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 Subject:        Re: [CRYAN] plea  Date:        Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:28:51 PST

A posting on the Leitrim-Roscommon bulletin board (which Lyle had

posted to the CRYAN-L list previously) includes the following reference to a

family in the Boyle area:

  3. Mary Ann CRYAN (1853)

  ? sp. James BRENNAN (1853)

It sounds like the dates are approximately right for the people

referred to below.

The URL for the above posting is





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    Date:         Mon, 22 Nov 1999 14:02:09 +1100  Subject:         [CRYAN] Cregan Family

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Hi,My name as you can see is Sue Williamson. My mother's maiden name was

Cregan and her great-grandfather came from Armagh in 1854 on board the

Miles Barton. He travelled with his brother David and they went to the

Ballarat Goldfields in Victoria Australia. Family folklore has David

latertravelling onto the Colorado Goldfields although I have no records to

support this. Their Father was James Cregan anf their Mother Ann Cregan

(nee McNulty). We have no further information about his family in

Irelandother than this. Some further information from Ireland would be greatly

appreciated. Mum and I are fairly new to this, but catching on really

quickly.Look forward to hearing from other Cregan researchers.


Sue Williamson

17 Fourteenth Street

Hepburn  Vic  3461

email: suewilli@tpgi.com.au

Ph: (03) 5348 3510


Date:        Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:56:26 -0500

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 Subject:        [CRYAN] obituary    To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com


Here's an obituary that's in this week's Limerick Leader newspaper:

The death of William Cregan, Churchtown, Newcastlewest and late of

Kiltanna, Knockaderry occurred at St. Ita's Hospital, Newcastlewest. He

is regretted by his wife Monica, son Michael, daughter Majella, brother

Tim, sister, nephew, nieces, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, relatives

and friends. Funeral Mass took place in Church of the Immaculate

Conception, Newcastlewest and burial was in Calvary Cemetery.

From:        ljstandak@webtv.net (Lyle Staehnke)  | Block address   Date:        Wed, 24 Nov 1999 15:53:21 -0800 (PST) Subject:        [CRYAN] RE:Cryan     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

This is some information I got from microfiche at the LDS FHS..



Parents..James Cryan _ Atty Oconnor Born: 7 OCT. 1864 Female- Cryan (no

first name) Boyle-ballinfad Parish...

Parents.. Thomas Cryan/Mary Cryan  Born: 28 Oct. 1865 Boyle  Andrew



Parents.. Patritii Cryan/Catherinae McDonough-- Christined 8 july


Anna Cryan-breedogue and ballinameen parish.


Parents.. Marci Cryan/Mariae Keigan_ Christened 9 oct. 1841 Kilbride

Parish Annam Cryan..


Annam Cryan married Thomam carty- 17 feb 1853.... ardcarn and tuamna



Parents.. Thomas Cryan/Anne Dignan born: 22 may 1866 Anne Cryan..

castleplunket parish..


Parents.. Patt Cryan/Catherine McDermott--born 27 june 1866 Anne


ballinmeen parish..


Parents..Patt Cryan/Bridget Cryan-- born: 8 july 1866 Anne Cryan..

ballinafad parish.


Bernardum Cryan Married Anna Noone.. 16 feb. 1863 cootehall parish...


Bernardus Cryan christined 16 dec, 1876 breedogue and ballinameen



Parents..Peter Cryan/Maria Foley --born:31 jan. 1865 --Bridget Cryan --



Parents. Michael Cryan/Ellen Brennan - born: 9 aug. 1866 Bridget




More latter.... Lyle


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   Date:        Fri, 26 Nov 1999 13:54:34 -0500


Thanks for you email!I am somewhat confused by the name " Caoimhghin O Croidheain"!!!

 In addition, If I wanted to join the CRYAN-L group or be on their

List, andget involved, what do I have to do? How accurate is your information on both Mary Ann Cryan and JamesBrennanin your email below?, and where did the information come from?

Waiting to hear from you, another Cryan researcher.Warm regards,

Jake Sheerin,Annapolis MD.


Date:        Fri, 26 Nov 1999 12:28:16 -0800 (PST)   From:        Caoimhghin O Croidheain <caoimhghin@yahoo.com>  | Block address Subject:        Re: Your 23 NOV [CRYAN] plea email

     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

HiDelighted to hear from you. Th Cryan-l is on the

Rootsweb.com site. I will also post this letter to

Leslie who runs cryan-l and she will be delighted to

help you on board (another new subscriber!) You can

write to Michael Tobin diorectly or through the

cryan-l. I hope you join as there are many people

searching the cryan surname involved

regards caoimhghin



   From:        "Eddie" < >  | Block address   Date:        Fri, 3 Dec 1999 00:17:11 -0000 Subject:        [CRYAN] Hi from Eve and Atty info     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hi, I am back in contact having lost the use of our computor completely

since the beginning of November. However it has now been rebuilt, new

CPUfaster and more storage, so we are a renewed spirit.

Please could someone send to me the mail on the Cryan list that

appearedbetween 10 and 17 of November which we have lost completely - we

believebecause of a problem at our ISP.

Atty is short for Attracta 5th century saint whose feast day is 11

August."She seems to have been a contemporary of St Patrick. She certainly was

arecluse, first at Killaraght,on Louch Gara,and then at Drum, near Boyle

(both of these in the Cryan heartland). Both places eventually grew

intonunneries,under her direction. She is venerated throughout Ireland"

Elsewhere I have that the patron saint of Killaraght parish is St

Attracta.There is also a well to which there were pilgrimages. And there are 7

wellsdedicated to her in the whole of Achonry diocese.

Various spellings appear in the parish registers and some have been

mis-transcribed either into the register by someone writing

phoneticallywhat they hear(not beeing familliar with the accent or the name) or out

ofit finding the writing difficult to read. I have so far 4 Attractas who

married CRYAN men on my card index.

Attracta (Atty) McDONOGH m John CRYAN (yes) 14 March 1825 in Boyle RC

all 10 children (which I presume you know) appear with their

christeningdates in the Taunagh RC parish register ie Riverstown.

It is likely that your Atty's surname was "fixed" to a different

spellingwhen she entered the USA, when , as above it was spelled phonetically.

