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CIA??  Get with the times, man, its the National Security guys that

everyone'safraid of these days (just saw the paranoia film "Enemy of the State"

withWill Smith on Thursday) ....Besides, the priest was probably referencing the Mormons -- now

understandthat both my husband and mother have good friends who are Mormons, but

likethe Japanese, they've got a reputation with their cameras.  I heard areference from an Irish researcher that a few years ago in Ireland youcouldalways spot the Mormons because they always had paper and pencil inhand ...-Leslie


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    To:    Cc: Subject:        Re: [CRYAN-L] Croghan Cryans


        I am a very recent subscriber to the list and did not receive (see) the

Croghan list of births you referred to in your posting.  Could you send

aprivate copy via E-mail?      Thank you 

       Roger W. Wilson........RWWPHOTO@AOL.COM


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 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] "CROWEN"    To:

As I tried to pronounce the array of "CR......"  surnames on the list

trailerI found several that were phonetically the same as CROWEN and wondered

if thelist could add "one more" sound-alike?  In addition, has anyone run

into theabove while tracking down their sound-alike ?  I don't think the

CROWENs thatarrived from Ireland in the 1840s spelled their names that way until

theyarrived in the US since I've only found one CROWEN in Ireland and none

on thezillions of passenger lists.  I would appreciate anyone's "best guess"

as towhat the surname might have been in Ireland.       Thanks

            Roger W. Wilson.....RWWPHOTO@AOL.COM


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 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Crane, Crowen and pronunciations    To:

I think Roger has hit the head of the nail square on ...  And, Roger,yourspelling reminds me of Wendy's ancestor, Thomas Craun/Crawn, Chrahan,Chroughan, Crone, etc.  You might want to start looking at Croghans --sinceCrowen has been a bust, and I'm assuming your "Crowen" is pronounced

somethinglike Croghan.  How DO you Croghans pronounce it??  Could Crowen be a

form ofCrown or Cowan?It might be nice to do a phonetic roll-call at some point.  Last week I

hadthe pleasure of talking with Tom Crane, father to Lisa (she's on themailinglist).  He has sent me a nice write-up on his family line.  He has beenableto trace his Crane family line to the surnames Crean and Crehan, butanywherehe's heard "Crehan" pronounced, it sounds "Crane" to him (he's got

Americanears).  Unfortunately, Tom's not online.  So I'm going to post hiswrite-up

over the next few days...  If you wish to contact him, let me know andI'll

send his regular postal address. - Leslie

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Crane/Crean/Crehan and Cuddy/Cuddihy Family History, by Tom Crane:

        1.   My GGgrandparents, Denis and Anne Cuddy.  These names and dates

aretaken from the U.S. Census of 1880 wherein they were listed as living

in myGgrandfather's (Patrick Crane) home as "boarders."  Denis' occupation

wasgiven as "blacksmith" and Anne's as "housewife."  Because of the other

documents that I have at hand, I have very reason to believe that the

DenisCuddy (b. 1810) and recorded in the 1880 Census is somehow directly

related tothe Denis Cuddy listed in E.H. Sheehan's book titled, "Nenagh and Its

Neighborhood," wherein on page 77 the following entry is made under the

paragraph titled, "Some Inscriptions From Tombs in Friary, Nenagh:"

                Cuddy, Denis, - Grocer and woolen-draper, Castle St., ob May, 1817

        2.  Michael Crean and Mary Shea.  These names are taken from a

baptismalcertificate that was provided to me by a Mr. Joseph Kennedy, farmer and

historian, of Callan, Kilkenny.  Joe Kennedy firmly believes that the

baptismal certificate is a true record of my Ggrandfather's (Patrick

Crean)baptism.  The event took place on January 9, 1844, and corresponds to

theexact year of birth for the Patrick Crane that was listed on the U.S.

Censusof 1880.  Patrick's parent's names were given as Michael Crean and Mary

Sheaand the sponsors were Thomas Coady and Catherine Shea.  The event was

recordedat the Holy Trinity Church in Fethard, Tipperary, Parish of Fethard,

Dioceseof Cashel.

(to be continued ...)


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In relation to the Keash film which you recently referred to, I have

the following observations.

Earlier this year (before this list started), I had the opportunity to look at the original Keash records. While I did not note all Cryan details down as there were so many, I had made note of some dates in

the intervals which you indicate are missing. For example, I noted a marriage record of John Creane to Eleanor Clarke on 19 Jan 1834, a marraige record for Marthin Cryan to Anna Ward on 22 July 1845, and

many others outside the time period which you saw.The records weren't ordered strictly in sequence in the book, with many blank pages separating some years. I wonder were mistakes made in

copying the material to film and some of the original material omitted? There certainly were some years missing from the originals, but Ididn't think it was to the extent that the film you have suggests (just to

confirm you indicated it had records for only 1842 -47, 1852-55 and 1872-80). The records I looked at went from c 1843 (except for the one 1834 record to which I refer above) to 1900.

There was a gap at one stage, but I can't recall which years it was - but it was only of the order of 10 years or less I think. Apparantly, the gap in the records was due to their being burned by the parish

priest's housekeeper over some row she had with the parish priest. It must have been a pretty serious row!In relation to the John Cryan (s) and which of them is mine, I don't know yet. Based on my current information, I'm almost certain that my John Cryan's father was a Matthew Cryan - but I've yet to confirm this. I notice that for one of the John's for whom you list the birth record- that one of the godparents was a Matthew. Interesting as they may all have been cousins. I had indicated in an email to the list way way back that I hoped to post the details which I had recorded from Keash atsome stage. Perhaps we can collaborate on this as between us, we will have got a good few of the pre-1900 records. I hope to return to Keash to look at the originals before posting my information so that I can double-check it.



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On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Michael Tobin wrote:

> To add my thrup'pence worth to the discussion on firstnames, I agree

> completely that many people were named Mary or Marie after Our Lady -

> probably so many that you still often adhered to the tradition of

naming > the girl after a grandmother also. Anne was a very popular name also

- > after Our Lady's mother.  Even today Mary or Marie is a quite common

> first and middle name in Ireland.> It's my middle name, after my half-Irish grandmother Mary, and a

Lithuanian grandma who grew up as Theresa Mary. <snip about Joseph>

> For the firstname of Arthur, I'm not entirely sure if it can be > classified as an English name. I vaguely recall that one of the High > Kings of Ireland was named Art O'Connor. Perhaps the English borrowed

> the name from the Irish [Was King Arthur not an Irish emigrant? :-)]

> Well, all my name books (first names were an early obsession asI've neverbeen satisfied with "Theresa") say it's "Celtic," or I believe "Gaelic"in some, which is ambiguous I understand as to Scottish/Irish etc. I'vealways associated it as Scottish, assumed the MacArthurs and McArthurs

were all of Scottish origin (or most.) But my assumptions have manytimesbeen wrong. I'm 1/umpteenth scottish, and an itty bit Welsh, btw, notthatthis gives me any extra credence.

Theresa Mary who is incredibly busy at this very moment, and just answering this one

li'l thing before she forgets.



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  Subject:          [CRYAN-L] Re CROWEN      To:

Hi Roger,

I would suggest that the nearest version of the name woud be CROGHAN,

pronounced CRO - AN. So welcome on board.The most likely time for the name to be fixed at an alternativespelling iswhen going through immigration and the officers write down what they

"hear"in a "foreign accent" or in many cases what they think they hear. Andbeing

under pressure it would seem not to matter whether the immigrants areliterate or not and can spell their own name, the "new" name is what isofficial !There is a web site dealing with immigration at Ellis Island, it may beworth checking whether your family appear on the "Immigrant Wall".  Ido not

know the URL but it can be got via the search engines Yahoo andAltavista.There are CRYAN people there.Until again Eve


From:        "Michael Tobin" <>Add to Address Book   Date:        Tue, 15 Dec 1998 04:56:23 PST Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Another variation of the Cryan name    To:

I recently picked up a small booklet in a bookshop in Galway entitled

"The Abbey of Kilnalahan" by Abbey Community Development Association.

Abbey is a village in south-east Galway and the book is about the abbey

or friary in the centre of the village. The abbey dated from the

mid-thirteenth century and is now in ruins. It was ran by the

Carthusian monks initially from 1252 to 1341. The Fransiscans ran it from 1341 for

500 years. I haven't read the booklet in detail yet but on a quick scan

through it, it lists the guardians of the abbey from 1629 to 1872. Of

the 70 guardians listed, 23 were members of the de Burgo family. The de

Burgo family (Burke) were the leading Norman family in Connacht.

In amongst these guardians is the name of Thomas Kyran, 1678-1681. 8 of

the 10 guardians before him were de Burgos. This suggests that he must

have been a man of some standing if he were intermingled with a leading

family such as the de Burgos. It also suggests that he must have had

the means to protect the friary from attack.

Note the time-period in which this Kryan name is recorded - the 1600's.

I don't think we have encountered a spelling of Cryan as Cryan beyond

the 1800's so far - we've come across Crean and other variants before

then. It raises the question of the origin of the name Cryan again.

