P.S. Have to run -- my live-in artist just drew a mural of an octopuson oneof my living room walls. I guess, when you're three, when one's musecallsyou must respond immediately. That's okay -- I haven't put the paintcan awaysince he used a painted broom handle to rub/draw a picture on my dining

roomwall. Happy Thanksgiving to the N. Americans!


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 10:37:17 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Walsh site URL re-post To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Sorry - half a brain today. Isn't it a great thought to think of medriving350 miles with only half my brain working??? I'm sure the spousal unitwillhave lots to say about that --

Here's the URL for the Walsh site again


From: Voltene@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 19:49:50 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] CRYANs in Lowell, MA To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hi everyone, If anyone has any CRYANs buried in Lowell, MA cemeteries

between1880 to the present , and would like me to look-up an obituary, give

mename and date. I go to the Lowell library every Monday and Thursday night.

Doing my own CRYANs, I have accumulated a large number in my own file.

Karen Murphy


Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 20:35:54 -0500 (EST) From: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com>Add to Address Book Subject: Re: [CRYAN-L] CRYANs in Lowell, MA To:


Dear Karen, Do Crehans count? Lowell is where my mother's father's family lived,

and some stayed there while some moved down to Brooklyn. If it's anytrouble don't worry about it, but I would really be interested in mygreat-grandfather's name, DOB, etc and this might help.

If you do look them up, Crehan names thatmight be related to me are Augustine/Augustus; Arthur; Catherine; Helen;James; Lawrence, all born around 1890-1910. I don't know their father's

name, but he was from Roscommon (we are pretty sure) and we can onlypresume was born in the 1860s or 1870s. He died in the 1910s, possiblyearly 1920s. This is so unhelpful and I know Crehan obits might be quitenumerous in that part of the country. So I won't be disappointed if youcan't wade through it all.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who celebrates it, by the way. Theresa Mary,

still sleep-deprived and writing badly from term paper night



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Wexford; Dingle Peninsula; Caherciveen, Kerry; Newcastle West & Glin,

Limrk; Donegal; Nenagh, Tipp; Ballybane, Galway; Boyle & Keash, Sligo



Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 03:35:01 -0800 (PST) From: Caoimhghin O Croidheain <caoimhghin@yahoo.com>Add to Address Book Subject: [CRYAN-L] LDS To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

HIThe LDS list was sent to me by Mary Creaser.

All thanks go to her (and to Leslie for posting it)



From: RuthK3834@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 16:15:20 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Searching for my Cregans To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

I have recently discovered that I had an Uncle Patrick who died in

October of1911 in New York City (Brooklyn to be exact) He is buried in Calvary

Cemeteryin Woodside, NY with his mother, Catharine and his sister Nellie. I

justreceived his death certificate and found out that my great-grandparents

wereJames Cregan and Catharine Fitten both born in Ireland. I decided to

postthis as it is new information hoping that someone can make a connection.



From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 11:05:29 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Thanks - and next one is a large one To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Thank you Caoimhghin for the Turkey postings -- I found themThanksgivingmorning in my email inbox, printed them, and was able to share themwith myfamily (who also enjoyed the long story very much). Since I was atravellerand had no food dish to offer, your story filled its place -- and I'llnever

look at a large turkey in quite the same light again ...Ruth, give me a chance to look through my stuff and see if I findanything foryou -- if you haven't heard from me within the week, nag me. I know

I'vepromised to look for others, but if you never heard from me, pleasefeel freeto give me a nudge/reminder. I've got a lot of balls in the air rightnow,and I'm not the least surprised if I drop some along the way (nor am Iput outwith reminders).Kathleen, what ever came of the Isle of Man Craines? In reading mymessageafter posting it I realized I may have sounded more exclusive than Iintended.

Lastly, the next message from me is a longer one, as it is a re-typingof theCreasers' Roman Catholic Register findings in Boyle/Roscommon. Thereareabout 80 entries, with my usual format of "-" in fields where noinformationwas available. They are almost exclusively "Cryan" and "Crine", with a

fewother surname entries. By the way, I require no gratitude for typing-- I'drather it was given to Caoimhghin and the Creasers for doing the realwork --finding the information and getting it passed around to this group ofinterested people.I hope to get something else typed and up to the list by the end of theweek(I think a lot of the remaining stuff is shorter). -Leslie


CFrom: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 11:11:26 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L]

RC Registers of Boyle for Cryan/Crine/etc., 1796-1833 To:


Entries for Cryan and Variants, 1796-1833 (Mainly


Extracted from Roman Catholic Registers for Boyle, Co. Roscommon, By

Mary &David Creaser, June 1991

Birth Date Baptised Marriage Date Death Date Surname First

Name Townland Dad's

Surname Dad's First Mom's Surname Mom's First Spouse's Surname Spouse's

First Witness 1's Surname Witness 2's Surname Notes


27/02/1793 02/03/1793 - Cryan Maria -

Cryan Michael Donillan Bridget - - - - -

12/12/1793 or 12/12/1794 14/12/1793 or 14/12/1794 - Cryan Winifred -

Cryan Martin Mullaney Maria - - - - -

28/12/1794 30/12/1794 - Cryan Joannes (John) -

Cryan Robert Lyth Matilda - - - - -

26/01/1795 02/02/1795 - Cryan Jacobus (James) - Cryan Pat.(Patrick) Bruen Catherine - - - - -

- 23/12/1795 - Krine Winifred - Krine Michael Donelan Bridget -

- - - -

- 19/05/1803 - Davy Maria - Davy Patrius

(Patrick) Crine Bridget - - - - -

- 16/08/1803 - Theely Michael - Theely James Crine Catherine -

- - - -

- 20/04/1804 - Dolan John - Dolan Pat. (Patrick) Crine Anna

(Ann) - - - - -

- 14/11/1804 - Thevill Maria - Thevill Bart.

(Bartholomew) Crine Catherine - - - - -

- 17/12/1804 - McDermott Brigida (Bridget) - McDermott Johs.

(John) Crine Anna (Ann) - - Crine, Martin Crine, Wina. (Winifred)

- - 08/03/1805 - McDermott Patrick -

McDermott Michael Crine Maria - - - - -

- 08/04/1805 - Crine Bridget - Crine Robert Little or

Lithe Matilda - - - - -

- 27/01/1806 - Cryan Elizabeth - Cryan Stephen - Alice - -

- - -

- c. 03/1806 - Rock (?) Eugenius - Rock

(?) Eugenius Crine Catherine - - - - -

- 18/04/1814 - Fitzpatrick Anna -

Fitzpatrick Edmund Cryan Margaret -

- - - -

- 23/06/1814 - Cryan Joannes (John) - Cryan Darby Nash Joanna -

- - - -

- 20/11/1816 - Cryan Anna - Cryan Michael Fury Bridget - -

- - -

- 07/03/1817 - Cryan Patrick - Cryan Michael Hannon Margaret -


Hannon, Mary Cryan, Martin -

- 14/??/1817 - Craig Patrick - Craig John Cryan Maria - -

Cryan, Margaret - -

- 06/06/1817 - Keilty Andrew - Keilty James Cryan Catherine -

- Cryan, Mary - -

- 30/??/1817 - Cryan Joannes (John) - B- (?) Thomas Cryan - -


Cryan, Pat. (Patrick) Cryan, Anna (Ann) -

- 07/09/1817 - Armstrong George -

Armstrong Robert Cryan Catherine -

- - - -

- 10/04/1811 - Cryan Maria - Cryan Michael Dru- (??) Margarita

- - - - -

- 06/01/1818 - Cryan Patrick - Cryan Robert (John? see

Deed) Murrin Johanna - - - - -

- 18/02/1818 - Cryan Matthew - Cryan Matthew Corkran Fana.