Until again Eve


From:        RoCryan@aol.com  | Block address   Date:        Sat, 4 Dec 1999 12:02:42 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN] Attracta     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Eve, thanks for the information on Attracta .  I've been told by my

spiritual advisor that I have some incredibly strong female ancestors. Since

Atty's feast day is close to my birthday I'll do some research on her (after

the holiday's) and, perhaps, really have her in my corner.

Be well, Rosalie


Date:        Sat, 04 Dec 1999 18:05:04 -0600   From:        Pam Burleson <pburleson@skyenet.net>  | Block address Subject:        [CRYAN] Atty     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Eve,Do you happen to have the name of the 10 children of Attracta McDonogh

and John Cryan so I can confirm??  I have Only 9 of the 10 of my Atty

and John.  They are:

Wynafred abt 1828

Sarah abt 1832

Patrick abt 1834

Michael abt 1835

Mary abt 1839

Timothy abt 1841

Mark abt 1844


James abt 1846

This has been a real break through for us,  Thanks ALOTPam Burleson



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 Subject:        [CRYAN] Fwd: {not a subscriber} CREAN-new entry    To:CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

but I didn't wan't you all to miss this message while I figure out

what's wrong)

Old-Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 19:38:10 -0800 (PST)

From: Sean Crean <sfcrean@yahoo.com>

To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

To all:I have enjoyed and appreciated all the work that has

come before. Today I'll add my piece.

My father Patrick Joseph Crean was born at 54 Chief

Street in Belfast in 1920 to the son of a wealthy

brick and coal merchant. My grandfather, Joseph

Michael  Crean and his wife Rose Crossan emigrated to

the US in 1922 against the backdrop of the Catholic

persecution in Belfast. Joseph subsequently became the

Chief Electrician for Macy's Department Store.  Joseph

was the youngest of seven children of Patrick Crean

and Elizabeth Skeffington and was born on the Crumlin

Road.  The family lived near the Ardoyne area and

attended Holy Cross Church.  Patrick and Elizabeth's

children were Mary (Sister Mary Gertrude RSHM) b. 1871

d. 1904 in France; James J. (a noted cyclist -more

later) b. approx 1874 d. 1913 in the US; Josephine b.

1881 d. 1967 (Canada), Elizabeth (Lily) b. approx 1883

d. 1932; Patrick Dominic b. 1886 d. 1960; Michael

DESMOND (much more on him later) b 1887 d 1950 and my

grandfather Joseph Michael b. 1891 d 1957.

Ggrandfather Patrick and his brother Michael were born

in Sligo near Lough Gill - perhaps in the Hazlewood

area. As young men they moved to the booming city of

Belfast to make their fortune.  Michael married the

daughter of the owners of the Belfast Telegraph,  Mary

Ann Kane.  They had ten children. James, Mary(Minnie),

Theresa (also a Sister of RSHM), Bernard (who was

knighted in 1928), Joseph, (who emigrated to So.

Africa) Michael, John, Nan,  and two  twins that died.

  Their company was M&P Crean on 2 Queens Quay,

Belfast.In 1890, Patrick received a patent (#16231) from

London for an improved kiln which reduced the firing

time on bricks by 36 hours. Michael died approx 1900.

Patrick died in 1918.

I believe through your help that Patrick's parents

were Michael Crean (spelled Creheen on the LDS) and

Mary Togher.  These fit for the ages of Patrick and

Michael's births, but the location is Drumcliff.  If

anyone can give me the location of Drumcliff to

Hazelwood(oral tradition) it will let me know if I'm

on track.

My cousin Maureen who is the daughter of Joseph of

South Africa lives in New Zealand and is in her 80's.

She has been of tremendous help.  The internet and

email is wonderful. DESMOND, actor, author, patriot

traced our history back to the early Sligo Creans.

Unfortunately, his work appears to be lost.

Sean Crean, Freeport, Maine


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 Subject:        [CRYAN] Admin     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

A quick reminder and a warm welcome to the 19 newcomers since

mid-September!Please only send email to Cryan-L from your subscribed email account. 

Rootsweb mailing lists are closed, meaning rootsweb will only recognize

and send on the email address you used when you subscribed.  Contact me

directly for info on how to change that address.

Email to the list should always be addressed "Cryan-L@rootsweb.com",

even if you are a "-D" subscriber.  This way everyone gets it.  "-request" is

only for subscribing or unsubbing -- again, email me if you want more info

or need help.

For anyone wishing to catch-up on missed emails, please visit

Caoimhghin's website, where he has kindly posted our emails since the early days.

This is a lot easier to use than the rootsweb search engine to retrieve old

emails.  Just download and use your word processor to search for your topics:


Happy holidays all -- I'm enjoying all the emails!  Leslie

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  Subject:         [CRYAN] Helpful info.      To:         CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hi all,

You will be pleased to hear that more data has now been added to the

1901census at the Leitrim and Roscommon website.

There are more CRYANs in Boyle town and there are others that you may

nothave thought about -

1.  You can be very specific and enter any of the search fields that

youknowor 2.  more usefully you can just enter the "Head of Household Surname"

boxleaving all the other boxes empty. This will then give all the

informationon people with that surname of householder

or 3. also very useful, you can enter the surname in which you have

interestinto the box labelled "Others enumerated in Household", leaving the

otherboxes empty and this can result in giving people living away from

home,ororphans etc.

4. I have not tried but if you just enter the name of the townland in

therelevant box you should get all those living in the townland ie the

neighbours.....often very useful.Good Luck , do try it.Eve


From:  "Paul-McVey" <Paul-McVey@email.msn.com>  | Block address         To:             "Caoimhghin O Croidheain" <caoimhghin@yahoo.com>     Subject:   Re: cryans   Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 11:05:23 -0000

Hi, Kevin

Thanks for your e-mail.  I tried to find your web page after I'd spoken

toyou on Saturday, but for some reason, couldn't.  I have now, as you

willsee, and have bookmarked it.  I look forward to receiving your letter

andwill send you a copy of the photos I have of Robert Cryan's grave, once

Iget a set developed.  Unfortunately, they were taken with a single use

camera in late afternoon in December, so aren't of the best quality.

When Ifound the grave (which I did very soon after looking, which was a

stroke ofluck) it was to find that the inscription is very faint indeed.  I

don'tknow what type of stone was used - if it is in fact stone and not

concrete -but it must be very soft, and in a very short time won't be readable.

Talk to you soonRegardsPaul.