Feel free to kick me if this sounds like complete nonsense.

The spelling Cryan is alot closer to this Kryan spelling than to other

spellings such as Crean, etc. Just speculating, but I wonder if Cryan

is a completely different name to Crean or if it in fact, derives from 2

different sources? In MacLysaght's book "Irish Families, Their Names,

Arms and Origins", he lists the O'Crean name and indicates that its the

same as Crehan and Cregan and that the Irish version of these is

O'Croidheain or O'Craidhen or O'Croidheagain.

Its spelling as Cryan is notable by its absense from MacLysaght's list.

I know we had other postings on this subject in the past but I cannot

recall the conclusion. I'm not saying that MacLysaght is the gospel on

this stuff, but he certainly knows alot more than me!

So continuing in this vein, given that this Kryan who was guardian of

the abbey appears to have been a man of power in the company of the de

Burgos, does the name Cryan have any Norman associations? Or possibly

he had some connection with the Burkes. This is certainly worthy of more

investigation in the future. There might even be papers preserved on

the de Burgo family as a leading Norman family.

The source of the list of guardians is given as "Liber Dubliniensis and

Liber Louvaniensis in the Franciscan Friary Library, Killiney, Dublin".

Perhaps sometime, some of us might have an opportunity to see if there

is any more information on this Kryan in that library. If we discover

that he was of Norman origin, it will be a very interesting discovery

for some of us indeed.

If anyone can throw cold water on my theories above, please do. Even if

he's not a Norman, this Kryan is interesting as if he's part of the

same family as the merchants of Sligo, it gives us an even better idea of

their prominence.




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 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Tom Crane's family, part 2    To:

(Continued from yesterday):

It should be noted that when my Ggrandmother, Mary Crane was admitted

into thecounty poor farm in Princeton, IL, in 1908, it was noted on the record

thatshe had been the mother of 10 children yet my father could only name

the same5 children that were recorded on the U.S. Census of 1880.  Perhaps,

this [thetraditional naming pattern, of first son after paternal grandfather,

etc.]could explain the gaps in the naming pattern as it related to Patrick's

andMary's children.

3.  Patrick Crehan and Mary Cuddihy.  This entry relates to the record

ofmarriage that was provided to me by the Nenagh Heritage Society by way

of Mr.Joseph Kennedy.  The event took place on August 2, 1863, at Silvermines,

Tipperary, and the witnesses were Patrick Shaughnessy and Mary Gleeson.

4.  Mary Crehan.  This entry relates to the register of birth of my

great-auntthat I recieved from teh Irish Records Office.  I was led to this

document bythe entry that I discovered and that was recorded on microfilm by The

Churchof Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints (Mormons).  The information

that Ihave shown is copied directly from the original.

Date & place of birth: 1-1-1865, Garrymore

Name: Mary

Sex: Female

Name and Surname and Dwelling Place of Father: Patrick Crehan, Garrymore

Name and Surname and Maiden Name of Mother: Mary Crehan formerly Cuddihy

Rank or Profession of Father: Miner

Signature, Qualification & Residence of Informant: Anne Cuddihy

(occupies her mark)

When Registered: 7-1-1865

Surname of Register: Calahan


What is significant about this document is the fact that Anne Cuddihy

signedfor the record of birth of ther granddaughter (Mary) to her own

daughter, MaryCuddihy Crehan.  Therefore, that Anne Cuddihy could be none other than

theAnne Cuddy who was listed as "Boarder" along with her husband, Denis

Cuddy,who both lived in the home of my Ggrandfather, Patrick Crane, and who

wererecorded on the U.S. Census of 1880.  This supports my claim that the

names,Cuddy and Cuddihy, have been used interchangeably by my family as well

as havethe names Crehan, Crane and Crean also been used interchangeably.

5.  John Crane.  My grandfather.  I have in my possession a very

detailed copyof my grandfather's death certificate.  He died in St. John's Hospital

inSpringfield, IL, on April 10, 1946, and is buried in Calvary Cemetery.

Hisparents names were given as Patrick Crane and Mary Cuddy.  In other

words, hisparents were the same couple who were married as Patrick Crehan and Mary

Cuddihy at Silvermines/Nenagh, on August 2, 1863.

6.  My parents.  Patrick James Crane and Dorothy Agnes March Crane.

 (Last section tomorrow)



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 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Kyran/Cryan    To:

Eve, I'm reminded of your "internet diet" -- I should be doingsomething less

fulfilling now, but I can't stop!!!So just a quickie -- I'm very interested in the Kyran (or is it Kryan?)

spelling.  Not that I wish to be disrespectful, since everyone I've comeacross views MacLysaght's publications as the authority in thesequestions,but I've wondered exactly what his sources are (they aren't footnoted). Yes,he references the tomb in Sligo, the Bishop fellow etc., but he

provides a lotmore information than I've  come across, even with the help of all of

you hereon the list.

I'm also curious as to why Cryan is lumped in with O'Crean (it is in

anotherof MacLysaght's publications -- there are 3 books to my knowledge, and

byO'Hart as well).  Especially if "crean", "crane", "crehan" are all

pronounced"crane" -- my "Cryan" is most particularly "Cry-ann".  Plus, has anyone

elsenoticed that the Cryans, at least those posted to this list, don't have

thesame kind of spelling changes/overlaps with other the O'Crean surname

variations (such as Creaghan, Crean, etc.)?  Maybe, Michael, you've

found the foundation ...

Although my husband will likely go insane -- three months ago he

"forbid" meto go after the Grahams and K-spelling-variations, saying that I should

content myself with the letter C.  I can't wait to tell him what you've

found... (grin) ... Leslie


From: (Lyle Staehnke)Add to Address Book   Date:        Tue, 15 Dec 1998 09:47:57 -0800 (PST) Subject:        [CRYAN-L] RE:Cryan Spelling    To:

My great grandfather and familey`s name appeared in the Canadian census

in the 1800`s as Cryne,Croyne and Cryan at different times,,although in

one crown land document it appeared as Croyne and also Cryan..His two

son`s in Scotland spelled it Cryan ..I always figured,as some one else

has mentioned,that it was the census taker who happened to spell it that

way...   Although the others are Surnames I`ve run accross too..    Lyle


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 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Erica and Tom Crane's finale    To:

Erica - I've been meaning to get back to you.  You generously offered

to postlines of research on your web page -- how many can you fit (grin)?

Would youaccept a little write-up/ad for our mailing list, i.e., our general

lines ofinquiry/topics of discussion?

Tom Crane's family, conclusion:

7.  This item relates to a family chart that was provided to me by Mrs.

MarieO'Mearea Crean whose late husband was Jimmy Crean of Fethard, Tipperary.

According to their family chart, Jimmy Crean was descended from John

Crean andMary Gleason.  His father, John, was in turn the son of Michael Crean

and MaryShea.  This would make him the brother of Patrick Crean (my

Ggrandfather)whose baptismal certificate I have in my possession.  According to

Marie Creanand some of Jimmy's relatives, John was known to have had a brother by

thename of Patrick who had separated himself from the family with no known

accounting as to whatever happened to him.  Since Patrick Crean of

Fethardshares the same year of birth with the Patrick Crehan/Crane of

Silvermines,Nenagh, as recorded on the U.S. Census of 1880, and the names of Patrick

Crean's parents of Fethard, Tipperary, which is in keeping with the

Irishtradition of assigning Christian names, it is believed by all concerned

thatboth of these Patricks are one and the same.  Perhaps, through further

investigation, performed either by myself or my descendants, that

reasoningwill gain additional support so as to be totally conclusive.

In addition, Tom has found information on two Patrick Crehans who were

bothborn c. 1840 in Bruff, Co. Limerick:

Although there was not any record of the marriage of James Crehan and

MaryDaly, the society did locate the record of marriage of Patrick Crehan

andElizabeth Browne.  They were married on the 26th of February, 1838.  The

witnesses to the marriage were John Browne and Patrick Riordan.

James Crehan and Mary Daly had the following issue in Bruff parish:

25-12-1838 Patrick - godparents: Patrick Creahan & Catherine Creahan

15-03-1840 Mary - godparents: Patrick Creahan & John Flaherty

19-06-1842 John - godparents: Richard Fitzgerald & Anna Daly

15-08-1846 James - godparents: John Crehan & Anna Conway

Patrick Crehan and Elizabeth Browne had the following issue in Bruff parish:

20-03-1839 Mary - godparents: Michael Crehan & Catherine Browne

10-01-1841 Patrick - godparents Patrick Browne & Catherine Browne

06-05-1844 Patrick - godparents: William Browne & Catherine Browne

14-01-1849 Catherine - godmother: Ellen Rawley

18-02-1854 Margaret - godparents Michael Connors & Catherine Quae

Again, if you would like to get in contact with Tom, you can through his

daughter on this list (Lisa) or by emailing me and I'll send his snail

mail info. - Leslie


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Hey, what do you know?  We've had three new researchers join our

mailing listwithin the last 48 hours ... please welcome them and look for their

postingson their research (hopefully soon!) ... and, please, you oldbies, don't

be shy-- if something new's come up, please feel free to post it.