(Fannia) - - - - -

- 05/06/1818 - Doddy Carolus - Doddy Michael Cryan Winifred -

- - - -

- 09/10/1818 - Cryan Winifred - Cryan Peter Sharkett Ma. (Mary?

Margaret?) - - - - -

- 08/02/1819 - Cryan Ma. (Mary? Margaret?) - Cryan Eugs. (?

Eugenius) Cooney (?) Cath. (Catherine) - - - - -

- 25/03/1819 - Cryan Anna - Cryan Paul Dyer Mary - -

Sharkett,Anna - -

- 01/04/1819 - Cryan Mary - Cryan Michael Feeney Brig.

(Bridget) - -

Cryan, Thomas Cryan, Bridget -

- 28/07/1819 - Cryan Maria - Cryan Michael Hanan Marga.

(Margaret) - - - - -

- 29/04/1820 - Fitzpatrick Margaret - Fitzpatrick Edwd.

(Edward) Cryan Margaret - - Cryan, Michael - -

- 11/06/1820 - Keilty Marcus (Mark?) - Keilty Jacobus

(James) Cryan Catherine - - - - -

- 03/07/1820 - Cryan Dominicus (Dominick) -

Cryan Matthew Corkran Fannia - - Cryan, Thomas - -

- 30/08/1820 - Cryan Johanes - Cryan Paulus (Paul) Dyer Maria -

- Cryan, Peter - -

- 24/10/1820 - Cryan Winifreda (Winifred) -

Cryan Michael Fury Brigida

(Bridget) - - Cryan, John - -

- 27/11/1820 - Cryan Robertus (Robert) - Cryan Johs.

(John) Murren Johanna - - - - -

- 15/08/1821 - McDermott Maria - McDermott Bernard Cryan Maria

- - - - -

- 05/09/1821 - Cryan Peter - Cryan Michael Hannan Margaret -

- - - -

- 27/11/1821 - Craig Maria - Craig Johs. (John) Cryan Maria -

- - - -

- 09/12/1821 - Cryan Thomas - Cryan Martin Higgins Catherine -

- - - -

- 10/02/1822 - Fitzpatrick Patrick - Fitzpatrick Edwd.

(Edward) Cryan Margta. (Margaret or Margarita) - - - - -

- 10/02/1822 - Dunavon Brigida (Bridget) - Dunavon Tim.

(Timothy) Cryan Brigida (Bridget) - - Cryan, Michael Cryan, Anna -

- 01/07/1822 - Commins Domins. (Dominick) - Commins Pats.

(Patrick) Cryan Maria - - - - -

- 02/08/1822 - Lyons Johanes (John) - Lyons Johs.

(John) Cryan Margta.

(Margaret or Margarita) - - - - -

- 15/08/1822 - Cryan Anna - Cryan Michael Carrol Maria - -

- - -

- 09/10/1822 - Cryan Brigida (Bridget -

Cryan Michael Fury Brigida

(Bridget) - - - - -

- 25/10/1822 - Cryan Francisca -

Cryan Matthew Corkoran Francisca -

- Cryan, Thomas - -

- 02/01/1823 - Brennan Patrick - Brennan Peter Cryan Mary - -

- - -

- 03/05/1823 - Cryan Catherine - Cryan Peter Mattimo Necta (?)

- - - - -

- 06/05/1823 - Cryan John - Cryan John Carty Honaria (Honoria?)

- - - - -

- 14/12/1823 - Noone Matthew - Noone James Crine Maria - -

- - -

- 07/01/1824 - Cryan Martin - Cryan Daniel McDonagh Mgt.

(Margaret) -

- - - -

- 31/01/1824 - Cryne James - Cryne Matthew Gallagher Anna - -

- - -

- 14/03/1824 - McLoughlin Patrick -

McLoughlin Michael Cryne Brig.

(Bridget) - - - - -

- 23/04/1824 - McDermott Thomas - McDermott Michael Cryne

(?) Mary - - - - -

- 20/07/1824 - Cryne James - Cryne Michael Fury Brig. (Bridget)

- -

Cryne, John - -

- 05/09/1824 - Reilly Maria-Anna (Mary Anne) -

Reilly James Cryan M.

Anne (Mary Anne) - - - - -

- 20/10/1824 - Cryne John - Cryne John Clark Maria - - -

- -

- 14/01/1827 - McDermott Bernard -

McDermott Bernard Cryan Maria - -

- - twins

- 14/01/1827 - McDermott Michael -

McDermott Bernard Cryan Maria - -

- - twins

- 15/07/1827 - Cryan Maria - Cryan Patrick Corkoran Brig.

(Bridget) - - - - -

- 17/07/1827 - Cryan Elna - Cryan Robert McDermott Maria - -


Peter - -

- 19/07/1830 - Cryan Maria - Cryan Michael Carrol Maria - -

- - -

- 10/09/1830 - Cryan Maria - Cryan Michael Beirne (?) Cath.

(Catherine) - - - - -

- 30/10/1830 - Crian Mary - Crian James Mullaney Mary - -

Crian,Margaret - -

- 18/02/1831 - Cryan Catherine - Cryan Peter Karroll

(Carroll?) Brig.(Bridget) - - - - -

- 02/03/1831 - Crine Robert - Crine Patk. (Patrick) Martin

(?) Maria - - - - -

- 17/03/1831 - Cryan Mary - Cryan Michael Beirne (?) Catherine

- - - - -

- 11/07/1832 - Crian John - Crian James Connor Brig. (Bridget)

- - - - -

- 20/02/1833 - Crian Pat - Crian John Harrington Maria - -

- - -

- 24/06/1833 - Crian John - Crian John Drury Cath. (Catherine)

- -

Gerachty, Jacobus (James) Drury, Brig. (Bridget) -

- 11/08/1833 - Crian Peter - Crian Paul Diar (Dyer?) Maria -

- - - -

- 24/11/1833 - Dolan Margaret - Dolan Jacobus

(James) Breheny Margaret

- - - - -

c. 1803 - - c. 30/01/1838 Cryan Margarita Grangemore - - - -


- - - Death date approximated based on burial date

c. 1769 - - c. 12/03/1839 Cryan Bridget Grallagh - - - - -


- - Death date approximated based on burial date

- - 07/03/1811 - Crine Margaret - - - - -

Fitzpatrick Edward Crine, Martin Cane (?), Cecilia -

- - 22/09/1812 - Whelan Elizabeth - - - - -

Drury Patrick Cryan, Robert - -


From: ljstandak@webtv.net (Lyle Staehnke)Add to Address Book Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 10:24:28 -0800 (PST) Subject: [CRYAN-L] RE:Cryan To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Thanks!!!!,Caoimhghin, Mary and David Creaser andLeslie.....Such information really gets to the core of ourresearch...I`m almost certain my Great grandfather (Danial Cryan) ismetioned in the Boyle County record,along with son Martin and wifeMargaret McDonagh. Thanks again--- Lyle



Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 20:52:31 -0500 (EST) From: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com>Add to Address Book Reply-To: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com> Subject: [CRYAN-L] New info on my Crehans To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Thanks to Karen who offered to look up Lowell, MA Cryans et al., I have

learned plenty about my grandfather's family. I know now for certain

thatmy great-grandmother was Catherine Logan from Galway and my

g-grandfatherwas Matthew Crehan, son of Augustine and Eliza, who we will still have

toassume were from Roscommon. I've got dates, occupations, and all sorts

ofneat things, but I just wanted to share that jubilation first. Tomorrow

I'll have time to start rounding up FAQ-like stuff and if people are

interested I could post all the new info about my Crehans.Interestingly,

the third son was named after the father as someone suggested was

traditional Irish practice, so maybe I could look up the rest of that

system and surmise other possible relative names from those of the many

children.Theresa Marywho never knew a single great-great-grandparent's name before


Reply-To: "Family History" < > From: "Family History" < >Add to Address Book Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 10:42:06 -0000

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Exciting news for some To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

ESPECIALLY Anthony Cryan ALERT !!! - a cautious EUREKA !!

Hi everyone,After a rather distressing time I am here again. However , I do not

have agreat deal of time to do much writing but I have followed the recentmailings with enthousiasm. Thank you for it all.In the last few weeks my film of the Keashe RC parish records arrived

and Ispent some time looking at them.Sadly they are intermittant and seem in quite poor condition. They

cover theperiod roughly 1842 -47 and 52-55 and then there is a later transcriptof

1872-80 ish (these later transcripts are written in minute script). Ifanyone has seen any other periods of time for this parish I would bemostgrateful to know - my family interest seems to just miss these dates.

Even15 Jan 1845 - 3 Nov 1845 is missing - I think thay my Daniel is likelyto bethere and my John, just before the records started. Is that fair I askthefates ?One item of interest from these records is that the baptisms include thetownland/hamlet of the candidate (if one can read it, as the edges of

thepages are badly aged). From this it seems that the congregation camefrom a

much wider area than I imagined - it seems a huge parish from almostBallymote to almost Loch Gara and there are people from Gurteen.One explanation for the missing records (especially 1847-52) could be

connected with The Famine and its aftermath. Priests died too, and werenotreplaced . Villages could not support their own priest so amalgamatedtemporarily with another parish. The population declined by about ahalf ormore in some areas. A few missing pages in a book can imply the weight

ofhuman suffering !!Anyway after tantalising Anthony - I hope that he is pleased with

this. Andnot where he expected. Something always comes up sooner or later - I

did notforget your interests.

14 April 1846 baptism of JAMES CRYAN of Broher(now written Brogher or Brougher,

about2 miles NEish of Gurteen and next hamlet to Carrowcrory)

Parents Dominick CRYAN and Catherine CAWLY

Godparents Patrick BREHENY and Sarah MORRISOE(I think this is the

nearest ,but writing difficult to read)

Michael, I think that this is the John that we have been talking about

20 Nov 1845 baptism of John CRYAN of Durnaska (or variation)

Parents Patrick CRYAN and Mary HART

Godparents Michael CRYAN and Catherine CAWLY (likely to be a different

onefrom Dominick's wife as this is only 5 months before the above event

........... unless ! But there is no marriage record for them in the

intervening months but it could have taken place in another parish. I am

trying to cover all possibilities here. The other thought is that a wife

could have been known by her maiden name - is that too far fetched?

What doother think ? Have you met it before? Does it alter things?)

If this is yours Michael then so is this

1 May 1844 baptism of James CRYAN of Durnaskea/Derrinaska

Parents Patrick CRYAN and Mary Hart

Godparents Mathew/Michael(diff. to read probably the former) and Sarah


Perhaps Patrick's father is a James , eldest son being ofter called

afterhis paternal grandfather,(if this James is the eldest son)

This is enough excitement for you all for this week. We do want to

continue.........Until again and another exciting episodeRegards to allEve

I think also that Michael may be right about the 20 families in Keashe,

itwould seem that almost every entry is for a different family.


Reply-To: "Family History" < > From: "Family History" < >Add to Address Book Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 13:23:26 -0000

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Correction to earlier posting To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Sorry Michael especially, but sorry to all - left brain somewhere else

or itis preoccupied with other things.I will rewrite the last extract I gave because I omitted a CRYAN surname!!!!

1 May 1844 baptism James CRYAN of Durnaskea/ Derrinska

Parents Patrick CRYAN and Mary HART

Godparents Mathew/Michael (probably Mathew but difficult to read) and

Sarah HART same place and same parents as the John CRYAN mentioned before.


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 10:58:23 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Irish Christmas traditions To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

The County Cork list has been conversing for the last few weeks about

19th c.traditions of celebrating Christmas in Ireland. I thought the

following was aparticularly interesting message to share with all of you, too. Do any

of youknow of any Crean/MacCroghan/Creaghan type traditions (especially those

of youborn to the name)? It'd be neat to find that an unusual familytradition was

a common link between cousins or branches of the family (we won't knowuntil

we try). -Leslie (I'm off to call my grandmom to find out if she can remember her

mother's family's traditions)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi-I always heard that the candle in the window was to give a signal to apriestduring the time of the penal laws. If the priest (who were in hiding)saw acandle, he knew it was safe to enter and say Mass.

>From O Come Ye Back to Ireland by Niall Williams and Christine Breen -

Santacomes to the front door on Christmas Eve, leaves a pile of gifts andthen

knocks loudly.

"Of all the traditions associated with Christmas Eve by far the most

prevalenttoday is the lighting of the coinneal mor na Nollag, or the big

Christmascandle. In each household the coinneal mor would be lit in darkness and

placedin the front room window to burn there until morning. The origin of the

customis that the candle is lit to show Mary and Joseph that, unlike the inn

atBethlehem, this house would always welcome them. In the same way it is

customary to leave all doors unlocked that evening and when going to

bed toleave some food in three dishes upon the kitchen table as a welcome for

the"travelers to Bethlehem" "

Amy (Datull@aol.com)


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 11:00:41 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Wow! Misc and time period inquiry To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Congrats to Lyle, Theresa Mary (and Karen), ?and Anthony? And welcome

back,Eve, we missed you.

