for historians, researchers,


and everyone interested in Irish ecclesiastical history.  The Diocese


Elphin stretches from the bridge of Athlone to the bridge of Bunduff on


outskirts of Bundoran, and includes parts of Roscommon, Sligo and







Date:      Mon, 23 Apr 2001 10:36:01 +0100 (BST)

From:     Caoimhghin O Croidheain <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

Subject: Leaflet and Roscommon Herald microfilm


Hello everybody

I am slowly getting back into the family history

research after some moonths break. I am sending a

leaflet to around 70 Cryans in Ireland (copy below for

those interested in doing something similar with their

name variant)

Secondly I am going back to the Nat. LIbrary  to

continue reading the Roscommon Herald for Cryan and

variants  mentions, obits and stories. I have already

done 1888, 1889, and part of 1890 The notes have

partly been put on the List. I am now getting the

obits and stories (but not the mentions) copied from

the microfilm and am appealing to others for help in

putting the stories on the LIst. I can send the p/c to

whoever feels like transcribing/scanning the stories.

There isnt a huge amount of work. In 1888 there were

around 10 stories, mostly short.







Cryan Family History

Kevin Cryan (Caoimhghin O Croidheain)



44 St. Columba's Rise, Swords, Co. Dublin


The CRYAN-LIST on is a great source of

information for Cryan researchers. Since early 1998

the List has been managed by Leslie Poche. For those

who are newcomers to the List and would like to find

out the contents of previous emails,  the  CRYAN-LIST

files for researchers on my website: contain 95% of all the emails

posted since Leslie set up the List and come to around

700 pages of information in total. Remember the

CRYAN-LIST contains much information on many variants

of the O Croidheain surname: Croidheain,

Craigen/Creighan, Crawn/Craun, Crane, Crean, Craen,

Creen-e, Cre(a)g(h)an, Cre(a)han, Cro(u)ghan, Crain-e,

MacCroghan/McCrohan, Crowen, Cryan-s, Crion, Creyon,

Krine, Crine, Cryne, Crehen, Craheen

Copy the files into a Word document and use the Search

and Find command to find the surname variant you are

researching. Happy hunting!!


I have researched the history of my own branch of the

Cryan family using resources in the National Library,

the National Archives, the Registry of Births,

Marriages and Deaths, Registry of Deeds, Military

Archives, Roscommon and Kerry County Libraries among



My great great grandfather, John Cryan, married

Margaret Dolan in Boyle, Co. Roscommon in 1858 and

spent his life in Croghan, about 5 miles south of

Boyle, working as a National School teacher (where he

is still remembered as Master Cryan) until his death

in 1906. From his age on his Death Certificate I

believe he was born around 1833 and a reference to a

family who had a son, John, at that time has been

found. This was a couple, John Cryan and Catherine

Drury, who married in 1829 in Croghan and had three

sons John (b.1833 in Boyle), James (b.1842 in Boyle)

and Patrick (b.1831 in Croghan). I do not know what

happened to Patrick and James. Does this information

sound familiar to you? Have you ever heard talk of a

Master Cryan in your family? Maybe these names have

been passed down through the generations as they have

in my family. Please let me know.


Early History

According to E. MacLysaght (Irish Families)

(O)Cryan,Crynes are Co. Roscommon versions of Crean -

"O Crean,Crehan - According to MacFirbis, O Crean and

O Cregan are synonymous, Crehan being a variant of

Crean. In Irish Crean and Crehan are O Croidheain

(spelt O Craidhen by the Four Masters) ... These

families formed a minor sept of the Cineal Eoghan

belonging to Donegal, with a branch in the

neighbouring county of Sligo. They are twice mentioned

by the four Masters as wealthy merchants, ... in 1506

as of Donegal; in 1572 as of Sligo. The Clongowes

manuscript gives them a higher status : the then head

of the family was John O Crean of Ballynegare, and

inanother place in the manuscript O Crean of Annagh is

stated to have been one of the leading families of Co.

Sligo in the sixteenth century. According to the

"Annals of Loch Ce" the Bishop of Elphin in 1582 was

an O Crean, but he was "removed" in 1584. Father

Daniel O Crean (d. c. 1616) of Holy Cross, Sligo was

Provincial of the Dominican order in a period of

intensive persecution."