----- Original Message -----

From: Caoimhghin O Croidheain <caoimhghin@yahoo.com>

To: <paul-mcvey@msn.com>

Sent: Monday, December 06, 1999 1:04 PM

Subject: cryans

> Hi> I sent you copy of Doc and foto of sons monument. I

> already had a copy but didnt realise until  Iwent back

> there on Saturday. Could you send me fotocopy of Dr

> Cryans stone as I couldent find it? I TOOK FOTOS OF

> THE DETAILS on the stone and willsend copies as soon

> as I get them.> my site is www.geocities.com/caoimhghin/

> send me an email to confirm I have the right address

Ř       Caoimhghin


Date:     Sun, 12 Dec 1999 13:31:25 PST   From:  Karen McElrath <K.McElrath@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK>  | Block        address Reply-to:         K.McElrath@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK   To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

  Subject:         Unidentified subject!


hello, cryan researchers. i have posted a note to the cryan GENFORUM

and have posted the same message here.  i currently am interested in learning

more about the following:


1) my sligo roots. i know that my great grandfather, martin francis

cryan, emigrated to the US circa1858, at the age of 6. his brother, patrick cryan, and sister, bridget

cryan, accompanied him. theremay have been other siblings although i am not certain of names. their

parents were patrick andcatherine (or katherine) conlon cryan, from county sligo. there is no

evidence that the parents

emigrated to the US. we are not certain whether they died during the

famine, or simply remained in

ireland. the three siblings resided initially in massachusetts, and in

fact, patrick resided for some

time in wareham, MA, served in the US civil war and later died in

somerset, MA. bridget also

resided in wareham. martin (my g grandfather), was "sent" to sharon, PA

to live with relatives,about the time that patrick enlisted in the civil war. martin lived the

remainder of his life inpennsylvania. brother patrick had 2 sons, whose names we believe were

james cryan and johncryan. each was born in wareham, and lived in boston, circa 1900. i am

searching for theirdescendants.

i also am searching for information about the parents of my emigrant

ancestors. the parents' nameswere patrick and catherine conlon cryan. i know that they lived in

county sligo, but am not sure ofthe exact whereabouts.


2. before she died, my elderly aunt recalled visiting cryan relatives

in swampscott, massachusetts,circa, 1920s. she recalled a Mary Cryan from swampscott, and another

male relative who workedfor the GE plant there. I am searching for inforamtion about cryans

from swampscott.


3. in 1973, a relative of mine, Father Edward O'Keefe, died in a car

accident in Natick,Massachusetts. He was a retired priest. Attending the funeral were

Patrick and Mary Cryan, ofBoston. I have been searching for information about these people.

Many thanks,Karen McElrath



Reply-to:         "FamSpack" < >    From:         "FamSpack" < >  | Block address    Date:         Tue, 14 Dec 1999 10:05:12 -0000  Subject:         [CRYAN] CRYAN/CONLAN

      To:         CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com


Hi,I am sending this to the list even though it is specifically for Karen.

As I think that I have said before ,I do not have the records of the

familymembers that you mention. However it would be helpful to know the ages

ofPatrick and Bridget, the siblings of your MartinFrancis which would

help toapproach this research in another way.

1. You say MartinFrancis was 6 in 1858 ,thus he could be born about


2. If he was the youngest then the oldest his mother could be was 46

ish,    So his mother could not be born before about 1806.

3. Similarly, if he were the oldest, his mother would be about 18/19 an

soborn about    1832/33

4. Thus we have a range of dates between which a Catherine Conlan could

havebeen born.

5. I have about 20 Catherine Conlans born between these dates, the

majoritychristened in Taunagh RC parish - Riverstown Co Sligo, with a couple in

Aghanagh , and a couple in Boyle ,which served the border region of CoSligo.

6. However you say that you are not sure whether the parents were

CatherineConlan and Patrick Cryan. What is it that you are not sure of. I

presumeCRYAN goes without saying. Are you sure of the Catherine and Patrick

names ?If so then the names Catherine and Patrick can be looked at in the same

wayas points 1,2, and 3 above (though for a man the dates are not ruled by

nature !) but at least one can narrow the search down.

I do have some Patrick CRYAN marriages and I do have some (? CRYAN

/Catherine ?) marriages .And I  have some incomplete families with 2

out ofthe 3 children. But then there is much work to do.

Karen if you do have more information, which could help do let me know

and Iwill see what I can do.Eve



   Date:        Wed, 15 Dec 1999 12:08:33 -0800 (PST)   From:        Caoimhghin O Croidheain <caoimhghin@yahoo.com>  | Block address Subject: [CRYAN] website     To:  CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

HiI have redesigned my site and some new links for

anyone interested...




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    Date:         Wed, 15 Dec 1999 17:00:01 -0600 Subject:   [CRYAN] [CRYAN-L] Our ancestor Atty (long)

      To:     CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Dear CRYAN friends and relatives,

My first cousin once removed, Pam Burleson, and I are delighted to show

theCryan-L list the information we've gathered about our ancestor,

AttractaMcDonough Crain. Eve of this list was a terrific help to us -- with the

information she gave us we were able to break through some brick walls.

Pam and I have never met in person -- her mother might remember me as a

little kid, and I clearly remember Pam's grandmother. Pam and I met

on-line -- I had put a little query on one of the many Internet sites

ofIrish names and genealogy, and Pam answered! She had a lot of

information,and I had a little, and with Eve's data, we got a lot further than

either ofus could have alone.

Anyway, here's the story of our ancestor, Atty Crain.

Atty was baptized:Aracte MCDONOUGH c 4 July 1804 in Aghanagh RC parish

parents Timothy MCDONOUGH and Aracte WALSH

Atty was married:Attracta (Atty) McDONOGH m John CRYAN 14 March 1825 in Boyle RC

Atty and John's kids were baptized:

Brigid  26 May 1826     Taunagh RC

Winifred        19 Dec 1827     ''

Sarah   21 June 1829    ''

Patrick 26 June 1831    ''

Michael 11 Nov 1832     ''

Mary    31 Aug 1834     ''

Anne    10 Oct 1837     ''

John    1 April 1839    ''

Mark    4 Aug 1844      ''

James   11 July 1846    ''


Aghanagh, Boyle, and Taunagh parishes are all near each other, between

thetowns of Boyle in County Roscommon and Riverstown in County Sligo.