Theresa Mary, please post the details ... the story is more than half

of theinterest for me!Eve, I, too, am interested in the famine years and their repercussions

-- amjust finishing "The Famine Ships" by Edward Laxton and am shocked by

what Iread. The hardship of life for the common man is amazing. There is a

sectionin the book about landlords from the Sligo area essentially removing the

"excess pauper population" by hiring ships to "emigrate" the tenantry. I

suppose, at some level, these could be considered some of the luckier

poorpeople of the period, given the starvation rate. I've searched what

few listsare in the book for O'Creans and haven't found any (unless they are

anglicizedbeyond the forms I instantly recognize) particularly mentioned. It'd be

interesting to determine, for those of us whose families emigrated, when

precisely they did so and for what reasons. It'd make an interestingpart of

our family study to better understand the transportations and emigration

patterns, I think.Somewhat in that vein, I have a specific inquiry regarding time

periods. Somuch of what has been posted is 19th c., naturally. Caoimhghin and I

havewondered how we can start making headway into the 18th century. Wendy

withher Craun research knows her ancestor was transported in the 1790s, and

through the list we've picked up a couple of other random 18th century

O'Creans/Creaghans/MacCroghans, but does anyone know of more source

materialfor that century? I'd love to start digging up stuff to see if we can

linkanyone back to those 17th c. Bishops et al. (Barbara, this is your



P.S. Caoimhghin, received the loot -- how is it that you're always,like, 40steps ahead of me?!? Am presently trying to get the Croghan birth indexprintout typed up to post.


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 11:17:49 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Naming/birth order To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Someone correct me if I've gotten this wrong (through the list) because

I'mrelying on my never-trustworthy memory:

First son/daughter named after Paternal Grandfather/grandmother

Second son/daughter named after Maternal Grandfather/grandmother

Third son/daughter named after Father's Oldest Brother/Sister

Fourth son/daughter named after Father/Mother

Maybe, Theresa Mary, your ancestor's father didn't have an older

brother, soas the third son he was named after the father instead?



==== CRYAN Mailing List ====

Have you come across a Creane while doing Creaghan research? Post it

here: Cryan-L@rootsweb.com


Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 13:10:02 -0500 (EST) From: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com>Add to Address Book Subject: Re: [CRYAN-L] Naming/birth order To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Well, I had heard that the father = 3rd son elsewhere, but I think this

kind of thing is likely to get mixed up. But I haven't checked on what

therest of the system was to see if the naming pattern fits in with what I

had heard. In the case I've just learned of:

Second son = paternal grandfather

Third son = father

First daughter = maternal grandmother

Second daughter = mother

There is no connection that I see with the others, although I don't knowthe names of any aunts or uncles. I suppose they might not havefollowed a pattern at all, although the info I have leads me to believethere might be a child who died and isn't mentioned, so maybe the seconddaughter really = the third daughter.That sounds really confused. Well, after I post my new names and dates

andhave a nice pizza lunch for mental energy, I'll get down to FAQ-hunting.


Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 13:40:02 -0500 (EST) From: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com>Add to Address Book Reply-To: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com> Subject: [CRYAN-L] CREHAN Family in Mass. (fwd) To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

This is what Karen sent to me, forwarding it seems the most concise way

toshare the facts. Following is a summary of a some other things I'velearned.

Marriage, Boston, MA

1897, Vol. 471, pg. 122

Matthew J. Crehan, age.. 24; residence.. Boston; occ...

laborer;place of birth... Ireland ; parents,...

Augustine andEliza; # of marriage .. 1

Catherine M. Logan, age..25; residence.. Boston; occ... cook;

place of birth... Ireland ; parents... f. ? and Mary;

# of marriage ... 1 Married by Rev. James Anthony Walsh, clergyman

10 June 1897


John b. abt (bef. Feb 1898)

Augustine Francis b. 20 Oct 1898, Boston, MA

Matthew James b. 2 Jan. 1900 Boston, MA

Mark Leo b. 24 Mar, 1901 Boston, MA

Mary Ellen b. 14 Jul. 1902 Boston,


Lawrence H. b. 16 Oct 1903 Boston, MA

James P. b. abt 1905

Arthur T. b. abt 1906

Catherine A. b. abt 1908

Julia b. abt 1909

Margaret b. after 1920 ?

Helen b. after 1920 ?


First mention in Lowell City directory for Matthew Crehan and family,


According to the 1910 census, Lowell, MA, (Roll 601, E.D. 877,

Sheet 18B)Catherine (Logan) Crehan had, up to that time, 11 children, 8 alive


Matthew J. Crehan died abt 14 Nov 1918. ? on place of death.

No obituary found.Buried at St. Patrick Cemetery, Lowell, MA 15 Nov 1918.


Lowell Sun, Wednesday 27 May 1953


Mrs. Catherine M. (Logan) Crehan died Sunday at the home of

herdaughter, Mrs. Margaret Flanagan, 2248 Stewart street, Brooklyn,

NY.She was born in County Galway, Ireland and came to this country

when alittle girl, having resided at 52 Fruit street, (Lowell), for many

yearsprior to removing to New York about 30 years ago. She is survived

by fivedaughters, Mrs. Margaret Flanagan and Mrs. Julia Addeo, both of

Brooklyn, NY; Mrs. Mary E. Whitlock of Irvington, N.J., Mrs.

CatherineWard of Newark, N.J., and Mrs. Helen Fleischman of Glenridge, N.J.; a

son,John L. Crehan, retired member of the New York police department; 17

grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Funeral Thurs. 28 May, 1953

St. Patrick's Cemetery, Lowell, MA


She also sent me info from the 1922 Lowell city directory about some

members of the family. Augustine was listed as Augustus - he was called

Gus, and my mother and aunts weren't sure what it really was either, so

perhaps whoever gave the directory the info had forgotten as well. (My

grandmother started out as Antoinette or something like that in Oct.

1909,but her mother kind of forgot and she lived as Theresa b. Dec. 1910 for

almost seventy years. But that's not even Irish family history.) So, in

1922, August* was occupied at a "car shop," his sister Mary was a

"winder"at Shaw Stocking Company, his brother John was listed as "removed to

Brooklyn" and his mother/my g-grandmother Catherine was listed as the

widow of Matthew. 52 Fruit Street was the family residence at the time.


Most recently, the tireless Karen has sent me the obituary of James

Patrick Crehan, the seventh child listed above, from the Lowell Courier

Citizen. He died August 9, 1931 after a "brief illness" in New York

(presumably Brooklyn as those relatives who were living here in Brooklyn

are just listed as in New York.) It says that he was a resident of

SacredHeart Parish in Lowell, and lets us know that only one of his surviving

five sisters was yet married. It seems that every surviving child in

the family except for Augustine came down to NY around

1922 or 1923.


Only twelve children are listed above, and a couple of the

"?" birthdates are well after my g-grandfather died (OK, the SSDI shows

that my great-uncle John was born shortly before the wedding, but I am

pretty sure that this part is not accurate.) It may just be another

familylegend, but we always thought there were 13 children, so perhaps one

diedvery young and was never mentioned in the directory or otherwise.