Research Centres, Sites and References

There are references to the early Creans in Mary O

Dowd's book "Power, Politics and Land: Early Modern

Sligo 1568-1688"; M. Woodmartin's "History of Sligo"

and T. O Rourke's "History of Sligo - Town and


If you would like to find out more about your own

family write to either The Sligo Heritage and

Genealogical Centre, Stephens St., Sligo or The

Roscommon Heritage and Genealogical Centre,

Strokestown, Co. Roscommon.

For a good general book on Irish genealogical

resources see John Grenham's Tracing your Irish

Ancestors, 2nd edition (Dublin, Gill & Macmillan 1992,

Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1993)



From:     Karen McElrath <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book


To:          Caoimhghin O Croidheain <>

Subject: Re: Leaflet and Roscommon Herald microfilm

Date:      Mon, 23 Apr 2001 11:38:13 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)


Caoimhghin:  i'd be happy to help you.  just let me know how.  i now

have a scanner but need to figure out how to scan documents

for html (as it stands, rootsweb does not accept attachments). 

i will ask folks at this end how to scan for html, if you want

me to help in this manner.  Karen

Date:      Tue, 24 Apr 2001 12:15:57 +0100

Subject: Roscommon Herald microfilm

From:     Pat Hunt <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

To:          Caoimhghin O Croidheain <>

Hi Caoimhghin


    I had a go at the Roscommon Herald for the years 1904 and 1905.

Unfortunately my eyes could not tolerate the strain. The quality is

terrible, I just kept seeing spots rather than print.


    My Master Thomas Cryan of Townabrack died on 15 September 1905. If


come across any reference to his when you get to that year. I could

find no

reference to his death, although the deaths of 'Masters' seemed to get


same status as that of a priest. I know Cryan lived in Co Sligo but the

Herald was always the paper of choice in that part of Sligo - proximity


Boyle, I guess was the reason.


    Best wishes,


    Pat Hunt



From:  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

Date:      Tue, 24 Apr 2001 13:26:17 EDT

Subject: Re: Leaflet and Roscommon Herald microfilm


So you're sending this around Ireland?  I've always meant to do


similar for the States.  Maybe someone will beat me to it, but maybe


make it my summer project.  I've just got to get my act together ...


inspire!  BTW, you need not put my name into anything ... YOU were

really the

one who got it all started, I just deal with the administrative muck on


list.  More like a secretary than an author.  But feel free to give out

name/email/address or whatever folks would like.  I'm obviously not

shy, and

don't mind being a contact person, just don't not want to be given


where none is due.  Would you post to the list any


you receive?  Might be interesting ...

Happy spring (we're at the end of the tulips, mid-dogwood bloom, and


beginning the azaleas -- I can't get my mind out of the garden!),



From:  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

Date:      Tue, 24 Apr 2001 13:28:08 EDT

Subject: Re: new subscriber


Done (your cousin is subscribed).  And, yes, why not post it.  It's


interesting to read more about these random folks posted to the list.


it seem less like a list of names than a family history site, don't you



Date:      Wed, 25 Apr 2001 10:49:30 +0100 (BST)

From:     Caoimhghin O Croidheain <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

Subject: letters and papers


Hi y'all

I sent the 70 letters to Cryans in the

Roscommon/Sligo/Dublin areas. I will have to check the

other phone books to see if there are many in other

regions of Ireland. So we will have sit back and see

if it produces new members for the List.


I have had offers of help from my cousin Lauri and

Karen re: Roscommon Herald so it shouldnt be too long

before the Cryan stories etc appear on your screens.

(I do look out for variants of Cryan but

extroardinarily enough I havnt come across any! Maybe

the Sligo papers of the time are full of Creans and no





Date:      Fri, 27 Apr 2001 11:42:05 +0100 (BST)

From:     Caoimhghin O Croidheain <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

Subject: Re: Valentia roots



check out these 2 sites to find out how exactly we are

related and how far back you are willing to go!!





From:     "Grainne & Dirk Springael" <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

To:          <>

Subject: Cryan Family

Date:      Thu, 26 Apr 2001 20:45:13 +0100


Hi Kevin,


I received your note today on the Cryan  Family History, by co incidence I have here my fathers 'Frank Cryan' and cousin 'Louis Dockery's' notes on our family - Cryans


Boyle Cryans are 2nd cousins of my grandfathers.