Lyle, thanks for blowing my conspiracy-theory-like view of the

Kyran/Cryans --it wouldn't have been much fun not to have confusion with all the

Creans andCreaghans, now would it?And, so that I continue to whittle/winnow down (forgive me for notlooking itup, I'm in a hurry) the stack sent by Caoimhghin of Mary Creaser's

research,tonight I'm beginning her wonderful notes from the Registry of Deeds,

Henrietta Street, Dublin:  (there probably will be more than threeparts to

this -- I'll label them "Creaser's Registry of Deeds, part XX" fromtonighton):

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Precis of Memorials of Deeds relating to CREAN and CRYAN of Co.s Sligo


Roscommon found in a search of the NAME INDEXES.


[1] 23 December 1747

(Ref. 353 97910)


of thesame, merchant;

[JOHN CREAN] demised and farm let to THOMAS CASEY that house or tenement

situate and lying in RATCLIFFE STREET, SLIGO, and then in possession of

thesaid JOHN CREAN together with outhouses, backyard and appurtenances

except theshop near CALEB BELL's house with a room and cellar together with

thirty feetof ground adjacent to the said cellar which [....?] to MRS FRANCES FAHY

ofSLIGOE, to have [........?] the Passage of the said Dwelling House to

holdunto the said THOMAS CASEY his heirs and assigns for the term of 21

years fromthe 25th March last at the yearly rent of 10 pounds 10s sterling .....

(usualconditions for re-entry, distress etc. in case of non-payment of rent.)


[2] 13th June 1767

(Ref. 266 56 167 738)

HENRY CREAN of STREAMSTOWN, CO. SLIGO, gent., for 264 pounds 8s

sterling didbargain, sell, etc. to JOHN LLYOD of CROGHAN, CO. ROSCOMMON, Esq., all

landsof CARROWKEEL, BARONY TIRERAGH, CO. SLIGO for remainder of 21 year term


byindenture dated 20 June 1764.


[to be continued ....]


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 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Fwd: a mess of Irish rsrch URLs    To:

Dear Ellen,

Per your request for Irish sites for genealogy on the web    (Dublin 1850 Directory look up)    (Directories in Ireland)   (Genealogical Guide to

Ireland)   (Boston Weekly newspaper)      (for Project Gutenberg)

Cullinan   (for Folklore Commission. IRL       (for genealogical queries - all Ireland)   (for Barbados)  (for Townland Search IRL)   (for Irish Links)   (The Kerryman Newspaper)    (for Irish Emigration Articles)     (for convicts transported)

To subscribe Ship's List      (for Western

Dinglearea)         (photographs, Ireland)    (for Casey's "OKief

CosheMang.." volumes Table of Contents)   (searchable database for all Irish websites)    (for American

MemoryCollection Library of Congress)

I have a lot more.  Tell me what part of Ireland you're looking at..

Merry Christmas

Mary Ann Schloegl

Grand Blanc, Michigan

Researching  BOWLER, SULLIVAN, MANGAN, DIGGIN    County Kerry, Glenbeigh


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 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Creaser's Registry of Deeds, part 2 (short one)    To:

Creaser's Registry of Deeds, part 2:

[3] 1794

(Ref. 263 313692)

Memo of indented Deed of Lease between LAURENCE CREAN of BOYLE, gent.,

andJOHN CURLEY of BRICKEEN, CO. SLIGO, farmer, of all that part of


occupied by PAT CONNELLAN or OWEN GAFFNEY, for term of 16 years, at

rent of10s per acre per annum.

[4] 28th March 1795

(Ref. 232 313318)

Memo of an Indenture and Deed of Lease between LAURENCE CREAN  of the

Town ofBOYLE, CO. ROSCOMMON, gent., of the one part, and MICHAEL CONLAN of

ARMAGHCARTY in CO. SLIGO, Farmer, of the other part, of all that part of

DROMDONYBEGG now in the actual possession of the said MICHAEL CONLAN,

containing about 30 acres, during the time, term and space of 16 years

from1st May ensuing the date thereof in as full and ample a manner as he

holds thesame provided the [title?] of the said ROBERT CREAN in said lands so

longsubsists, yielding and paying yearly during said lease the sum of 12s

sterlingper acre for any acre therein contained on the days and times specified

insaid lease for payment of said rent to said LAURENCE CREAN and is


LAURENCE CREAN seal.- - - - - - - - - -

Merry Christmas, all!  I'm doing another transcontinental kind of trip,

andhouse-hunting while out east to boot, so I'll leave your emailboxes

aloneuntil next week.  May you and your families enjoy the Season, Leslie


  From:        "jmitchell" <>Add to Address Book   Date:        ed, 23 Dec 1998 22:30:33 -0500 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Crean Surname/Castleconnor    To:

Hi All,

I received the following from another list today.  Although I'm

researchingCregan/Craigen, some of you may be interested in CREAN or any of the

othersurnames listed.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

         Just wanted to let everyone know that the Castleconnor,

Diocese ofKillala records are online and completed.  They include the baptisms,

somebirths, marriages and death records from 1836-1880.  I hope that they

helpsome of you to find the peices that you are looking for!  Index of

names isbelow.         From our family to yours, we wish all of you a wonderful

holidayseason.                                       Sincerely, Cathie

Index Of Names




Barrett, Barron/Barrin, Barry,  Battle, Berane,  Best, Bigley, Biglean,

Blake,  Boland, Bourke, Bourn/Bourne/Bourns, Bowith,  Brenan/Brennan,

Brislane, Brogan,  Brohaney,  Broidne,  Browne, Burke, Burns,


Cain,  Callaghan, Caraghan,  Carbine, Carden, Carey, Carley,   Carney,

Carns,Carrell, Carrel/, Carlin, Carty,   Carson, Casey,  Cavanagh, Cavish,

Cawley,Clarke, Cawley/Cowley, Chearman, Cleary,  Cockran, Coggins/Coggans,

Coleman,Collins, Conlon, Connaghton,  Connel, Connelly,  Connor,  Conmy,

Conway, Cook,Coolican, Costello, Cosgrove, Cosgur,   Coulter, Cowal,  Creane, Cuffe,

Culkan/Culkin, Cullen,  Cunane/Cunnane, Cuncart, Cunnard,  Cunningham,



Darcy, Deacy, Deniston,  Dempsey, Devaney, Devitt,  Diamond, Dixon,

Doecy,Doherty, Dougherty,  Dolphin,  Donegan,  Donlon, Donnard,   Dooher,

Donnelly,Donnelon, Dooey,  Doudican,  Dowd,  Duffy, Dunbar, Dunigan, Durkan,



Eagan/ Egan, 


Farris/Ferris , Fee,  Feeney,  Fenaghty/Feenaghty, Fenlon, Ferguson,

Figan,Finan, Finlon/Finlan, Finigan,  Finn, Fitzpatrick,  Flaherty, Flanigan,

Flannelly/Flanelly, Flatterly, ,  Fleming/Flemming, Flynn, Fohnes,

Foody,Ford/Forde, Fox,  Fulfist,  Fury,


Gallagher, Garvan, Gaughan, Gelt, Geraghty,  Gettins, Giblen/Giblin,

Gillard,Gilgan, Gilmartin, Gillespie,  Ginty,  Golden, Gordon, Goughan, Gouran,

Gourivan/Gurivan, Grambs, Grason, Grecian,  Granaghan/Grenaghan, Grant,

Grenin, Gribbons, Grimbs,  Grimes,  Gromes, Gronagher, Grumbs,  Gudden,



Hallinan, Hamilton, Hammon,  Hanan, Hannan,  Hannahan, Hanaugh, Handley,

Hanley,  Hannily,  Harkan,  Harrison, Hart/Harte, Haugh, Healey/ Healy,

Heavey,  Helly, Heasley,  Hegarty,  Hendry, Henegan/Henigan, Herbert,

Heston,Hicks,  Higgans, Hinnegan, Holmar,  Hope, Hopkins, Hough,  Howley,

Hughes,Hughy,  Humber,




James,  Johnston,  Jones,  Jordan/Jourdan, Jude,  Judge,


Kahany,  Keane, Kearn,  Keaveney,  Kelly,  Kennedy, Kenny/Kenney,

Kerigan,Kilcawley, Kilcullen,  Kilernagh,  Kilgallen, Kilgowan,  Kilmartin,

Kilroy,Kine,  Kirkwood, Koen, Korican,


Lackan, Lahany/Lahaney, Lang, Langley,  Lanigan, Laughney,  Lavelle,

Lehany,Leonard,  Loftus, Lynch,


Madden,  Magee, Maginnis,Mahan, Malley,  Mark, Mart, May/Maye,Mayle,

Mearon,Melody,  Melvin,  Miles, Merick, Misset/Missett, Mofett/Moffett, Molone,

Monaghan/ Monahan, Monnely,  Moran,  Morris, Morrow, Moyles, Moony,

Mudders,Mulavey,  Mulderig, Muldoon, Mulhaney, Mulhearan,  Mullaney,

Mullen/Mullin,Muloney/Mulloney, Mulrooney, Mullarky, Munnelly,  Mully, Murphy, Murray,