I'm actually thinking that maybe my mother and/or sister and I can take

atrip up to Massachusetts sometime to see the gravesites and whatever is

at52 Fruit Street now. My sister likes Boston and Lowell is pretty close

soshe might be into it. Since Catherine Logan Crehan came to the US as a

"little girl," someone must have been with her, so maybe there would be

relatives buried nearby, records at the church if it still stands, etc.

Sorry this is quite disorganized! Off to lunch...Theresa Mary


Wed, 2 Dec 1998 11:07:07 -0800 (PST) From: Caoimhghin O Croidheain <caoimhghin@yahoo.com>Add to Address Book Subject: [CRYAN-L] re:Naming To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

hi Its important to remember that the first daughter was often named

after Mary - as in Jesus's Mother, or a variant eg. Mary Elizabeth -with the naming pattern continuing as before. Have others found this in their family trees? I would be interested toknow just how common this was......


Glad you got the stuff I sent! and thanks for the postings.

When my printed emails reach 200 pages I am going to do a rough index

and call it Global Cryan and Variants Research, VOLUME 1 !!!



From: Iliktotick@aol.comAdd to Address Book

Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 19:00:41 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Holiday Tradition

To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hi Cryan Cousins:

My mother (who was a Cregan) would light a "blessed" candle onChristmas Eveto light the way for the Christ Child. On New Years Eve she wouldinsist adark-haired man cross the threshold to bring "good luck to our home"throughout the new year. My mom was raised with her grandmother who was born and raised inIreland. Mymother would always have a superstition for just about everything.

By the way, my name is Mary Joanne and my cousin's name is Mary Eileen. Yes,Irish (especially Catholic Irish) mothers often gave their daughtersthe firstname of "Mary" out of respect for the Mother of God.Happy Holidays,Joanne Tyler-Tucker


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 11:04:49 EST Subject: [CRYAN-L] 17-18th c. Creans of County Mayo To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

[sent by Barbara for our database - she's on our list so allenthusiasticreplies can go to the list]

Unfortunately, I only have my Creans up to the 1700's---then theymarryinto the Kirrane's who marry into the Brannicks back in C. Mayo. Itwas agreat uncle Laurence Brannick who researched our family tree back along timeago and put in writing this information.

My ggggggrandfather Arthur Crean (Prospect House) married a Mary

MacDonnell(Clooneen or Clonneen Castle) Their son was a Francis Crean who maried

a JoanBlake of Coolcon Castle. Francis and Joan had my ggggrandmamaCatherine Crean

who married a William Kirrane--a name extremely common and confined to

theBalindine area of Co. Mayo. There my Crean name disappears into the

morepowerful husbands name. I think Catherine and William would have lived

aboutthe early 1700's. Would be nice to connect with some later day Creans

as I amsure my information would be quite welcome to others but unfortunately

I havefound in all my Irish ancestors a blank before the early and mid 1800's

unlesssome scholarly great uncle happened to write it down.

Other names in my line (besides Kirrane and Brannick) are Glynn

(McGlynn),Ward, Cummins, O'Connor, O'Moren, O'Dowd, O'Kelly, Bell, O'Daly,

Gleeson,O'Kean, Burke and Coleman. The great uncle was big on the "O's"

Best,Barbara Clark


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book

Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 11:15:27 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Marys and Josephs

To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

I, too, have seen the "Mary phenomenon". Have the rest of you alsoobservedthe equivalent "Joseph phenomenon"? I'm not certain it's an Irishthang, butthe first born sons in some of my RC family have Joseph as a first ormiddlename.Also, Theresa Mary, don't be so certain that Catherine came over with

an adultas a young girl. Kids were not unfrequently travelling alone, or with

anuncle/family friend, to join parents or older siblings already here. Keep theoption open, is my suggestion, because I've looked at a lot of ships'listswhere kids were travelling alone -- even a child of 10 yearsshepherding ayounger sibling (2-3 years old). I've certainly gotten the impression

thatalthough life was harder, people in general were kinder ...-Leslie


From: Julie_Case@prodigy.com (MS JULIA M CASE)Add to Address Book Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 23:44:19, -0500 Subject: RootsWeb Review, Vol. 1, No. 25 To: RootsWeb-Review@rootsweb.com

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From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 21:03:56 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Croghan (and variations) Birth Index from registers To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

>From Mary Creaser's research again, folks, via Caoimhghin. I'm notcertainwhat registers are featured -- Caoimhghin, can you shed any light? Atanyrate, please let us all know if you find something interesting in thebelow,everyone!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Birth Date Surname First Name Townland Dad's Surname Dad's First Mom's

Surname Mom's First Notes Source Page No. Source Line No. Source


21/10/1814 Cryan Mary - Cryan Eugene Higgins Mary Register 1, page

66 1 1 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

25/09/1814 Cryan Brigid - Cryan Eugene McDermot

(McDermott?) Deborah Register 1, page 66 1 2 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

30/09/1823 Crens Mary - Crens Eugene McDermott

(McDermot?) Deborah Register1, page 155 1 3 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

27/10/1828 Crian Anne - Crian Eugene McDermott Elizabeth Register 1,

page204 1 4 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

12/04/1839 Cryan Catherine - Cryan James Flanagan Anne Register 2,

page127 1 5 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

18/09/1841 Cryan Thomas - Cryan James Flanagan Anne Register 2, page

174 1 6 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

07/07/1844 Cryan Anne - Cryan James Flanagan Anne Register 2, page

230 1 7 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

04/11/1815 (?) Cryan James Knockroe Cryan James Lowe Mary Register 1,

page68 1 8 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

01/02/1831 Crien John - Crien John Byrne Brigid Register 1, page

212 1 9 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

29/06/1867 Cryan Margaret Cararea Cryan John Canning Catherine Register

3,page 18 1 10 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

08/06/1851 Cryan Brigid - Cryan John Carny Honor Register

MF 1 11 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

07/06/1853 Cryan Peter - Cryan John Carny Honor Register

MF 1 12 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

10/07/1854 Cryan Mary - Cryan John Carney (Carny?) Honor Register

MF 1 13 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

04/09/1855 Cryan Catherine - Cryan John Carney (Carny?) Honor Register

MF 1 14 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

14/12/1856 Cryan Patrick - Cryan John Carney (Carny?) Honor Register

MF 1 15 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

28/04/1858 Cryan Winifred - Cryan John Carny Honor Register

MF 1 16 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

08/01/1860 Cryan John - Cryan John Carny Honor Register

MF 1 17 Cryan/CrohanBirth Index

16/08/1863 Cryan Sarah - Cryan John Carny Honor Register

MF 1 18 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

09/07/1865 Cryan Honor Carrana(Caranagh?) Cryan John Carny Honor Register 3,

page 4 1 19 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

02/09/1871 Cryan Luke Caranagh Cryan John Carny Honor Register 3, page

44 1 20 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

09/08/1874 Cryan Michael Carrowreagh Cryan John Carney

(Carny?) Honor Register3, page 61 1 21 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