I am Grainne Cryan, our family goes back as follows

Siblings: Frank (USA), Anne (Dublin) and Maria (Galway)

Parents : Frank Cryan and Mary Forde(Galway)

Franks siblings : Peter, James (Fr Peter), John (Fr Philip) and Maureen (Dublin)

Franks parents: Mary Begley (Glasgow) and Patrick Cryan (carrowreagh) (both deceased)

Patricks parents: Peter Cryan & Sara (?Carney)

Patricks siblings: Susan, Jack, Fr Peter, Mary Ann, Sister Peter and Frances

Peter Cryans parents:Nora Carney of Creevolan - Elphine &

Peter Cryans siblings: Michael, Luke, Martin, Pat, Sara, Anne, Bridget, Maggie, Kate, Winnie

Peters Cryans Childrens History :

Michael - died Young

Luke - died Young

Martin - Father of Martin, Willie, Josie (Clapp) Gretta (Polian), Evelyn (Tansey) Baby (Dufficy/Conry)

Peter - Father Susan (Dockery), Paddy, Jack, Fr Peter, Mary anne, Sister peter, Frances (died Young)

Pat - Father of Mai (Barrett), Niall (Kenny) Paddy, Jack (on the hill), Sam & willie both went to South America,

Sara - (Connellan mother of Pat)

Anne - (Keogh mother of Michael)

Bridget (Fitmaurice) mother of - son a teacher in Cavan - who had 3 sons - 1 a chemist in Dulbin - also a daughter a nun.

Maggie (Nolan)

Kate (Egan)

Winnie (Cummins)


kevin hope this is of some use to you



Grainne and Frank(snr) Cryan



From:     "paul-mcvey" <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

To:          "Caoimhghin O Croidheain" <>

Subject: Re: *New* old Cryan grave found!

Date:      Fri, 27 Apr 2001 17:45:15 +0100


Your information regarding the 'new' old Cryan grave is fantastic.  No,

Peter isn't buried in Glasnevin; that is his half-brother Robert, also


doctor.  I did promise you a photo of Robert's grave.  Unfortunately, I

can't find the copies I thought I had, but have now found the negatives


have taken them to be processed.  They will be ready next Thursday, so


should get them the week after next.  I can add nothing to FamSpack's

message, but have asked her to clear up a couple of points.  (For


I had thought - but was not certain - that Robert Cryan's second wife


Mary Anne McDermott, not Mary Anne Ford.)  I am certain I have your


but in case not, or if you have moved, please confirm it.  To return to


newly-found Daniel.  There are no subsequent Daniels that I know of in


branch of the Cryans, which is a little puzzling, but I notice from the

Census of Elphin 1749, that on page 332, Ahrefinucan, Ardcarn parish,


are three Cryans listed:  Tim Cryne and wife. Papist. Farmer. Two


Dan Cryne and wife. Papist. Farmer. One child; Patt Cryne. Papist.


One child. [Source: Mr Peter Manning.]  Whether there is any connection


I have no idea.

Thanks for having found my 4xgreat grandfather!




From:  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

Date:      Fri, 27 Apr 2001 16:37:42 EDT

Subject: Crain/Crane/Crehan


Can't get my husband's ancestors across the pond as they say! Where are


Crane/Crain Crehans from ?

These are our possible Creans  O'  somethings or other we hope to


with eventually  .William /Crane/Crain , a Roman Catholic b. Ireland c


immigated 1819 lived in Wicklow Parish, CarletonParish , in 1851, there


1871 living with son James Crain and Mary Riley /Reilly Crain   1876.

Williams wife was Lavinia/Lucy/Lucinda Smith a Baptist, b 1800/1806,


or New Brunswick. I saw once that a Lucy was from N.Y. I wonder .If my


is correct in the Tarr story about these relations to the Mahany's ,


, Fallons , Ladner, Tarrs etc., thru  Delia Mahany Tarr's grandfather ,


Crain ,whose mother was   Lucy/ Lavinia Smith that they were related to 

distant cousins , Botsford Smith and George Smith of Fort Fairfield ,


and  to a Hebsy Smith who would have been  Delia's mother's aunt or

cousin. I

know some of the Easton , Maine  Smiths seem to have N.Y. connection. I


follow that lead next summer in Maine.

Lucy is buried in Clearview Catholic Cemetery in New Brunswick. I have

seen a

picture of her with her grandaughter Mary Ann Crain Williams and the 


H. or Henry M. Williams ., Guy Joseph  Mel's son  and my Mel's father 


siblings also in it. She wore a  cap, someone said she was Scot. Lucy


husband  William Crane is listed in Clearview Cemetery, N.B  There are


dates so maybe he is bd elsewhere .