We'veheard the family lived in the townland of Drumraine, County Sligo,

whichI've seen on a map on the website of the Gleean National School, also

in theneighborhood.Atty's husband John, who had worked in a bank, died of heatstroke while

working on a road in 1848, during the Famine. That road was probably a

public works project.Atty took the kids to America soon after that. In 1850, the census

taker inLeominster, Massachusetts, listed them. We've heard that she ran a

boardinghouse there.


Atty M. Crane   F       48      Ireland

Wyna Crane      F       22      Ireland

Sarah Crane     M       18      Ireland

Patrick Crane   M       16      Ireland         laborer

Michael Crane   M       15      Ireland laborer school

Mary Crane      F       14      Ireland         school

Timothy Crane   M       8       Ireland         school

Mark Crane      M       6       Ireland         school

John Crane      M       11      Ireland         school

James Crane     M       4       Ireland


Atty's oldest son Patrick came west to Eldorado, Wisconsin, near Fond

Du Lac, in about 1855. At least a couple of his siblings, Mark and John,

camewith him. Atty came too, but we don't yet know when that was. We've

seen aplat map of the township in 1862 -- and there's Pat's 40 acres! The

countryaround there is fine rich farm land, and I bet Pat thought his 40-acre

parcel was a kingdom. (We've seen hints and bits of other people named

Cranewho arrived in that neighborhood earlier -- maybe in-laws of Atty?)

Patrick married Bridget Murray in Eldorado. They had 11 kids: John,

Atty,James, Sadie, Kathleen, Edward, Mary Elizabeth, Mark, William, and

TimothyMichael (born in 1877 -- he eventually became my grandfather), and one

morechild who we think died young.

Atty lived long enough to see most, if not all, of Pat's kids, and to

seeher son Mark become the town clerk. She died in Eldorado in 1880, and

hereis her gravestone.

Atty, wife of John Crain

Born in LeCarrow, Sligo County, Ireland 1805

Died Jan 20 1880

May her soul rest in peace.

Rest, dear Mother, rest

Thy weary toil is done

We mourn thy loss, but hope to meet

where parting is --------(unreadable)

We still have some questions yet to find the answers to, for instance,

aboutAtty's husband, John Cryan -- all we know about him is that he married

Atty,fathered a crowd of kids, and died. We'd also like to know how Atty and

thekids got to America -- there couldn't have been a lot of spare money

aroundto buy tickets. And then why did they settle in Leominster, of all

places --it's forty miles from Boston. Somewhere on the web I've seen another

storyof someone from Aghanagh who emigrated to Leominster -- but much later.

Andthen how did Pat and his brothers get out west, and why did they choose

Eldorado?But all the mysteries in our histories is what makes this all so

interesting.A. Riley

a proud descendant of Atty Crain




   From:        "John Sheerin" <jsheerin@erols.com>  | Block address   Date:        Wed, 15 Dec 1999 22:18:34 -0500 Subject: [CRYAN] (CRYAN) CRYAN/BRENNAN     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com


I am trying this again with additional information:

Searching for more family data on my G/Grandparents:

Mary J? Cryan, born circa 1850 in Lower Deerpark, Boyle.

Dad was Michael Cryan.  Mary married my G/Grandfather,

James F? Brennan, (born circa 1850, Deerpark and Boyle areas) at St.

Joseph's RC in Boyle on 07 FEB 1870.

James' Dad was John Brennan.  Mary came to Lowell, Mass and died in May

1927and is buried in the Brennan grave plot at St. Patrick's Cemetery in

Lowell.I am looking for more information on Mary Cryans family, parents,

grandparents siblings, etc.Have a good Christmas Season and thanks for all you help.

Jake Sheerin,Annapolis MD


    Date:         Wed, 15 Dec 1999 21:11:04 PST    From: Karen McElrath <K.McElrath@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK>  | Block         address Reply-to: K.McElrath@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK

  Subject:         Re: [CRYAN] CRYAN/CONLAN      To:         CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com


Many thanks, Eve, for your posting.  Martin Francis Cryan was born 25

December 1852 in County Sligo, and yes, he was 6 years old when he emigrated

with his siblings, Patrick and Bridget.  Brother Patrick Cryan was born in 1844

in County Sligo (I believe in the month of March of that year).  I know less

about their sister Bridget, having only recently learned of her first name.  I do know a

bit about Bridget's descendants in the United States:  She married Patrick

Feeney, lived in Wareham, Massachusetts, and had at least one child, Mary A. Cryan. 

I am nearly certain that the parents' names of the 3 siblings (Martin,

Patrick, and Bridget), were Patrick and Catherine (or Katherine) Conlon Cryan; the

parents' names appeared on a death and a marriage certificate.  From sons Martin

and Patrick's birth years, it seems that their mother, Catherine Conlon

Cryan was born sometime between 1806 and 1826 or so, and I suppose a marriage between

Patrick Cryan and Catherine Conlon might have occurred anytime between 1824 and

1844.  Not much to go on…Regardless, I've made note of your information with

regards to places of christenings for Catherine Conlons.  No doubt that

information might prove very useful to me in the future. 

I will be in the US for one month, beginning on 20 December.  I will

post again after that date.  Enjoy your holidays!Karen          



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      To:         CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

The best that I can offer ,although there is no guarantee that these

areyour ancestors are the following

Mary CRYAN chr 26 March 1843 Boyle RC

parents Michael CRYAN and Rosa KENNY(or it could be any name that looks

orsounds like this) so I also have

James CRYAN chr 30 July 1845 Boyle RC

parents Michael CRYAN and Rosa HEANY(this is the only Rosa in the PR)

Rosa KEANY chr 1 June 1806 Taunagh RC ie Riverstown

parents Bartholemew KEANY and Bridget CONLAN

also James BRENNAN chr 7 Jan 1841 Boyle RC

parents John BRENNAN and Catherine CARROLL

James BRENNAN chr 26 Aug 1845 Boyle RC

parents John BRENAN and Bridget MULHERN

James BRENNAN chr 15 June 1845 Roscommon and Kilteevan RC(neighbouring

parish)parents John BRENNAN and Mary DIFFELY

One way to at least reject those that are not possible is to look at

thefamily nameswhich often recur from generation to generation. Often the

parents names are given to the children ie they may skip a generation.

Insome families there are lots of Michaels ,in some Thomas.... these two

inparticular do not often occur together. There are also not many

Williams orTimothys or Andrew s with the CRYAN surname  etc That looking at the

complete picture may help identify which are the more likely to followup.