17/11/1861 Cryane Martin - Cryane John Carny Mary Register

MF 1 22 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

17/06/1860 Cryan Brigid - Cryan John Corcoran Mary Register

MF 1 23 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

10/07/1863 Cryan Catherine - Cryan John Corcoran Mary Register

MF 1 24 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

09/10/1859 Cryan Mary Jane - Cryan John Dolan Margaret Register

MF 1 25 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

18/11/1861 Cryane John - Cryane John Dolan Margaret Register

MF 1 26 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

13/02/1864 Cryan Joseph - Cryan John Dolan Margaret Register

MF 1 27 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

18/05/1866 Cryan James Croghan Cryan John Dolan Margaret Register 3,

page11 1 28 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

08/08/1868 Cryan Catherine Croghan Cryan John Dolan Margaret Register

3, page25 1 29 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

27/12/1870 Cryan Stephen Croghan Cryan John Dolan Margaret Register 3,

page99 1 30 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

15/06/1876 Cryan John Croghan Cryan John Dolan Margaret Register 3, page

71 1 31 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

10/08/1882 Cryan Brigid Croghan Cryan John Dolan Margaret Register 3,

page99 1 32 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

17/03/1874 Cryan Margaret Anne Croghan Cryan John Donlon

(Dolan?) Margaret Register 3, page 59 1 33 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

27/02/1831 Crien Patrick - Crien John McDrury Catherine Register 1,

page219 1 34 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

19/03/1822 Crine John - Crine John Fairly Catherine Register 1, page

197 1 35 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

02/01/1827 Crine Thomas - Crine John Fairly Catherine Register 1, page

181 1 36 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

14/02/1830 Crine Michael - Crine John Fairly Catherine Register 1,

page207 1 37 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

21/02/1836 Croghan Brigid - Croghan James McDermott Margaret Register

2,page 62 2 1 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

09/12/1838 Croughan Eleanor - Croughan James McDermott Margaret Register 2,

page 119 2 2 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

24/10/1830 Croghan Catherine - Croghan James Travers Catherine

(Winifred?) Register 1, page 212 2 3 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

22/07/1832 Croghan Winifred - Croghan James Travers Winifred Register

1,page 222 2 4 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

12/03/1835 Croghan John - Croghan James Travers Winifred Register 2,

page40 2 5 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

30/01/1837 Croghan Michael - Croghan James Travers Winifred Register

2, page82 2 6 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

24/04/1839 Croghan James - Croghan James Travers Winifred Register 2,

page127 2 7 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

26/01/1841 Croghan John - Croghan James Travers Winifred Register 2,

page160 2 8 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

02/06/1843 Croughan (Croghan?) Thomas - Croughan(Croghan?) James Travers Winifred Register 2, page 207 2 9 Cryan/Crohan BirthIndex

01/09/1845 Croghan James - Croghan James Travers Winifred Register 2,

page252 2 10 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

18/09/1849 Croghan Patrick - Croghan James Travers Winifred Register

2, page292 2 11 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

21/01/1844 Croghan John - Croghan Patrick Canry Brigid Register 2,

page220 2 12 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

28/06/1836 Croghan Mary - Croghan Patrick Fitzwilliam Brigid Register

2,page 70 2 13 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

01/07/1899 Cryan John Croghan Cryan Andrew McCormak Teresa Register 3,

page153 2 21 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

15/02/1834 Crien Margaret - Crien Bartholomew(Bernard?) Hanly Margaret Register 2, page 15 2 22 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

04/09/1825 Crine James - Crine Bernard Hanly Margaret Register 1, page

164 2 23 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

10/02/1828 Creins Patrick - Creins Bernard Hanly Margaret Register 1,

page193 2 24 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

18/09/1835 Cryan Sarah - Cryan Bernard Hanly Margaret Register 2, page

75 2 25 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

28/04/1839 Cryan Anne - Cryan Bernard Hanly Margaret Register 2, page

127 2 26 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

13/07/1823 Crine Mary - Crine Bernard Hanly Mary Register 1, page

152 2 27 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

06/03/1817 Cryan Patrick Fairly Cryan John Hanly Catherine Register 1,

page80 3 1 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

25/03/1873 Cryan Mary Carrowreagh Cryan Luke McOwen Sarah Register 3,

page54 3 2 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

12/09/1876 Cryan Patrick Carrowreagh Cryan Luke McOwen Sarah Register

3, page69 3 3 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

15/09/1818 Cryan Dominic - Cryan Malachy Healy Brigid Register 1, page

92 3 4 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

25/01/1831 Crian John - Crian Michael Higgins Eleanor Register 1, page

212 3 5 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

13/07/1834 Cryan Paul - Cryan Michael Higgins Eleanor Register 2, page

26 3 6 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

12/09/1836 Cryan Eleanor - Cryan Michael Higgins Eleanor Register 2,

page75 3 7 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

05/11/1837 Crine Mary - Crine Michael Higgins Eleanor Register 2, page

96 3 8 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

17/12/1834 Crien Michael - Crien - Murry Mary Register 2, page

35 3 9 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

06/11/1840 Cryan Patrick - Cryan Patrick O'Beirne Brigid Register 2,

page156 3 10 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

08/01/1832 Crian Daniel - Crian Patrick Butler Brigid Register 1, page

220 3 11 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

09/12/1886 Cryan Mary Knockroe Cryan Patrick Connaughton Honor Register

3,page 116 3 12 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

20/05/1888 Cryan Honor Knockroe Cryan Patrick Connaughton Honor Register 3,

page 121 3 13 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

26/09/1889 Cryan Patrick Knockroe Cryan Patrick Connaughton Honor Register 3,

page 124 3 14 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

16/10/1892 Cryan Catherine Knockroe Cryan Patrick Connaughton Honor Register

3, page 133 3 15 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

05/12/1844 Cryan Thomas - Cryan Patrick Cox Honor Register 2, page

237 3 16 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

24/03/1846 Cryan Mary - Cryan Patrick Cox Honor Register 2, page

263 3 17 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

13/09/1850 Cryan Honor - Cryan Patrick Cox Honor Register

MF 3 18 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

03/10/1852 Cryan John - Cryan Patrick Cox Honor Register

MF 3 19 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

10/04/1822 Crine Mary - Crine Patrick Croghan Sarah Register 1, page

138 3 20 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

26/10/1823 Crine Patrick - Crine Patrick Croghan Sarah Register 1,

page157 3 21 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

24/11/1826 Crine Thomas - Crine Patrick Croughan(Croghan?) Sarah Register

1, page 179 3 22 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

12/08/1848 Cryan Patrick - Cryan Patrick Cryan Honor Register 2, page

290 3 23 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

03/10/1833 Crien Fergal - Crien Patrick Doud (Dowd?) Mary Register 2,

page6 3 24 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

26/05/1835 Crien Catherine - Crien Patrick Doud (Dowd?) Mary Register

2,page 45 3 25 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

05/01/1837 Crine Luke - Crine Patrick Dowd Mary Register 2, page

81 3 26 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

17/05/1839 Cryan Sarah - Cryan Patrick Doud (Dowd?) Mary Register 2,

page134 3 27 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

08/12/1830 Criane Brigid - Criane Patrick Doud (Dowd?) -

(Mary?) Register1, page 212 3 28 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

15/12/1844 Cryan Thomas - Cryan Patrick Farrell Catherine Register 2,

page237 3 29 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index

22/06/1846 Cryan Mary - Cryan Patrick Farrell Catherine Register 2,

page269 3 30 Cryan/Crohan Birth Index


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Areas (Ire) rsrching: Bandon and Glounthaune, Cork; Castlebar, Mayo;

Wexford; Dingle Peninsula; Caherciveen, Kerry; Newcastle West & Glin,

Limrk; Donegal; Nenagh, Tipp; Ballybane, Galway; Boyle & Keash, Sligo


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 10:00:24 EST Subject:

[CRYAN-L] More on the Irish Xmas plus websites To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

This is a repost from the County Cork mailing list (note Tom O'Crohan-- whereare the Blasket Islands??):




this one is my favorite!