Myles, Mylet, Mylot,


McAndrew/ McAndrews,  McCannMcCanne, ,  McCavish, McCarrack,  McCarrel,

McCormick, McCoen,  McDermott,  McDonell/ McDonnell, McDonagh/McDonaugh,

McGarrey, McGee,  McGennis/McGinnis/McGuinnis,  McGlone, McGowan,

McGowran,McGuire, McHale, McHear,  McHolm, McHugh,  McInnis, McKenney,  McKinsie/

McKensey, McLaughlin, McLeary,  McMahon, McMalaney,  McManus, McMorrow,

McNally,  McNamara, McNeeley/ McNeilly,  McNicholas, McNulty,


Naaree, Nallen, Narey/ Nary, Naughton,  Neary, Nicholson,  Nolon,



O'Brien,  O'Boyle, O'Donnell,  O'Dowd,  O'Hara, O'Mealey, Ormsby,


Patterson, Phleman/Phlemon,  Price,


Quinigan,  Quinn, Quigley,


Rafter, Raftery,  Raffery, Ranken,  Rape,  Rea,  Realph/Realphe,

Reap/Reape,Regan, Reily/Reilly,  Renalds/Renolds/ Reynolds, Rhay, Rice,  Rourke,

Rouse,Rich, Richard,  Ridington, Right,Roache,   Rochford, Rodgers,   Rogan,

Rolston,  Rouane/Ruane, Roughneen,  Roughner,  Rouse, Rowe,  Ruddy,



Sansfield, Sargeant, Scott, Shannon,   Sheridan, Shevnane,  Smith,

Smyth,Stokes, Strong,   Sweeney,


Taylor,  Timlin/Timblin/Timlan, Timlon/Timblan, Timple, Toughee,



Wade, Walsh, Walton, Warrent,  Watts,  Weir,  Welsh, Weneer, Witters,



Date:        Sat, 26 Dec 1998 13:16:53 -0500 (EST)  From:        simone samuel <>Add to Address Book Subject:        [CRYAN-L] quiet    To:

Hi all,

  Either it's been so quiet or I've been so busy I didn't notice many

holiday wishes on the list. So, belated merry Christmas and other

seasonalgreetings :) Now that I have nothing _but_ time for the next month I've

decided that it'd be best to make a small faq, put it up somewhere and

addto it. I always try to be exhaustive at the beginning and never get

stuffdone so this should work better. Also I got some free AOL hours inside a

CD-ROM gift so I'm going to try to look up Crehans in their member

directory or something. Happy New Year to all if I don't hear or write

anything before then.Sincerely,Theresa Mary


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  Subject:          [CRYAN-L] Late Christmas Presents      To:

A late Merry Christmas but in time for wishing you all a Happy New Year.

For Lyle and (is it) Patrick?

>From the Boyle RC parish records

Martinus CRYAN christened 7 Jan 1824 son of Daniel CRYAN and Margarita

McDONAGHMargarita CRYAN christened 26 Dec 1826 daughter of Daniel CRYAN and

Margarita MC DONAGHJoanem CRINE christened 7 Sept 1829 son of Danielis CRINE and Margaret


NB at this time it was most usual for the baptism/ christening to take

placeeither on the same day as the birth or within 3 days(from a church tome

andfrom observation, sometimes the actual birth date is also given in the

registers. The normal practice was for the priest to go to the house)

For Leslie and other Robert enthusiasts

  24 Feb 1824

Robertum CRYAN married Mariam Annan FORD   Boyle RC parish records

28 Aug 1794 (birth)  30 Aug 1794 (christening) Joannes (John) CRYAN

son of Roberto CRYAN and Matilda LYTLE     Boyle Rc records

8 April 1805 christening  Brigida CRINE

daughter of Robertus CRINE and Matilda LITTLE  Boyle RC records

27 Nov 1820 christening RobertusCRYAN

son of Johanis CRYAN and Johanna MURREN   Boyle RC records

30 Jan 1825 Robertus CRYAN

son of Robertus CRYAN and Maria Anna FORD    Boyle RC records

more to follow laterHappy New Year  Eve


Reply-To:          <>    From:          "Bob Crane" <>Add to Address Book

    Date:          Wed, 30 Dec 1998 11:09:40 -0500  Subject:          [CRYAN-L] Patrick Crane - Roscommon, Loughglinn ABT 1840      To:

Patrick Crane b ABT 1800, in Roscommon county,

Lived in Moyne, close to Loughglynn Lake and woodland.  a Fransican

conventis closeby.

May have married Margaret Burns. in this RC parish   (Loughglinn,

Loughglynn)(Civil parish is Tibohine)  both Patrick and Margaret died ABT1840.

They had three sons - the two younger sons, John and Martin emigrated to

North America after death of their parents around 1840. John became a

member of the clergy at Notre Dame University where he was known as

BrotherDionysius or Brother John of God.  He is buried in the old cemetary at

Notre Dame  (b.May 1, 1823- d.June 27, 1897)

Martin lived in Chicago at time of his death (12/27/1886)  obituary

printedby Holy Name Catholic ChurchHis wife was Eliza McKiernan of Fermanagh county Ireland.

Searching for details of emigration for Martin and John,  and the name

ofthe elder son who stayed in Ireland as well as  any further information about Patrick Crane and Margaret BurnsThis message sent without benefit of postage or envelope from:

- Bob Crane


From:        Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book   Date:        Wed, 30 Dec 1998 23:29:32 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Happy New Year    To:

I hope you all are having safe and happy holidays, too.  After the 1st

I'llstart posting more data from Caoimhghin again...

In the meantime, let me thank you Eve, for keeping the Roberts flowing,

so tospeak.  I've got no known connection to those you kindly posted, but

I'll bethe first to say I don't know much of anything, and who knows ... maybe

1999will not only bring me a new home, but some more relatives, too!

Great FAQ idea, Theresa Mary -- you go girl!

And, just FYI folks, Michael has kindly agreed to make sure that all

goessmoothly should I be offline for a few weeks during my upcoming move.

I haveseemed to attract in the past those movers which believe being weeks

laterthan they said isn't that big a deal, and I didn't want such an event to

interfere with this mailing list running smoothly.  Given Michael's

diplomaticskills (how many times HAVE you kissed the blarney stone??), I'm sure

thesub/unsubbing etc. from the list shall proceed much more smoothly than

normal.Consider this a friendly warning that you'll be in better hands near

the endof January, if only for a few weeks ...

In the meantime, enjoy your family and friends, and don't forget to

toast your"four bears" when you raise your glasses tomorrow night ... Leslie


From:        Crogmos@aol.comAdd to Address Book   Date:        Fri, 1 Jan 1999 12:36:45 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Re Croghan research    To:

Happy New year to everyone ! My New year resolution is to send my family

details so here they are ;-Michael Croghan born about 1780, probably had a brother James. James

had a sonPatrick who is buried in a graveyard near Carrogarve Ogulla parish near

Tulsk.Michael is listed as farming at Carrogarve in the Griffiths valuation

Hugh Croghan son of Michael born 1812 died 1901 also buried in same

graveyard.Listed in Griffiths Valuation. - my great great grandfather.  There were also two daughters -Maria b.1804 d.1827 buried in samegraveyard   Bridget b.1825 d.1903. Married Maurice Dufficy        ditto

Hugh Married Bridget(surname  possibly Beirne)  .Bridget was born 1825

died1872 -dates from gravestone in same graveyard.

Their family was ;-

THOMAS b. ?  died 1904 farmed at Carrogarve followed by his daughter

RitaKennedy. She was living at Carrogarve in 1965. She had two sons and two

daughters.Thomas married Sarah, born 1870 They had two children listed

in 1901census  Hugh aged 5 and Sarah aged 1

MICHAEL b? emigrated to USA had four children by 1965.

PATRICK b.? emigrated to USA had two childen by 1965.

HUBERT b? died before 1928 Emigrated to USA.

HENRY B.? died before 1928 Emigrated to USA Had two children.

JOHN went to live in Chester England d.1926

BERNARD b.1860 Married , living at Claremorris Co Mayo in 1928, in the

constabulary, son Hubert.

JAMES BRIAN B.24.8.1862  in the parish of Ballybrougham Tulsk. Died

24.10 1950. Norwich Norfolk England. Married Grace White.  -He was my


KATE b. about 1865 emigrated to USA . (There is an IGI baptism reference

Elphin Dec 1 1865 for a Catherine Croghan , parents Hugh Croghan and

BridgetBeirne which may be her)

ELLEN b.1868? married James Tully, four sons, one daughter.

JOSEPH b,1870 ? married with one son Hubert. Joseph was station master

inDublin in 1897.

James Brian had two sons Norman and Samuel and one daughter Matilda all

bornin Norwich. Samuel married Kathleen  they had one daughter , Patricia

KathleenCulling Croghan  -that's me

Perhaps someone can find a link with the sons who emigrated to the USA

itwould be great!