Hope that this helps Eve


Date:        Fri, 24 Dec 1999 09:08:37 -0800 (PST)   From:        Caoimhghin O Croidheain <caoimhghin@yahoo.com>  | Block addressSubject:       [CRYAN] happy xmas

     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

hi Leslie

Thanks for your kind comments on my site.

I was thinking as we enter the third year of the

mailing list it would be a good idea to publicise it

throug different outlets. For example a mail shot to

the Cryans etc in ones area, country or city. Irish

Roots said they would mention my site in their next

issue.It would be great to double the amount of subscribers

for example by next June?!?!happy xmas to allcaoimhghin


From:       TimNascar@aol.com  | Block address   Date:        Fri, 24 Dec 1999 14:31:19 EST

 Subject:        Irish Phrase     To:        caoimhghin@yahoo.com


Can you tell me what the following phrase means, not sure of the

spelling but it's one of the two:

ta na nog

ta ra rog

I noticed this while in Raleigh, NC...it's the name of an Irish Pub.

Timaka: timnascar@aol.comTPLESS69, 69 Cuda Conv. 340Monroe, NC

Turn Left and Go Fast......This is NASCAR Country!


From:        Fatarm@aol.com  | Block address  Date:        Fri, 24 Dec 1999 22:06:42 EST

 Subject:        Re: happy xmas     To:        caoimhghin@yahoo.com

Good ideas.  I've found some cousins I'd never met before on other

family branches by sending letters -- after the holidays I'll write something

up and send it to the list, and ask what success others have had.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Leslie



   From:        Voltene@aol.com  | Block address   Date:        Sat, 1 Jan 2000 19:47:18 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN] CRYAN Obits in Lowell, MA     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hello to the list and Happy New Year!

       Last year I posted the following list of Cryans buried in

cemeteries in Lowell, MA.       Since there are a number of new subscribers to the Cryan list, I

wanted to repost it.       I  have obituaries for each of these CRYANS.

        Not all resided in Lowell, and many of the obits mention

survivors in different cities and states.         If anyone would like me to e-mail any to you, please give me

the name and date of death.



Alexander T, age 75, died 27 Mar. 1956


Anna G. (O'Reilly), a. 50, died 3 Apr. 1936


Annie, Miss, a. 47, died 11 Nov. 1922


Annie, a. 88, died 20 Nov. 1962, res. Medford, MA


Annie J. (McGuane), a. 92, died 19 Nov. 1972, d. in Jamaica Plain,MA


Ann (Mulhearn), a. 62, died 29 June 1916, widow of Thomas


Bridget T., Miss, a. 80, died 3 Jan. 1949


Bridget (Foley) a. 73, died 17 Dec. 1921, widow of Michael


Bridget, Miss., a. 75, died 14 Jan. 1948


Bridget, (Leighton) a.70, died 19 Nov. 1912, wife of Timothy


Delia (Bridget)(Sullivan) a. 79, died 23 June 1954, widow of Thomas E.


Edward J., a. 83, died 20 May 1945,


Hannah, Miss, a. 56, died 16 Aug. 1920


Harriet V. (Tyrrell), a. 79, died 29 Apr. 1954, widow of John


Irene H. (Harrington), a. 68, died 21 Mar. 1975


James, a. 55, died 25 Jan. 1939, res. New York City, NY


James Charles, a. 35, died 20 Oct 1909, husband of Mary(Conway)


James Joseph, a. 27, died 17 Nov. 1908


James, a. 56, died 17 Dec. 1920


James P. a. 65, died 26 June 1966,


James U., a. 81, died 29 Jan. 1990,


John J., a. 59, died Nov. 1954


John J., a. 74, died abt 2 Feb. 1975


John P., a. 64, died 4 Feb. 1939, widower of Anna(O'Reilly)


John P., a. 65, died 25 Jan 1940 husband of Harriett(Tyrrell)


Julia M. (Fitzgerald), a. 60, died 3 June 1925, wife of Thomas


Katherine, a. 12, died 26 Mar 1918


Leo C., a. (?), died 1 Feb. (?), husand of Delima (Laline)


Madeline T., Miss, a. 84, died 19 Dec. 1992


Margaret A. (Murray), a. 68, died 11 Feb. 1934


Margaret J., Miss, a. 82, died 10 Sept. 1959


Margaret A.(Moloney) a. 82. died 24 Apr. 1947, widow of Martin C.


M. Annie, Miss, a. 75, died 13 Aug. 1943,


Mary Louise (Boisvert), a. 35, died 10 Dec. 1928


Mary, Miss, a. 56, died 19 Feb. 1925


Mary, a. 73, died 31 July 1902, widow of Michael


Mary (Conway), a.49, 13 Sept. 1924, widow of James C.


Mary, Miss, a. 95, died 21 Sept 1983


Mary E., Miss, a. 25, died 2 Feb. 1920


Martin C., a. 61, died 27 Mar. 1936 husband of  Margaret A.(Moloney)


Michael ., a. 28, died 6 May 1911


Michael, a. 50, died 8 June 1899


Nellie, a. 2 yrs,5 mos., died 25 Aug. 1907, dau. of Thomas and Bridget


Nellie, Miss, a. 58, died 27 Sept. 1939


Nora, Miss, a. 52, died 3 Sept. 1938


Robert W., a. 29, died abt. 25 June 1956, in Boston, noobit.


Rosemary, a. 12, died 2 Nov. 1935


Sarah B.(McMahon) a.71, died 13 July 1911, widow of James


Sarah A. (Igo), a. 29, died 16 Jan. 1905, wife of John


Thomas E.,Jr, a. 52, died 21 May 1952.


Thomas, a. 65, died 14 Apr. 1910


Thomas W., a. (?), died 7 Jan. 1949


Thomas E., a. 62, died 15 Sept. 1934


Thomas, a. 74, died 25 Mar. 1937


Timothy J., a. 52, died 4 May 1970, res. Fitchburg, MA


J. Vincent, a. 8 yrs.,7 mos., died 22 Apr. 1923, son of John & Harriett

Karen MurphyNashua, NH

P.S. Wanted to thank Kevin Cryan for  posting the Cryan List e-mails onhis

great website.I lost my computer hard drive and all my files including the above

list.  I was able to copy the obit list again from his site  and much more.Definitely check out :



   From:        PFinnis@aol.com  | Block address   Date:        Sun, 2 Jan 2000 21:25:35 EST

 Subject:        Cemetery site     To:        WALSH-L@rootsweb.com

Hi Listers:Got this site from the GENCLASS listing and thought I would share it

with you guys too.Happy hunting for 2000...