Irish Christmas Traditions

By Patrick J. O'Hara

Christmas in Ireland was probably the most important of the Christianfestivals. Both spiritually and outwardly, the season was considered atimeof rebirth and regeneration.Houses were cleaned from top to bottom, linens washed, and floors andwallswere attacked with vigor, often by using sand. Pots and pans werescoureduntil they shined. Barnyards were cleaned, and buildings were oftengiven

their yearly whitewashing.Children were encouraged in their prayers, and often they would tally

howmany extra Our Fathers and Hail Marys were said during the season.Peoplethat had not attended church in a while would be seen at services.(Thesepeople were often known as "the hardy annuals", because of their yearlyattendance.)Children also would collect ivy, holly, or bay leaves to use as

decorationsfor the season. Loose leaves were strung together, and often pieces ofcolored paper were sewn into the patterns of the leaves. In the latenineteenth century, travellers would sell pre-cut paper decorations,printedwith religious sayings on them.

On Christmas Eve, candles would be placed in the windows of dwellings,inhonor of the Holy Family. This custom was to show Mary and Joseph thattherewould be room in these households, even though they could not findlodgingin Bethlehem. According to Kevin Danaher, in his book, "The Year in

Ireland", in west Limerick, "... It was the custom to leave the doorsopenand a candle burning in every window, and in addition to leave a tablesetfor three people 'to have a proper welcome before the travellers toBethlehem.' A Dish of water was left on the window ledge to be blessedbythe "travellers", and then kept for curative purposes." In other areas,onelarge candle, or the coinneal mo'r na Nollag, was kept lit throughoutthenight, starting at the Angelus at 6 PM.

One belief was that the donkeys and the cows at midnight would kneel inadoration of Jesus, and for a short period of time have human speech.However, it was considered ill form to spy on the animals, hoping toheartheir conversations, or speak to them.Before Christmas, trips to the market meant the purchase of meat,whiskey,sugar, spices, tea and other condiments. These were often traded for the

poultry, butter and eggs that they brought with them. A vast period ofswapping would take place, with farming families bringing bacon,chickens,and eggs to their relatives in towns. The families in the towns wouldthenswap "town goods", soaps, candies, and wines with their countryrelatives.

Some families would receive their portions of whiskey. Others,especially inthe West of Ireland, would get a quart of poiti'n from some industriousmembers of the family, even though the manufacture of it was banned.Most people would attend early Mass. Often, family members would takelanterns with them to light the way on the dark roads. The period beforeMass was a time of fasting, and there were a number of activities aheadforthe day.

On Christmas Day itself, dinner took center stage. It was the biggestdinnerof the year, and wives went to elaborate measures to ensure that itwould bethe best feast possible. Beef was the preferred meat for Christmas, andinmany parts of Ireland the beef of Christmas was spiced. The supply ofgamefrom hunting, the beef purchased in the town, all were presented to thefamily. While the women of the households were preparing the feast, themenand boys would be playing.After the Mass, hurling was the favorite activity of the males.According toTom s O'Crohan, Christmas on the Blasket Islands were like this: "OnChristmas Day, there was a match in which the whole village wasengaged. Twowere appointed, one for each side, as leaders. Each of those called inturnuntil all along the strand were divided. Hurleys and a ball we had. Thematch was played on the White Strand without stocking or shoe, but outtothe neck whenever the ball went into the sea. For the twelve days ofChristmas no man on the Island could drive a cow to the hill from painsinhis back and bones." In Limerick, a special ball with loose buck shotwasused, so that the ball made a louder noise. In Donegal, the matcheswould

take place after Mass, at the churchyard gate, and would continue untiloneteam managed to get the ball all the way to their township.After the dinner was served, songs were sung, stories were told, and

lifewas reflected upon. Children would tell tell party pieces, and familieswould bask in the holiday atmosphere. Thus would end another IrishChristmas.

Nollaig Shona Duit. Happy Christmas.







Higgins & Maroney List owner


Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 22:45:01 -0500 (EST) From: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com>Add to Address Book Reply-To: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com> Subject: [CRYAN-L] Arthur - common first name? To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

My grandfather, born of Irish immigrants in 1906 was Arthur Crehan. I've

corresponded with a couple of people who share an American Arthur

Crehan afew decades older (will have to wade thru messages, as I've started to

anyway for faq reasons, for details.) Recently there was also a post

mentioning an Arthur Crean around the 1700s. I've heard talk of my

Crehansbeing without their 'h' back in Ireland, but who knows. So anyway, since

we've brought up first names with the Mary thread, I'm wondering if

anyoneknows if Arthur was a name of significant popularity or unpopularity at

any time in Ireland? My first-name books all give inconclusive "Celtic"

and "Gaelic" sources, and I've associated it more with Scotland. You

rarely meet an Arthur among the many sons and grandsons of Irish

immigrants around here. So I just hoped it was more likely that these

listmembers and I would find a closeish connection because of the shared

firstname. Anybody have any thoughts?

Theresa Mary


From: "Anthony & Jill Cryan" <cryanaj@ozemail.com.au>Add to Address Book Organization:

The Adjutant's Desk Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 22:47:53 +1100 Reply-to:cryanaj@ozemail.com.au Subject: [CRYAN-L] Information overload and Thank You !!!!

To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hello All...

A big thanks to Eve and Leslie and Patrick (PC:did you get the

reply I sent 15th November ??)Your collective information lately has filled in a considerable gap in

what I had - in particular that elusive fellow Domnic/ Dominic.I'm going through info overload coallating it all....< g >The thing is though I probably now have more paths to follow - the Game is afoot and I thank you all.Question: Does anyone have any favourite family tree S/W applications they would recomend ? I've tried a couple but found them not the best in certain ways.