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  Subject:          [CRYAN-L] New Year presents -      To:

A Happy New Year to everyone,

For Roger -I hope that this fits the bill. If you wish to check them, the records

areavailable to read at the LDS Family History Centres, but they may have

tosend away to acquire - c = christening or baptism

           IGI = International Genealogical Index, available in all

publiclibraries(of a reasonable size) in England presumably also in the USA

           index = the reference no given to all civil registrations,

and isrequired if you wish to send to the "National Registry" in Dublin for


James CRYAN and Honor BEIRNE(various spellings)no marriage records found


Michael c 5 Nov 1854 Boyle RC

Bridgit c 24 Feb 1856 Boyle RC

Anne c 13 Dec1857  Boyle RC

James c 2 Oct 1859 Boyle RC

Martin c 29 Sept 1861 Boyle RC

Hanoria c 22 Nov 1863 Boyle RC

John  17 Aug 1865 IGI prob birth(index 14.98)

          no John death in the national registers

John 30 Aug 1865 IGI probably christening of the same John

Mary Jane birth 2 Jan 1870

The most probable parents for James CRYAN are

Michael CRYAN and Bridgit FURY(various spellings)

The names fit those of James first two children


Anne c 20 Nov 1816 Boyle RC

Mary c 1 April 1819 Boyle RC

Winifred c 24 Oct 1820 Boyle RC

Bridget c 9 Oct 1822 Boyle RC

James c 2 July 1824 Boyle RC ***** your James ????

Margaret c 5 April 1826 Boyle RC

John c   March 1830 (no date given)

possibly Honor Beirne's parents are James and Anne ?????


Over my records the name Farrel varies in its spelling considerably from

Fargallo to Francis to Fergallus to Farrellii to all variations in one

family with the same wife. So I must conclude that a Farrell could be

anyone of the above variations

Thus - I have -Patrtium(Patrick) ROARK c 8 Feb 1829

                           parents Farrell ROARK and Bridgetae WINN

Boyle RC                    Fergalus RORKE c 26 Jan 1827

                           parents Fergalus RORKE and Brigida WINN

Boyle RC    it would seem that  Farrel(various spellings)  RORKE and Brigid

WINN/WYNNE  had 10 children from 1818 - 1842 of which Fergalus/Farrell and Patrick

areno 4 & 5

A Farrel RORKE married a Mary CARROLL and had a daughter Anne

christened 15Nov 1847 in Boyle RC

I have no indications on where they lived. There are lots of RORKEs but

veryfew Farrells.

I have no other records on any of the aboveAll the best Eve


From:        Voltene@aol.comAdd to Address Book   Date:        Sat, 2 Jan 1999 18:08:02 EST Subject:

        [CRYAN-L] CRYAN - Lowell,MA obituaries    To:

I have obituaries for the following CRYANS buried in Lowell

cemeteries.   Not all resided in Lowell,  and many of the obits mention

survivors in different cities and states.           If anyone would like me to send any to you, please give me thenameand date of death.


Alexander T,    age  75,   died 27 Mar. 1956

Anna G.  (O'Reilly),     a. 50,     died 3 Apr. 1936

Annie,  Miss,     a. 47,     died  11 Nov. 1922

Annie,       a. 88,     died 20 Nov. 1962,         res.  Medford, MA

Annie J.   (McGuane),    a. 92,    died 19 Nov. 1972,   d. in JamaicaPlain,MA

Ann  (Mulhearn),     a. 62,   died  29 June 1916,   widow of Thomas

Bridget T., Miss,     a. 80,   died 3 Jan. 1949

Bridget  (Foley)      a. 73,   died  17 Dec. 1921,    widow of Michael

Bridget, Miss.,       a. 75,   died 14 Jan. 1948

Bridget, (Leighton)      a.70,   died 19 Nov. 1912,   wife of Timothy

Delia (Bridget)(Sullivan)        a. 79,   died  23 June 1954,    widowofThomas E.

Edward J.,        a. 83,   died 20 May 1945, 

Hannah, Miss,   a. 56,   died 16 Aug. 1920

Harriet V. (Tyrrell),   a. 79,   died 29 Apr. 1954,    widow of John

Irene H. (Harrington),   a. 68,  died 21 Mar. 1975

James,       a. 55,    died 25 Jan. 1939,       res.  New York City, NY

James Charles,      a. 35,    died 20 Oct 1909,        husband of Mary(Conway)

James Joseph,        a. 27,     died 17 Nov. 1908

James,           a. 56,   died 17 Dec. 1920

James P.      a. 65,     died 26 June 1966,   

James U.,      a. 81,    died 29 Jan. 1990,    

John J.,        a. 59,   died Nov. 1954

John J.,        a. 74,   died abt 2 Feb. 1975

John P.,       a. 64,   died 4 Feb. 1939,         widower of Anna(O'Reilly)

John P.,        a. 65,     died 25 Jan 1940        husband of Harriett(Tyrrell)

Julia M. (Fitzgerald),    a. 60,   died 3 June 1925,   wife of Thomas

Katherine,    a. 12,     died 26 Mar 1918

Leo C.,    a.  (?),       died  1 Feb.  (?),   husand of Delima (Laline)

Madeline T., Miss,     a. 84,       died 19 Dec. 1992

Margaret A.  (Murray),   a. 68,   died 11 Feb. 1934

Margaret J.,   Miss,    a. 82,      died 10 Sept. 1959

Margaret A.(Moloney)    a. 82.      died 24 Apr. 1947,  widow of MartinC.

M. Annie, Miss,       a. 75,   died 13 Aug. 1943,  

Mary Louise  (Boisvert),    a. 35,    died 10 Dec. 1928

Mary,  Miss,      a. 56,   died 19 Feb. 1925

Mary,         a. 73,       died 31 July 1902,   widow of Michael

Mary  (Conway),   a.49,       13 Sept. 1924,        widow of James C.

Mary,  Miss,      a. 95,     died 21 Sept 1983

Mary E., Miss,     a. 25,      died 2 Feb. 1920

Martin C.,       a. 61,       died 27 Mar. 1936       husband ofMargaret A.(Moloney)

Michael .,   a. 28,   died  6 May 1911

Michael,      a. 50,      died 8 June 1899

Nellie,      a. 2 yrs,5 mos.,     died 25 Aug. 1907,    dau. of ThomasandBridget

Nellie, Miss,     a. 58,     died  27 Sept. 1939

Nora,  Miss,      a. 52,     died 3 Sept. 1938

Robert W.,        a. 29,     died abt. 25 June 1956, in Boston,    noobit.

Rosemary,       a. 12,      died 2 Nov. 1935

Sarah B.(McMahon)      a.71,    died 13 July 1911,   widow of James

Sarah A. (Igo),   a. 29,   died 16 Jan. 1905,  wife of John

Thomas E.,Jr,      a. 52,   died 21 May 1952.     

Thomas,      a. 65,   died 14 Apr. 1910

Thomas W.,    a. (?),      died 7 Jan. 1949

Thomas E.,     a. 62,    died 15 Sept. 1934

Thomas,        a. 74,     died  25 Mar. 1937

Timothy J.,    a. 52,   died  4 May 1970,      res. Fitchburg, MA

J. Vincent,      a. 8 yrs.,7 mos.,   died 22 Apr. 1923,   son of John &Harriett

 Make requests to     Karen Murphy


Reply-To:          "Family History" < >    From:          "Family History" < >Add to Address Book  Subject:          Re: [CRYAN-L] New Year presents -

    Date:          Tue, 5 Jan 1999 18:23:53 -0000      To:

Hi Roger,

Do investigate the LDS Family History Centre. They are very helpful, I

havefound.I omitted the film number for the Boyle RC Parish Records which is 

989743 A small charge may be made for the hire of the film. It all depends on

whether it is in stock. We borrow the film for 3 months and it stays at

thelocal LDS before being returned to a central loan place. Your system

may bedifferent.The film is a photograph of the actual pages of the parish book and is

forthe most part written in Latin (as I described before) Parts of it are

sofaded that it is difficult to decypher. But it is worth looking at.

I had started to transcribe it but for Christmas was given 5 CDs of LDS

Vital Records and I find that the Boyle records are there with sorting

programs to pick out those of the same name or of the same place or

thosewith the same parents , etc. etc.They are super but do not have all the parishes only a selection of

England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.We are just lucky that Boyle is there.

Perhapsthere will be more parishes to come later.

In the registers written by the priest for the most part there are

godparents/ sponsors/witnesses to the baptisms and marriages and

sometimesthe townland is given but these extras are not on the CDs

It is also worth remembering that baptisms were usually perfomed in the

house of the family when the babe was a few days old (2or3) and that the

entry was made in the parish book later ,I presume. Which may account

forwhat seems to be some errors of parentage that I have found - correct

surname and wife/mother but father's first name different. Perhaps they

wetthe baby's head with strong water !!!!!  - or maybe that is reality !!!

I have been collecting together those of the same family from these

records(the CDs make it much easier to sort the records instead of

having towrite everything down, page by page from the film and then collect

families)and of all the James CRYANs in these records Michael CRYAN and Bridgit

FURYwere the only pair of all possible combinations of your name selections.