 Children of William and Lucy were mostly baptized in 1839 and the


are recorded in St Bruno's Catholic Church in  Van Buren , Me. that may


been because of a missionary, one was baptized in 1840, I believe that


James  and was the last one listed in the St. Bruno's record .

"John " born where? ca 1825 , md Ellen Phillips  8 Sept , 1850

Woodstock ,

N.B. records.  She was the d/o Thomas Phillips and Bridget Gatsby


 Her father, Thomas Phillips operated a sawmill ,On the line in the St


record  that says    Immigration  ,in what concern the Phillips  is

written....Wicklow parish  1851 , 1861, 1871. John  died 6 July 1897


Lucy died in March, 1905 and they are bd in Clearview, Catholic

Cemetery ,

N.B      My husband 's grandmother ,was Mary Ann Crain wife of Melvin


Williams ., she was John and Ellen's child . The Crains and Williamses


many of these families lived in River de Chute , Easton , Maine and the

Catholic Church and Cemetery was across the  River de Chute Stream.

 I have info on this family of Williams and Mary Ann's siblings gotten


the Tarr narration by Delia Mahany Tarr.

Following are  the  other children of Lucy Smith and William Crane:

  "William "  b at Frederickton , St. Dunstan's, 3 aug 1828 was 1 yr 3


;he md Mary Murphy  according to Delia Mahany Tarr .

 More Records from St. John the Evangelist and St Gabriel's Catholic


records. in New Brunswick have some of these families , one place was

Woodstock, can't recall other  it may have been Johnsville.

"Elizabeth "b ca 1829 ,Tarr says she was a dressmaker  md John Allen


of Mars Hill , Me.           ;   

" Susanna "b ca 1831,  (Susan says Tarr ,died young. )    ;

"Richard" b ca 1834,  md Hannah Donnelly in 1868 at Johnsville , N.B., 


1908    ; 

"Michael " b ca 1836  , md Elizabeth  Duly  says Tarr ; Diocese of


John-Archives ,  One Bayard Drive ,  St. John New Brunswick    E2L  3L5  

says Donley/Dooley in 1859     ;

"James " b ca 1840 md Mary Reilly(Riley says diocese)  in 1868 , at

Johnsville ; died 14 March , 1927, bd. Clearview Cem.   ;   

 " Mary Ann " b in Woodstock  ,bapt. 23 Feb, 1843  (10 mos) She was 


with Richard.& Ann  1871  After Hannah died she kept house  for Richard


he young family;  d 1924   

There was another "Mary Ann "  with same sponsors , Alfred and Mary 


Murphy ,listed as bapt 24 july 1844, question of possibly two?    

The diocese names that other  again ,Mary Ann. I am wondering if she

may be

the next child listed by Tarr , in the Will and Lucy  list of children


would have been the last one who was a Lavina ,who md Richard  Murphy .


mother Lucy / Lavinia / Lucinda ,.in those days , had she been baptized

Catholic , would have had to have a saints name and was Lavina one .

There was an added note  by Delia Tarr about  Lavina and Richard Murphy

. It 

was that their only child Priscilla  md  to  Thomas Mahany  had a son, 

Arthur ,who  resembled his Grandfather  Murphy who also had red hair.

We would like to know about relations across in Ireland.



have submitted more info on these families. My address in Maine is 


Melvin L. Williams       RR2  Box 1103     Belgrade, Maine ... Will be


until June 6 , 2001 return  Oct.15. don't know when we will get

computer in



From:     "paul-mcvey" <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

To:          "Caoimhghin O Croidheain" <>

Subject: Re: *New* old Cryan grave found!

Date:      Fri, 27 Apr 2001 23:29:29 +0100

Hi, KevinYes, of course you can put it on the cryan-list.    I notice that grave

contains five people, so is probably full.  It is therefore a good bet


there is another Cryan grave nearby, containing the body of Mary Anne,

Robert Cryan senior's second wife, from whom I am descended.

Incidentally, since mailing you I have come across a letter I received


1992 from a lady named Teresa Flynn, from Castlerea. Inter alia she


that "...a lot of the old Cryans are buried in the very old part of the

Assylin graveyard."  So, who knows?  There may be other, as yet



One final thing: do you know if Belinda and Bridget are forms of the


name?  I know that Brid is the Irish for Bridget, but I don't know what


Irish for Belinda would be.  Having written that, I would be extremely

surprised if Irish was this family's first language, even at the


of the nineteenth century.  If the two names are in fact the same, then


still one sibling short in the case of my 2xgreat grandmother!