 <A HREF="http://www.interment.net/">Cemetery Records Online -

Cemeteries and Genealogy</A> http://www.interment.net




From:        Fatarm@aol.com  | Block address   Date:        Sat, 8 Jan 2000 16:24:02 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN] Cregan     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

The following was recently posted at:  <A


ry.com - Message Boards</A>


I'm trying to contact the researcher presently, but I thought you

Cregan researchers might be interested right away ...

Subject: Cregan Family Tree

Posted by: Daniel Patrick Cregan

Message: I am new to tracing family history. I am 4th generation Cregan

in the US; great grandfather --Michael Edward Cregan -- arrived from

Ireland in 1880 - 1895 and settled in the NYC area where most of the relations

lived. Any available info on NYC Cregan's would be appreciated. There were

other relations that I have limited information on. You can contact me via

E-Mail.Thank you


   From:        RuthK3834@aol.com  | Block address   Date:        Sat, 8 Jan 2000 18:52:17 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN] Reply to Daniel Patrick Cregan     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

I have no e-mail address for Mr. Cregan, but I have been researching

the Cregan's for a long time.  My grandmother was a Cregan and she had a

brother named Michael who settled in NY at the time mentioned.  There were 10

children in the family and I have much information on the Cregans.  I

have even found some living cousins in Ireland.  I would like very much to

communicate with Mr. Cregan. Ruth RuthK3834@aol.com


   From:        SCK32160@aol.com  | Block address   Date:        Mon, 10 Jan 2000 17:54:10 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN] The Surname Crean     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

HelloI am seeking info on my GG Grandmother Catherine Crean from Townalatha

Sligo.  She married my GG Grandfather William Farris from Culleens on Jan 25

1866 in Kilglass Chapel.  Any info on her DOB-Parents or siblings would be

great. I have looked and found nothing?     Thanks, Chris Kennedy   USA



 Reply-to:         "FamSpack" < >    From:         "FamSpack" < >  | Block address    Date:         Tue, 11 Jan 2000 11:11:32 -0000  Subject:         [CRYAN] Re The Surname CREAN/FARRIS      To:         CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hi Everyone, but in particular Chris Kennedy,

The only record that I can find is a child of William and Catherine but

thattells us other things that may help with your search but I will go into

those later.........You may already have this ....

Honor FARRIS  born 25 Jan 1870 in Easky Co Sligo

parents William FARRIS and Catherine CREAN

(from the Civil Registration for Ireland)

Easky and Kilglass are at the NE extremity of Co Sligo in Kilalla RC

DioceseEasky parish records start in 1864 and Kilglass in 1825 so there should

bemore available on a film of the parish records which you should be able

toborrow through the LDS Family History Centre.

More details of the film numbers and what else is available for the

area canbe obtained from the LDS website which has a catalogue section


There are other FARRIS'...spelled that way....who are producing

children atthe same time as the above who may be William's siblings, but if you

havenot done so already and if there is one, I would look at the parish

recordfilm....it is usuallyin the original writing and is sometimes difficult

toread or it is faded...happy hunting there.

Here are the other FARRIS parents producing children around 1870

Charles FARRIS born 11 March 1868 in Easky Co Sligo

parents Charles FARRIS and Anne HANLY (Civil Registration)

Thomas FARRIS born 10 May 1870 in Easky Co Sligo

parents Charles FARRIS and Anne HANLY (Civil Registration)

I hope that this Is helpful...Good Luck...Eve



Reply-to:         "FamSpack" < >    From:         "FamSpack" < >  | Block address    Date:         Tue, 11 Jan 2000 11:20:59 -0000  Subject:         [CRYAN] Apology,CREAN info and correct website address      To:         CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hi All, Sorry about the incorrect info about Family Search ..it seems

to bemy day.However somehow I was guided to this reply that I gave to a query back

inJune which may be of interest to Chris Kennedy especially.

Eve again

Hi Kevin ,

Sadly there are very few census records in Ireland to help you.The 1901

isthe most complete but much of the rest was destroyed in the fires of

1916.There are however other ways of getting to the information that you

wouldlike.I can not lay my hand on my book that lists all the Irish resources, at

thepresent time. I will let you know when I find it and send you anything

relevant. However, at the LDS there is a very comprehensive catalogue

ontheir computer. (you may have to book to use it).

HOWEVER on the internet you can enter the LDS Family Search site and

look attheir catalogue and it gives the film numbers for Kilglass Co Sligo

1901census and for the parish records.There are two ways of getting there

http://www.familysearch.org/search from where you can access other

types ofsearches as well as clicking on "Custom Search" through which you get a

listand then you click on to the catalogue title.

OR directly so you can not be side tracked


CREAN/CRYAN and all the other variants can be interchangeable the

furtherback one goes. No spelling is fixed. Looking through parish records one

finds what is obviously the same family with a different surname

spellingfor each of their children. WHY? well one explanation is that Irish

accentsvary as much as the people but the name written down depended on the

personwho heard it to write it down. This was usually the priest and after

1864the registrar (NB not all people were registered for whatever reason).

Saythe names in different accents and you will come up with a huge variety

ofspellings. Here are just a few that I have come across in the parish

registers Crane, Crion, Creyon, Krine, Crine, Cryne, Croghan, Crehen

Craheenetc.Good luck with your search Eve


From:        "Michael Tobin" <tobinmi@hotmail.com>  | Block address Subject:        Re: {not a subscriber} Re: [CRYAN] Admin   Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 16:29:54 PST     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hello Patrick,I am temporarily looking after the admin side of the Cryan list for

Leslie, who has irregular access to the Net at present. In this capacity, I got

copied on the email below. I just want to confirm with you that you

were trying to subscribe to the list. If so, I don't think it worked for

you, but as temporary list administrator, I can subscribe you to the list if you


>From: "Pat Cryans" <pat@pcryans.fsnet.co.uk>

>To: <Fatarm@aol.com>, <CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com>

>Subject: {not a subscriber} Re: [CRYAN] Admin

>Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 12:59:23 -0800 (PST)



   From:        "Pat Cryans" <pat@pcryans.fsnet.co.uk>  | Block address   Date:        Thu, 13 Jan 2000 12:52:13 -0000

 Subject:        [CRYAN] Niland-Cryan     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

REF;Thomas Cryan  15/07/1861 origin Drumfin Townland.was his parents

marriage. sponsers were pat cryan jacob morrison,Bridget was from the 

 Townland of Carrigans Upper near Ballymote, parish of Emlagfad.Anna

Niland born 26/04/1876 Drumfin

Brothers of Bridget.