I suggest that the John CRYAN buried may be the youngest brother of

Michaeland the Bridgit CRYAN who died aged 75 in 1852 is most likely to be

MIchael's mother born in 1777 or an older unmarried sister. It is

unlikelyto be Bridgit CRYAN nee FURY who would then have been 53 at the birth

of heryoungest child in 1830. To have his first child in Nov 1816 Michael must

have been born before 1797when he would have been 19or 20.

On the otherhand as there are literally hundreds of CRYANs around at

thesetimes in this place - Boyle - it may be coincidence that there are other

not-close-family CRYANs in the same townland.Until again, good luck, Eve


-----Original Message-----

From: Roger Cryan and Regina Pana-Cryan <>To: Family History < >Date: 05 January 1999 02:50Subject: Re: [CRYAN-L] New Year presents -

>Eve,> Thank you very much.  Michael and Bridget look like a good fit,

although>Kevin's death records showed a John Cryan in Ballinulta, dying in late

1855>at the age of 36.> Do the LDS records have baptismal sponsors?  There is a Family History

>Center not far from my home, although I've not yet been there.> I suppose the best means of (more or less) confirming this would befind>the death record for my James Cryan and match it to Michael and

Bridgit's>son.> Thanks again,> Roger Cryan


From:        Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book   Date:        Thu, 7 Jan 1999 10:24:43 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Hi there ...    To:

Yup, it's been pretty quiet.  I've got to get busy typing again ... Istill

have stuff to post from Kevin / Caoimhghin.  I also may get a chance to

get tothe library this month to take another shot at Griffith's etc.

Do you remember, many months ago, when I posted those excerpts from the

Irishnewspaper here in Boston ('here in' = U.S.) about relatives looking for

otherlost relatives?  Is there any similar type compilation there in

Australia?Since you all have a similar situation where all but the natives are

fromsomewhere else, I wonder what kind of sources you all have.

In case I do get over to the library next week (assuming that Mother

Naturedoesn't dump another foot or two of snow on us -- January can be SUCH

fun herein the Great Lakes region), is there anything anyone would like me to

look upparticularly (yes, I take requests)?  I'm going to look up the few

Crean/Cryans etc. in Co. Mayo on Griffith's just to wrap that up, but

afterthat will look-up whatever.  Just email me ...Happy New Year all, Leslie

From:        "jmitchell" <>Add to Address Book   Date:        Sat, 9 Jan 1999 21:10:02 -0500 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] New Cregan & variations Surname Queries Board


Hi,For those of you researching the sounds-like-Cra-gin form of our

surname,please post your queries on my new board.  This board includes any

spellingthat sounds like Cregan including but not limited to Craigen, Cregan,

Creegan,Creighen, Creighan, Cragen, Cragan, Craghan and yes, even Graghan.

As you probably already know, Roots Web gets more hits than any other

genealogical site.  Consequently, posting here may help you find some

relativesor your 'dead-end' ancestor's lineage!



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  Subject:          [CRYAN-L] Re CRANE/CRAINE      To:

Hi Bob,  and other CRANEs

I have found the following which may be of relevance to you. They look

to bechildren of your Patrick Crane born about 1800 (take no notice of the

spelling,as it varies from entry to entry, depending on who is writing

itdown and what they hear)Bridgit CRAIN christened 20 March 1822 at Lochglin RC Co Roscommon

  parents Patrick CRAIN and Mary BERNCatherine CRAIN christened 21 Dec 1824 at Lochglin RC Co Roscommon  parents Patrick CRAIN and Mary BEIRNE

It was the custom to give the paternal grandfather's name to the eldest

sonso that the eldest son of the eldest son of the eldest son all had the

samename. I therefore suggest that the missing brother may haver been named

Patrick. The following could be his children -

John CRANE christened 16 April 1838 at Lochglynn RC Co Roscommon

  parents Patrick CRANE and Atteracta RUSH

Mary CRANE christened 19 Sept 1840 at Lochglynn RC Co Roscommon

  parents Patrick CRANE and Atteracta RUSH

The records for Lochglynn go from 1817 to 1863 but I have no way of

knowingwhat is missing. I have not found any records for John or Martin who I

suspect were born at about 1820 so I therefore suggest that the family

wereliving in another parish until 1822I hope that this is helpfulYours Eve


From:        Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book   Date:        Thu, 14 Jan 1999 15:15:19 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Registry of Deeds extraction - final sections    To:

Mary Creaser's Extraction from Registry of Deeds, Final Part, Part 4:

[10]  27 April 1836

(Ref. Vol. 20 No. 218)


Between JOHN CRYAN of BOYLE, of the first part, and MARY ANNE CRYAN of

BOYLEof the second, reciting that the Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount Lorton did on

thefirst of October 1822 demise etc. to ROBERT CRYAN part of the lands of

DEERPARK containing 11 acres 2 roods 30 perches situate etc. in the

parish andBarony of BOYLE for the term of the natural life of HENRY FRY, son to

HENRYFRY of FRYBROOK, Esq., or for 21 years, whichever was the longer.

ROBERTCRYAN now dead, said JOHN CRYAN as eldest son and heir entitled to 2

acres orthereabouts of said lands as in the possession of MICHAEL CONLAN, PAT

BRENNAN,and MULLANEY, said JOHN CRYAN for and in consideration of the sum of 32

poundsdid grant etc. unto said MARY ANNE CRYAN etc. the said 2 acres of

DEERPARKwith all rents and profits etc..

[11]  1859

(Ref. Vol. 33 No. 61)

Marriage Settlement between JAMES REILLY of BOYLE, shopkeeper for the

firstpart, MARY ANN CRYAN, widow, and MARY ANN CRYAN, spinster, (daughter),

of thesecond part, and PETER CRYAN M.D., a trustee, of the third part;

100 pounds marriage portion etc. etc.Witnessed by Catholic priest.

[12]  July 1882


SLIGO,loan of 100 pounds for land improvement (Landed Property Improvement


[13]  21 May 1883


Loan of 374 pounds for mortgage to purchase.

[14]  20 December 1884


SLIGO,loan of 50 pounds.


Executed:  BALLYMOTE


- - - - - - - -


List of names taken from the Tripartite Deed of Partition, O'Connor

SligoEstate, Sligo 1687:-

Castle Street:  Antony Crean; Tan yard in possession of John Crean.

Old Market Street:  John Crean

High Street:  John Crean

Radcliffe Street:  No Crean, buy Fahy, William Bell, Andrew Lynch (2),

PatrickLynch, merchant, Jas. Gibson, Gregory French etc.

The Crean family of Sligo were linked by marriage to the French and


Ratcliffe Street has been renamed, buy ran west from Castle Street and

theMarket Cross, (once Bishop Crean's Cross buy now a statue).

In the Elphin Census of 1749, some residents of Sligo Town are:

Caleb and William Bell, glovers and protestants, and their wives, also

ThomasBell and wife.

(Nearby) John Crean, soapboiler and Papist, wife, 2 children under 14,

1 manand 1 woman servant, both papists.

William Crean, cotter and papist, wife, 1 child under 14, 2 over 14.

Laurence Crean, cotter and papist, 1 child under 14.

Martin Crean, yarn merchant, and wife, papists.


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        [CRYAN-L] Fwd: Ballykilcline Reunion 1999    To:

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Not only is this research group near where we believe a lot of the

Cryansstarted, but three Cryan siblings in their early twenties (two brothers

and asister) were part of the townland group "removed" from the land.

ThereforeI'm forwarding this message on in case any of you Cryan-types might

link inand were as yet unaware of the society.  - Leslie

P.S.  Please welcome subscriber #48!


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From: "Maureen & David Humphreys" <>

Old-To: "Bally Mail List Maureen" <>

Subject:  Ballykilcline Reunion 1999

Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 10:28:35 -0800



X-Mailing-List: <> archive/latest/70


The Reunion will be held in the cities of Strokestown and Roscommon,

Ireland.DateAugust 6,7,8,9, 1999

Schedule of eventsFriday August 6

The Welcome Home meeting of the Ballykilcline Society will be held at

theAbbey Hotel, in the city of Roscommon. We will meet new friends and

distan=tcousins during 3-6 PM. Maureen and Grahame Rendell, from the Co.

RoscommonFamily History Society, will present a lecture on the history of County

Roscommon and have Irish research material available for us.

Saturday August 7

We will meet early in the morning at the Famine Museum located in

Strokestown. A private conference room will be provided. Our speaker,

Mr.Jim Callery, will tell us the history of the Strokestown estate of the

Mahons and about the Famine Papers held at the Museum. The Famine Museum

staff will provide a wonderful tour of the Museum.

A lunch in the Coffee shop on the premises will be available. Our

speakerwill be Conor MacDermot who will tell us of the prehistoric history of

theland and current formations we should not miss.

After lunch we will walk the Townland of Ballykilcline. Jim Callery and

Conor MacDermot will lead the walk into the surname fields and visit the

Ballykilcline cemetery. A group photo will be taken on Ballykilcline.