Reply-to:                "FamSpack" < >

From:     "FamSpack" < >  | Block Address | Add to Address Book

Subject: Cryan deaths in Co Durham

Date:      Sat, 28 Apr 2001 09:53:24 +0100


Hi Shelly Jill and anyone interested in England !

Following my last email in February you may be interested in this entry


I found in the new National Burial Index for England and Wales.(this is


first edition and does not cover the whole country. CDs for the rest


gradually be issued. There is nothing for the whole of Liverpool ! etc.

However there are 5million burials on the CDs)


3 Sept 1885   John James CRYAN 10 mths,  Hartlepool Old Cemetery,  Co



This looks very like the same John James that I gave to you as born

1884 4th

quarter in Hartlepool


Thus it is not you John............ the other is a

stronger possibility !



Of general interest.... one other death appears in Co Durham


1 Oct 1871 James Cryan 2 Hartlepool Old Cemetery Co Durham







Date:      Sat, 28 Apr 2001 12:06:56 +0100 (BST)

From:     Caoimhghin O Croidheain <>  | Block Address

Subject: Roscommon Herald 1889


Roscommon Herald 1889



Jan 12

Keash BINL



Jan 19

Croghan BINL


James Cryan

(also large list of Croghan inhabitants)


Knockroe Lower

Pat Cryan


Jan 26

Carigeenroe BINL

Bryan Cryan


Feb 2

Croghan BINL

Pat Cryan


Feb 23


Meeting to the Board

John Cryan

Ref to mTeachers”


Apr 13

Drumlion BINL

Luke Cryan


May 4

Carrick-on-Shannon Union

mLabourers Cottages”

John Cryan


May 11

Keash BINL

J. Cryan

Occupied the chair


May 18

Carrick-on-Shannon Union

mLabourers Cottages”

John Cryan

Building contractor? (finishing Jamestown School)



Sligo organising Committee

J. Cryan -  Keash


June 1

Keash BINL

J. Cryan


Croghan BINL

Pat Cryan


Apr 20

John Cryan of Carrick tendered to build 4 cottages

Cos union

s.a. May 4


June 15

Roscommon county champ

P. Cryan Capt of Cootehall Team


Jul 13

J M Cryan

Keash BINL




Pat Cryan


South Sligo organising committee

Keash /dom k cryan


July 20

COS tournament

Final ties goal umpire

R J Cryan


Aug 3

John Cryan

COS union


Aug 17

COS annual regatta

 R. Cryan

J. Cryan jnr


Keash BINL

J m Crayn


Aug 31


P Cryan


Sep 28

John Cryan

COS union board



J M Cryan

Co Sligo


Oct 5

Cootehall regatta and athletic sports

One mile foot race

Peter Cryan


Oct 12

Ros. Co. Championships

Field Umpires



Nov 2

Ad for Brazen Head




Date:      Sat, 28 Apr 2001 12:07:56 +0100 (BST)

From:     Caoimhghin O Croidheain <>  | Block Address

Subject: Roscommon Herald 1890


Roscommon Herald 1890


Jan 11

COS J Cryan



Boyle BINL

James Cryan

John Cryan



Feb 8


Full page of names


Drumlion BINL

John Cryan

Patrick Cryan

Luke Cryan


Apr 19

COS union

John Cryan






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Subject: Ardcarn Graves and other things

Date:      Sat, 28 Apr 2001 21:11:03 +0100


A quick reply to Pat and Paul especially but to others interested


I have been "collecting" all the CRYANs that I can find since about

1997 and

putting them into a dataset. Most of my data comes from the actual


registers which I am searching for my Daniel b 1844ish with father

John. I

write down all the CRYANs that I see. (I was born a CRYAN so it is my



Being an adict I have also found most useful and have bought a number

of CDs

such as the VS or Vital Statistics of the LDS (Paul asked about this)


have extracts from some parish registers including Boyle but not Keash


Ballymote and extracts from the General Registers after 1864(when they



From the various sources I have been able to link together all the


with the same parents and with additional information that Caoimhghin


from deeds and documents concerning wills, if I remember correctly, was


to link the two families.


I will give you all the "c" dates/christening as apposed to "b"


eventually but am due to go away so will do it next week.


I have quite a dynasty with dates for the reply to Caoimhghin's letter


Grainne and Frank Cryan in this morning's mail - if he can get them to


the newsgroup but that will have to be next week too.


Also I have started the 1901 census for Co Sligo and soon the first


will appear - Keash parish (part) and others !!


Thank you to everyone who writes . It is getting exciting again.