From:        Jill Devito <devito@uta.edu>  | Block address Subject:

        RE: [CRYAN] CRYAN Obits in Lowell, MA   Date:        Thu, 13 Jan 2000 18:53:35 -0600

     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hello Karen, Joan, Rosalee, Jake, and Cryan-listers,

When I was in Lowell in December I looked up the following Cryan

obituarywhich is not on your list:

(I have reason to believe this person was my great-great grandfather's

brother). The pall-bearers listed include at least four of my known


Lowell Courier Citizen

Friday, May 28, 1915

Obituary   Timothy Cry died yesterday at his home, 48 White street.  He leaves

fourdaughters, Hanna, Mary, Annie Cry, and Mrs Fred Mayo, and one sister,

Mrs.Michael O'Flahavan.

Lowell Courier Citizen

Monday, May 31, 1915


   The funeral of Timothy Cryan took place Saturday at 8:30 o'clock

from hishome, 48 White street.  At 9 o'clock in St. Columba's church funeral

masswas celebrated by the pastor, Rev. John A. Degan.  The choir under the

direction of Miss Catherine F. Wholey rendered the Gregorian chant,

MissFrances Tighe sustaining the solos.  The bearers were Thomas Hayden,

JohnOrt, John Cryan, James Cryan, James O'Flahavan and John P. Cryan.  The

floral tributes were many and beautiful.  Burial was in the family lot

inSt. Patrick's cemetery, where the committal prayers were read at the

graveby Rev. J.A. Degan.  Undertaker Peter Davey had charge of funeral


-----Original Message-----

From: Voltene@aol.com [mailto:Voltene@aol.com]

Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 6:47 PM

From:        Tscrya@aol.com  | Block address   Date:

        Sun, 16 Jan 2000 14:22:25 EST Subject: [CRYAN] Re: CRYAN-D Digest V00 #5

     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

In a message dated 1/15/00 8:47:09 AM Eastern Standard Time,

CRYAN-D-request@rootsweb.com writes:

<< Cryan-L@rootsweb.com" >>

I am looking for information on my grandmother and grandfather from

Ireland.My Grandmother was Delia Bridget Cryan, who died in 1954 in Lowell, MA.

 She was the daughter of Edward Sullivan and Ellen A'Hearn.  She was born in

Ireland in around 1875.

My Grandfather was Thomas E. Cryan, who died in 1934 in Lowell, MA.  He

was the son of Michael Cryan and Mary Welch.  He was born in England around

1872. I have some information, but not sure of its source that states that

one of my grandfather was from the village of Dooneen and my grandmother from

Kock.  They were married in a village of Cort.

If anyone can help me with finding some additional, verifiable

information on my grandparents I will be grateful.  I am going to be going to Ireland

to work for three months and would appreciate having information on their

background so that I may travel to my ancestral roots.Tom Cryan



 Reply-to:         "FamSpack" < >    From:         "FamSpack" < >  | Block address    Date:         Mon, 17 Jan 2000 15:17:55 -0000  Subject:         [CRYAN] Re Delia and Thomas CRYAN in Lowell     To:         CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hi Tom,Half of all the CRYANs seems to have emigrated to Lowell...

However I do have a little info....

1. Way back in a posting to the list which you can look at on

Caoimhghin O'Croidheain's Web page anddated 14 April 1999 Voltene@aol.com or Karen

Murphygave a list of Lowell CRYAN obituaries and offers to send the

obituaries.They often mention survivors living elsewhere and she asks that one

sendsthe name and date of death.

among the list are Delia(Bridget)(sullivan) CRYAN a 79 died 23 June

1954widow of Thomas E

and Thomas E CRYAN a 62 died 15 Sept 1934 husband of Delia

There is also a Michael CRYAN but no obvious connection, this one died8

june 1899 aged 50 - no other info.

2.In another CRYAN list posting Jill deVito gives the burials inSt

Patrick'sCemetery grouped by yard and lot numbers

In Yard5B Lot 31

ThomasE 62 9/16/34 b abt 1872

Delia 79 6/25/54 b abt 1875

Bridget O 11/11/94 b abt1894 (?)

Gertrude 3 10/28/99 b abt 1896

Madeline 84 12/22/92 b abt 1908

Possibly if you read the whole of the two lists to gether with the

obituaries the can be more link made

3. I looked up the parents of Delia -Edward SULLIVAN and Ellen AHERN

andcame up with no Deia or Bridget but

 Mary born 1 Dec 1870 in Canaway, Co Cork, Irish Civil Reg

parents Edward SULLIVAN and Ellen AHERN

Thomas born 1 Dec 1873 in Cannaway, Co Cork, Irish Civil Reg

parents Ned SULLIVAN and Ellen AHERN

but any others of the family are not on my lists , they are probably

fromneibouring districts that I do not have - but it gives an area to look.

Bestplace is to look in the LDS  Family History Centres which have the

IrishIndex ti Birth Marriages and Deaths on films which you have to search.