Youcan spend the remainder of the day there or return to the Museum for


A No Host dinner in the evening will feature our guest speaker, Robert

Scally, author of =91Out of Hidden Ireland=92. The location is yet to be

determined, but will be a short drive away.

Sunday August 8

An all faith service will be held on Mass Rock, also know as Legan Hill

inthe parish of Kilglass. The entire parish of Kilglass will be joining


Monday August 9th

Genealogy research workshops will be lead by Mary Lee Dunn,

Co-president o=fthe Ballykilcline Society. Details to follow.

Please note:

Although membership in the Ballykilcline Society is encouraged, it is

notrequired for attendance.  A non-refundable Reunion fee, covering the

cost =ofthe three-day event and admission to the Famine Museum is required by

June15, 1999. Space in the conference rooms is very limited. Please notify

us =ifyou plan to attend so that a Ballykilcline Reunion registration form

can b=esent.

The Ballykilcline Society

23486 Heathrow Place NW

Poulsbo, WA 98370


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  Subject:          [CRYAN-L] Re CRANE/CRAINE      To:

Hi Bob,

Source of the information is LDS Family History Centre

film number (FHL number) 989753      (Lochglynn RC)

and covers the dates 1817- 1835.

These films are nearly all photographs of the original parish documents.

You will be able to look at the film at your local LDS Family History

Centrewhere they are very helpful.

On the original film sponsors/ witnesses are usually also given but

theseare not on my CDs

I am fortunate to have been given for Christmas the recently published

LDSVital Statistics for the British Isles.This set of 5 CDs have a small

selection of information marriages and christenings and after 1864

NationalRegistry information.There are several but not all of the parishes in

Sligo/Roscommon/Mayo area with, joy of joys, a sorting program.

Feed in a name and out come all the possibles. Some spelling variations

arelinked, some are not, so it is as well to note which are linked and to

tryalso the alternatives. This I did for you. I hope that it will cut down

thetime required to read the original. However, I have found in reading the

original that there are several difficulties. The ink is often faded and

does not show on the film or the handwriting is ambiguous/difficult to

read,pages are repeated or missed out........etc But it is still worth

looking,the CD information providing a short cut.

Good luck , I hope that you are able to make further progress. Eve



   Date:        Sat, 16 Jan 1999 13:11:59 -0500  From:        "Joe j. crogan" <>Add to Address Book Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Re Croghan research


I have information on Michael Croghan born circa 1780  in Carrogarve.

I anconfused on who it is I should send this information to.  Please

respons to Thanks


From:        "Marie Piper" <>Add to Address Book    To:        <> Subject:        Walsh   Date:        Sun, 17 Jan 1999 00:16:18 -0800

Hi there!

 I'm looking for ancestors of Richard Walsh (stone carver).  He and

Katherine had a son named William Henry Walsh  b.  December 24, 1820,

Ahgevard, County Waterford, Ireland.  William Henry has siblings:  Mary

and Kathleen.  William Henry Walsh came to Massachusetts around 1840.

 I found your information on RootsWeb.   Thank you for your time!


From:        Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book   Date:        Wed, 20 Jan 1999 17:46:34 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Re: Crogan Q and Temp leave of absence    To:

Joe, I think you can just post whatever you have/want to share through

thelist.  Sometimes that's how inadvertently connections are discovered.

And foreveryone, a reminder to check out the local ireland pages -- a lot of

newmessages for our various spellings have been posted over the last month

or so.On a personal note, we're going to unplug and pack away our computer

thisweekend for the big move.  So if you don't hear from me for a few

weeks, don'tpanic!  You're in the far more capable hands of Michael for the

interim.  Justremember to be nice -- he wields tremendous power now ...      ;)

Just promise not to post TOO many interesting things to the list while

I'm off... have fun, Leslie (who never wants to see another garbage bag or

moving boxas long as she lives)

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 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Fwd: ROSCOMMON list message on Boyle churches    To:

I thought those of you with known Boyle roots might be interested in the

following, posted to the Co. Roscommon list:


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Today's Topics:

  #1 Known Boyle Catholic Churches        ["John Sheerin"



I want to thank several members for their input to me on known Boyle

areaCatholic Churches.

Here's what I have so far:

- Boyle Roman Catholic Parish around 1821,

- Boyle Catholic Church (possibly both the same church)

- St. Joseph's Catholic Church (there today)

also received following:

St. Michael's Catholic Church in Cootehall around 1852.

Can anyone add to or correct this list.  In addition, how about other

Catholic Churches all around the greater Boyle area, to include the


of Sligo & Leitrim, etc.

I will also send out any new results,Thanks again,Jake Sheerin

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  Subject:          [CRYAN-L] 18c Costume and CRYANskills and talents


The list is very quiet at the moment. What has happened to everyone?

I do not have particular information but thought that you may like this

extract from a learned tome -from A Hidden Church by Liam Swords  which is about the Diocese of

Achonry1689-1818 this RC diocese includes the southern part of Co Sligoand

part ofCo Mayo 36 miles E to W and 24 N to S

Homewear   Countrymen wore thickset breeches, usually made of frieze or

corduroy, which reached the knees, where it was buttoned at the sides

butmore often left open. Breeches had a central opening, covered by a

fall-downflap which was buttoned up to the waist The better off wore breeches of

animal skin, such as buckskin, doeskin,goatskin or lambskin. the shirt

orundergarment was made of linenand often"composed of shreds and


Women wore a bodice with elbow length sleeves and a wool or quilted

linenpetticoat or skirt which was wide flowing and reached down to the lower

legand often coloured red or green.........Gowns were closed on top

down tothe waist,with skirts that flared from the waist down, revealing the

petticoat. Women and girls wore long red mantles with hoods which they

seldom used and older women wore headscarves of white or coloured linen,

tied beneath the chin, called binnogues(beanog)(with an accent over the

o)In summer .........women....wore muslin bonnets instread of headscarves

andshed their heavy red mantles and exchanged their woollen petticoats for

white or stripped linen skirts. They wore an apron or petticoat, tied

roundtheir necks and falling over their shoulders and down their backs in the

form of a  cape.............

Sunday wear in the 18th century, I will write about at a later date

Good luck to all , please do contribute any titbits like the above. I am

sure everone cancontribute to "how our ancestors lived"

You may be interested, in that it could help others to put together what

their grandparents and greatgrandparents could do, that in going

through mymothers things I find a really skillfully worked magazine box, done with

poker-work and polished so that the background is dark wood and the

patternis of intertwined flowers in paler shades. I also have an elaberate tray

done in the same style with the initials MC intertwined. I was told that

this was made by my grandfather for my grandmother Mary CRYAN. But who

couldhave taught this John CRYAN? It is most likely to have been his father-

bornin Co Sligo.

Do any of you have similar items or skills passed down? Could you write

about them? It could well be a means of connecting families. Or it could

even awaken hidden memories of something in the past.

The above Mary CRYAN nee HARVEY of Liverpool was a very skilled

lacemaker. Ihave numerous crocheted lace mats plus several beautiful linen

tableclothsedged and inset with deep lace which are now 100 years old or nearly.

Theyare truely family treasures. Please unearth your family skills.

Talents are another but unpredictable inheritance and can be related to

family lines. Music, Poetry, other writing,mathematics, philosophy,

sport/athletics are just a few that we can talk about.

My father A John CRYAN sang with what I now know to be a good Irish

tenorvoice, like John Mc Cormack before ww2.(I have just found a beautiful

bookof Irish Ballads which belonged to him - were there some queries about

Irishsongs?) and 2out of 3 of his children sing and are keen to sing ; the

thirdhas a voice but is not keen to sing.And some second cousins that I have

recently made contact with (now they are 85,87 and 90), play the piano

andsing still.What of all you list members? I see that the CRYANs of Boyle had a band

!Do share !Until again Eve


From:        "Michael Tobin" <>Add to Address Book Subject:        Re: [CRYAN-L] Re: Crogan Q and Temp leave of absence   Date:        Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:37:53 PST    To:

Leslie,I'm not sure about the "far more capable hands" part, but I'll do my

best when you're away.Everyone,I've been having some PC problems of late and hence was kind of quitein here myself. These problems are solved now.

I likely won't be as active as Leslie but if anyone is experiencing any

problems at all with the list, please do contact me. I promise I won't

abuse the mighty powers that Leslie has granted me and will work for

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity ..... :-)

I'll also keep a watchful eye on other lists and forums for any

potential new recruits to our list, but I'd appreciate any help which

any of you can give in this regard as, while I am in a few lists/forums

here and there, I'm not in as many as Leslie.regardsMichael

From:        "Michael Tobin" <>Add to Address Book   Date:

        Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:47:15 PST Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Carrick-on-shannon Cryans


Eve's comments about the Cryans of Boyle having a band, reminded me of

the Cryans pub in Carrick-on-shannon, which is only 5 or 6 miles from

Boyle (the opposite side to the Sligo side).

They have a page on the Web -

So if you ever are in the area and are looking for a place to sleep,

eat and drink (or any one of these of course), you know where to go.