4 I have not yet found anything else that fits, but you may find more

on yhewebsite mentioned above. I am sure that you will find it if you do a

generalseach on CRYAN or Croidheain

Good Luck with the searching Eve


From:        Fatarm@aol.com  | Block address   Date:        Mon, 17 Jan 2000 12:49:53 EST Subject:

        [CRYAN] Brian Boru and Irish historical websites     To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com


The following was originally posted on the rootsweb Roscommon mailing

list.  Enjoy!  (I really loved tooling around in a few of these sites --

always something to learn.  The last site has an Irish history timeline  that

was particularly interesting:  http://www.clannada.org/docs/theline.htm):

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 22:06:08 -0500

From: "Darcy Freeman" <hotdarcy@earthlink.net>

To: ROSCOMMON-L@rootsweb.com

Message-ID: <002801bf5f05$79df0f40$4686f5d1@compaqcomputer>

Subject: Brian Boru's websites

Content-Type: text/plain;


MIME-Version: 1.0


http://www.mindspring.com/~cc003636/boru.html     Story of Brian Boru

http://www.sleeping-giant.ie/bealick/index.html       Location where


Boru grew Up

http://www.sawyer-family.org/d0000/I14825.html     Brian Boru's Decent

into a

family Generation


http://www.okelly.net/battles/boru.htm            Death Of Brian Boru


http://www.arpnet.it/carolan/english/pubblic/cd/awen5.htm   Brian


MARCH  <music>


http://indigo.ie/~killeens/norse.html    History of Land and




http://www.elore.com/elirho01.html     History of Ireland...including




http://ukdb.web.aol.com/hutchinson/encyclopedia/60/M0013760.htm   Irish


History to 1921   (including Brian Boru)


http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Lounge/2782/ireland.html  History


Ireland (including dates..Brian Boru...and Jesus..etc)


http://www.irishmart.com/ibooks.htm  Brian Boru  & Books ONLINE


http://english.glendale.cc.ca.us/irish.html   Brian Boru Links


http://www.clannada.org/ref1.html  Clannada Na Gadelica    (webpage


Ireland...Brian Boru)


http://www.clannada.org/docs/theline.htm   Clannada Time


Brian Boru and Niall Hostages etc......


   From:        "Kevin J. Crean" <Kevin_J._Crean@HUD.GOV>  | Block address   Date:

        Tue, 18 Jan 2000 09:19:57 -0500 Subject:        [CRYAN] Current Obit

     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com


I received the following obit from my brother who knows of this list.

Itappeared in Newsday (Long Island, New York) on  Jan 10, 2000.  Sorry

it's only apartial.  It's all he sent.  But if anyone is interested, I am sure I

can get ahard copy of the full listing.

CREEN- Kenneth Alexander, 32

Beloved son of Joseph and Florence (nee Mechowski). Cherished brother

ofLaura Duffy and her husband Tim, Joseph , Jr.,  Michael and his wife,

Veronica, and Mary, bla, bla bla.



   From:        "Roger Cryan" <cryan@avana.net>  | Block address Subject:

        Re: [CRYAN] CRYAN Obits in Lowell, MA   Date:        Tue, 18 Jan 2000 18:15:45 -0500

     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Regarding Jill's message:

My great grandfather's family lived at 90 White Street.  This was the

familyof Martin and Margaret (Molony/Maloney) Cryan, both listed also in


Martin came from Ballinanultagh Townland near Boyle in Roscommon,

althoughhis parents were married to the West of that in Sligo.

Margaret was born and raised in Lowell.  (Her father, Pat, was

apparentlyMolony in County Clare, and Maloney in Lowell.)

I've posted all this in much greater detail several times; check the

archiveor ask me and I'll put it up again.

Two and one-half years ago, my wife and daughter and I visited Ireland.

 Wewent to Boyle and found, to our surprise that the Cryan farmstead (not

theoriginal cottage, though) was still occupied by a Cryan (related by

adoptionand marriage, though the important thing was always to "keep the name

on thefarm"), although the district around it had become wild.  We also met

another distantly-related Cryan who remembered my great uncles and

aunts,though the last of them had died in the 1940's, and their brother (my

greatgrandfather) had left Ireland in 1881.

That getting pretty close to home, and pretty far back, all at the same

time.  You really never know how close you can get until you try.        Roger



   From:        "Michael Tobin" <tobinmi@hotmail.com>  | Block address

   Date:        Tue, 18 Jan 2000 17:15:47 PST Subject:        [CRYAN] Roscommon Weekly Messenger

     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

I saw the following on the soc.genealogy.ireland newsgroup. If anyone

visits the LDS regularly, this tape might be worthwhile consulting. However,

if most of our ancestors in those areas were tenant farmers perhaps in

those days, they would not bother paying for a paid announcement in a


>On film (brand new) at LDS is Film #1145944 covering paid

announcements of >BDM during 1848-1854.

>This film ought to be of interest not only those searching Roscommon

>county, but it had very wide circulation also in Galeway, Longord, 

>Leitrim, Mayo and Sligo for searchers in those counties.



   From:        diana348@aol.com  | Block address   Date:        Thu, 20 Jan 2000 11:44:38 EST

 Subject:        Cryan's     To: caoimhghin@yahoo.com

any past Cryan's of John, or John Joseph Cryan and Catherine Dubey (sp)

around  early 1900's,     father was a John came from Ireland , John

Joseph my Gfather.they lived in the Lowell, Mass area and in New Jersey.   appreciate any

response. thank you.  Diana L. Cryan, Brown


   Date:        Fri, 21 Jan 2000 19:36:16 +1100   From:        Lynne Simpson <lsimpson@effect.net.au>  | Block address

 Subject:        [CRYAN] Family of John Creegan from Drogheda area County Louth     To:


Does anyone know anything about John Creegan, b. abt 1830 around the

Drogheda area in Co Louth. It was thought he may have had at least

two brothers, maybe one called William. He may also have been a twin.

He left Ireland and travelled with his brothers to Liverpool. His

parentswere thought to be dead at this time (about 1853-54). He bought a

ticket toUSA from the McCann family (Co Armagh) who had a spare. One brother

alsotravelled to USA, but not with John. The other brother went to

Australiaand was never heard from again.

There was a birth entry for a William Creegan, b. 1828 in Drogheda to a

Michael and Elizabeth Creegan. This could have been John's family. Does

anyone know anything about this family?Lynne SimpsonCanberra Australia


From:        "Michael Tobin" <tobinmi@hotmail.com>  |    Date:        Sun, 23 Jan 2000 12:14:17 PST

 Subject:        [CRYAN] Fwd: subscribe     To:        CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

                                                                   From: diana348@aol.com

>To: CRYAN-L-request@rootsweb.com

>Subject: subscribe

>Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:27:58 -0800 (PST)

>>looking for info on family of John Joseph Cryan,,, brother Leo,  

sons,>John, Ralph, Robert, Raymond, daughter Catherine Doris . Children born

>mostly>around Lowell, Mass. or N.J.     wife, Catherine Ann Bubey and Dorothy

>Clark>   any info would be appreciated .  There are 5 of us in one family

born to>Richard George Cryan of N.J., 1925-1950,   comments to