I was in the pub myself one or two times and its a nice place.regardsMichael

Michael Tobin


From: (Lyle Staehnke)Add to Address Book   Date:        Thu, 21 Jan 1999 21:53:07 -0800 (PST) Subject:        [CRYAN-L] RE:Cryan Info    To:

Michael Tobin mentions Cryans pup at Carrick-on Shannon,I was fortunate

enough to have been there,and to have met Francis and Padrik Cryan

(forgive my spelling) and had a wonderful visit and dinner......This

poem I am going to print out,first came to my attention in about

1948,when I was going through some of my grandfathers papers,pictures

etc..I`m sure this was writen before that ,but I`m not sure when...The

author is Michael Cryan........ Where hearts did yearn long and weary,

with cherished love from days of yore,........  For years had passed

without a meeting of these fond hearts that loved so true,.....That now

are clasped in each others arms, awaken passions fresh and new....... My

frame though rough, now did tremble, like a delicate rose in a chilly

blast...When I bent to kiss my wife and child, In passionate tears,

broke down at last..

. Deep and sorrow those joys were lost, when close I stood by fathers

side.... As I saw his eyes bedimed with tears,he said, "My son,I can not

rise"........ My heart at once did cease to throb, I motionless did

stare....At that weak and worn frame, that give up all its worldly

care,.. I grasped that hand so frail and weak, that once was young and

strong,.... That stroked the hair upon my brow, but alas those happy

days have gone...The hand that toiled for many years, through all this

world of care...And bore his burden like a man, while God his health did

spare.. But Oh! That bitter parting, It seemed to hard to bear....When

God he called his soul away, I called my brother near..... Brother John

stood by my side, with bitter cries he said.."Oh God, have mercy on his

soul, Oh Mike, poor Father`s dead,"..That ashen face lay still in death,

no more to cast a smile.. His own dear brother closed his eyes,at the

end of lifes long weary aisle...  So now his soul may live in peace,

with God in Heaven,I Pray..For he done a Fathers duty and never shrank

away.....   Lyle


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   Date:        Tue, 26 Jan 1999 04:22:49 PST Subject:        [CRYAN-L] Fwd: Pre-Post Roman UK (and some Ireland)    To:

Some of you might be interested in this site. It predates our family

trees I'm afraid, but contains interesting information.

>From Thu Jan 21 13:48:42 1999

>From: David Dale <>

>Subject: Pre-Post Roman UK (and some Ireland)

>>Just thought some may be interested in the earliest mythical/historical

>origins of some native races in the British Isles pre/post Roman

period. My>web site takes a studied look at the earliest races and includes some

very>early Scots/Pictish rulers at



Date:        Wed, 27 Jan 1999 18:43:09 -0500  From:        "Elaine C. Matthews">Add to Address Book Subject:        [CRYAN-L] one more time


I hope this works better.


Name             Date of Birth                   Date

Baptized                  Sponsors

John              March 1, 1901                 ?

Bridget          September 21, 1902        September 22,

1902             Patrick O'Keeffe and Bridget Slattery

Helena          October 9, 1903               October 12,

1903                 Thomas English and Margaret Mulaney

Denis            October 13, 1904             October 16,

1904                  William Foley and Margaret Reardon

Michael         December 18, 1905          December 21,

1905              Martin Coffey and Catherine Manning

Catherine      February 5, 1908             February 8,

1908                  John O'Keeffe and Catherine Downes

Johanna        May 20, 1909                   May 22,

1909                        John Creamer and Margaret Hogan

Margaret       July 24, 1910                    July 26,

1910                        Patrick Mulcahey and Margaret Hogan


From:        "Michael Tobin" <>Add to Address Book   Date:        Sun, 31 Jan 1999 17:54:00 PST Subject:        [CRYAN-L] new Cregan information    To:

I'm reposting some details which Elaine, a new subscriber to the list,

posted during the week and which I don't think made it through in full

to the list.

> Hello Everyone,

>> I am new to this and a little nervous about making this post, but here

> goes.  I am looking for information on the Cregan Family of the

> Hospital-Kilteely-Garrynachera area in County Limerick.  My

grandmother> was Bridget Cregan, and she came to the United States in 1926.  I am

> interested in finding out all I can about her family.  I wrote to the

> parish priest at Kilteely (Sts. Patrick and Brigid Church) and he was

> kind enough to send me baptism certificates for my grandmother and her

> siblings.  So following is the information I have so far.  I hope this

> shows up in a readable fashion on your screens.  If it's not legible,

> please let me know, as I can attach this as a Word file.

> Children of Bridget Hogan and Michael Cregan

> Name           Date of Birth                 Date Baptized              Sponsors

> John            1 March 1901                 ?                                     ?

> Bridget         21 September 1902          22 September 1902   

Patrick O'Keeffe & Bridget Slattery

> Helena          9 October 1903               12 October 1903        

Thomas English & Margaret Mulaney

> Denis           13 October 1904              16 October 1904         

William Foley & Margaret Reardon

> Michael        18 December 1905           21 December 1905    

Martin Coffey & Catherine Manning

> Catherine      5 February 1908               8 February 1908       

John O'Keeffe & Catherine Downes

> Johanna        20 May 1909                   22 May  1909           

 John Creamer & Margaret Hogan

> Margaret       24 July 1910                   26 July  1910         

    Patrick Mulcahey & Margaret Hogan

> Thanks for bearing with me.

> Elaine Matthews

> Charlotte, North Carolina

From:        RuthK3834@aol.comAdd to Address Book   Date:        Sun, 31 Jan 1999 23:07:41 EST

 Subject:        [CRYAN-L] RE:Cregan    To:

My great grandparents Catherine Cregan nee Fitton and James Cregan were

fromCounty Limerick in Ireland although I have yet to find out exactly

where.  Ihave someone in Ireland trying to find that out for me.  They had four

children Patrick born in 1862 --Ellen (Nellie) born in 1870 also

Michael andCatherine.  They came to the United States in 1892 and settled in

Brooklyn,New York. I do not know if there is a family connection because I do

not knowif James had siblings left in Ireland that would have married and had

children.  I imagine however that there were as not too many Irish

families inthose days had only one child.


Reply-To:          "Family History" < >    From:          "Family History" < >Add to Address Book    Date:          Mon, 1 Feb 1999 11:41:08 -0000

  Subject:          [CRYAN-L] Re CREGAN      To:

Although my resources are limitied, I have very quickly come up with the

following which should be of use to RuthK3834 as she wrote about James

CREGAN and Catherine nee FITTON

Birth Mary CREGAN - 31 March 1867- in Newcastle, Limerick, Ireland,


         parents James CREGAN, Kate FITTON

         FHL number 101154

Birth Michael CREGAN - 28 Sept 1869 - in Newcastle, Co Limerick,


Civil Registration

           parents James CREGAN, Catherine FITTON

           FHL Number 101199

I have no obvious records for Bridget HOGAN and Michael CREGAN who were

having children at about 1900. This Micheal CREGAN must have been born

before 1880 (which wouls make him 20 in 1900) but it is probable that

he wasborn around 1870. I have 9 Michael CREGANs who were born between 1866

and1872 in Co Limerick.6 are from Newcastle !

1   Michael CREGAN born 28 Sept 1866 in Newcastle, Lim.Ire - Civil Reg

                 parents Denis CREGAN, Ellen HANLEY

2  Michael  CREGAN born 8 Jan 1867 in Newcastle,Lim.Ire - Civ Reg

                 parents Con CREGAN, Biddy CASEY

3  Michael CREGAN born 8 Aug 1867 in Bruree, Lim, Ire - Civ Reg

                 parents John CREGAN,Honora HANRIHAN

4  Michael CREGAN born 6 Sept 1867 in Newcastle , Lim, Ire - Civ Reg

                 parents Con CREGAN,Mary CREGAN

5  Michael CREGAN born 26 Dec 1869 in Shanagolden, Lim, Ire - Civ Reg

                parents Patt CREGAN, Bridgit SCANLON

6  Michael CREGAN born 28 Sept 1869 in Newcastle, Lim, Ire - Civ Reg

                parents James CREGAN , Catherine FITTON

7  Michael CREGAN born 17 Dec 1869 in Newcastle, Lim, Ire - Civ Reg

                parents Edmund CREGAN, Mary DALTON

8  Michael CREGAN born 20 Oct 1870 in Newcastle, Lim, Ire - Civ Reg

                 parents John CREGAN , Kate HARNETT

9  Michael CREGAN born 3 Oct 1871 in Shanagolden, Lim, Ire - Civ Reg

                 parents John CREGAN, Johanna FALLIHEE


There are some points that I would like to bring to your attention:-

1   I would have thought that Michael CREGAN would have been older than

Bridget HOGAN so that she would have been born nearer to 1880. I do not

haveany Limerick records after about 1872 but I do have Bridget HOGANs

beforethat date (this would make her at least 28 when she had her first child

)2 It would seem possible(though not necessarily so) that the parents of

either Michael or Bridget were John and Bridget - the names of their

firsttwo children. Or perhaps one of the 4 grandparents was John and another

 wasBridget. - it could help with searching for their parents !

I hope that this is helpful. Eve