TCAnthony & Jill Cryan cryanaj@ozemail.com.au


Reply-To: "Family History" < > From: "Family History" < >Add to Address Book Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 19:40:50 -0000

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Re Arthur To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hi all, One thing it is hard to remember for all Irish descendents, is

thatuntil 1922, Ireland was part of Great Britain. QueenVictoria was on the

throne from 1838 until 1902 when Edward VII became king. Arthur was a

namein fashion with royalty at this time and thus became popular with

ordinarypeople. My father too was given the name Arthur in 1903 I think for this

reason ,with John his second name being his paternal grandfather's

name. Itwas rare to have more than one name, unless MaryAnne or MaryEllen

recordedin the national registers until after 1880ish but very often a second

namewas given at baptism a little laterThe rise and fall of the popularity of particular names can often be

linkedto real heros in battles or exploits or heros of fiction or honouring

royalty or saints etc. I can not remember when the Arthurian legends

wererevived but I know there was a popular Gothic Revival period in the mid

19century reflected in architecture, paintings and literature.Just some extra thought for you to ponder.



Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 17:13:37 -0500 (EST) From: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com>Add to Address Book Subject: Re: [CRYAN-L] Re Arthur To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Thanks, Eve. One of my name books actually mentioned Arthur's popularityin England in the 19th century, but I hadn't been sure it would affecttheCatholic Irish. Actually, most of my grandfather's siblings had middlenames, as did their parents (well, I have their initials anyway) who

wereborn in Ireland in the 1870s.

Theresa Mary


From: "Roger Cryan and Regina Pana-Cryan" <cryan@avana.net>Add to Address Book

Subject: Re: [CRYAN-L] Information overload and Thank You !!!! Date:

Sun, 6 Dec 1998 21:28:00 -0500 To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

To Jill and Anthony (and anyone else),

I was wondering this very day about shareware. Could you guys tell uswhat you tried, where you found it (and how clean the site) and what youdidn't like about it? Also, thanks to Karen I have the first names of the parents of an Irishimmigrant ancestor (Moloney, not Cryan). Can anyone suggest a way totracethe origin of someone from the name, the first names of the parents, arough birthdate (since the 19th century Irish all lied about their age,itseems) and the rough date of passage (since other dates had to bealteredto conform to the fictitious age). I'm sending a request to the (U.S.) National Archives for arrivalrecords(on their required forms), in case that information is there. I alsosuppose that a search by each county heritage society might turnsomethingup, but that would be quite expensive, and since Moloney is so common,theproblems we have with Cryan are multiplied.

Any suggestions? Roger Martin Cryan

(descended from Martin Cryan, arrived 1881, born 1867 in Ballinanultytownland, Boyle parish, County Roscommon, of James Cryan and Honor(Byrne)Cryan)


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 11:37:15 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] Good for you all! And some personal news To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

I just got my rootsweb update notice for December, and see that threeof you

all have posted your surnames to rootsweb's list -- good for you! I

hope youstart getting emails / connections relating to that.... For those of

you whohaven't yet posted the surnames you're researching to rootsweb, go to

www.rootsweb.com and do it! It's free! And sponsors of rootsweb get

monthlynotices of new postings of the surnames they've posted (saves wear and

tear onthe old keyboard from having to go back and check all the time) ... a

nicelittle service.

Erica, I noticed you have a new/another web site? I haven't been overthereto look at it yet -- do you have info others on the list might beinterestedin looking at?As regarding overload ... well, we lost a subscriber who felt"underqualified"for the list -- but we're still in touch, so they may come back. But I

needto warn you all that my contact is about to get more random. We've(finally)made the decision to uproot again. The next two months will be packedfull ofthe present-day for me and my genealogy "habit" will have to take backburner.I'm sad to leave Chicago, but we're heading to Washington, D.C., whichcertainly offers plenty of attractions (but, oh, Kathleen, how I shallmissMarshall Field's!). Of course, soon I'll have the whole of the LibraryofCongress to search for O'Creans, Creaghans, and MacCroghans! Anyone onthelist in the Maryland area???

Lastly, I was fortunate enough to attend my last Cryan's daughter's (in

otherwords, my grandmother's) 80th birthday celebration this weekend. We

had greatfun remembering all of her sayings -- agreeing that you can take the

girl outof Ireland but you can't take Ireland from the girl. "Lord love a

duck!"(used like 'for goodness' sake'), "If wishes were horses then beggars

wouldride" (ie, that's not going to happen), "That's a lazy man's load" (try

harder), and a few others I think I've mentioned before on the list --

"Morefool you", "More's the pity" and "God Bless us and Save us, says Biddy

O'Davis" (Mrs. O'Davis to you, right Michael?). Anyone else recognize

these?I look forward to reading your messages as always .... Leslie



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From: Harvey.Wohlwend@sematech.orgAdd to Address Book Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 11:34:39 -0600 Subject: RE: [CRYAN-L] Information overload and Thank You !!!! To:


I have found Family Tree Maker to be quite a good product. The company

alsoprovides a very helpful web site at: http://www.familytreemaker.com/

Regards, Harvey Wohlwend Austin, Texas

Son of Eleanor CRYAN


From: ljstandak@webtv.net (Lyle Staehnke)Add to Address Book Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 09:42:31 -0800 (PST) Subject: [CRYAN-L] RE:Irish songs To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

My grandfather,James Cryan,use to sing Irish songs to us..The problem is

I can only remember parts of them,so just in case they sound familiar to

anyone else, maybe they can fill in the gaps,,,


Hold her back McCarty cried,stop her said McCue,I thought we`d shake to

pieces as along the road we flew..Hold her back McCarty cried stop her

said McCue, Oh the devil him self was in the wheels behind McCarty`s




Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 14:32:38 -0500 (EST) From: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com>Add to Address Book Subject: [CRYAN-L] http://www.westchesterclerk.com

To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Well, I'm not sure how helpful this is, but I wanted to see if I could

luck out easily by doing web searches on some of my new Crehan names.

Oneof the links for "+crehan +august*" on altavista.com was

http://www.westchesterclerk.com/indexes/nat_co.html. This is Westchester

County Naturalization Records Index, 1808-1927 (that's in NY.) The site,

http://www.westchesterclerk.com, lists some available archives and has a

(seemingly costly) e-mail research request form. I'm just mentioning it

because there were a few Crehans, a Crian, and a Crean (possibly others)

listed with some odd codes after their names on the Naturalization

RecordsIndex, so it *might* be of interest to someone. Probably not, though.

Theresa Maryalso feels underqualified


Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 15:08:10 -0500 From: Genealogy Central <puopolo@cris.com>Add to Address Book Organization: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/6036/index.html

Subject: [CRYAN-L] My web site To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Hi everyone,

My website address changed since I needed more space. The address is


Also, I have some pages for other unrelated family lines. I could make

a Cryan/Crean/etc. page if everyone wanted to contribute their line.

It isn't hard to cut and paste lineages onto a family surname

page.Also, my page listed above has been nominated for an award. I would

appreciate it if all of you would visit and decide if you wish to vote

for my site.Thanks,Erica


Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 15:27:16 -0500 (EST) From: simone samuel <amethyst@inch.com>Add to Address Book Subject: [CRYAN-L] This anyone's Frank Crehan? To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

I'll try to be more substantial in the future, but I ran into this

recordfrom the Penn Yan Democrat of Yates County, NY

(http://www.linkny.com/~history/1907vr.htm) of a Frank Crehan being

married September 20, 1907, and written up in this newspaper. If he

belongs to anybody here or is at all of interest, you can apparently

get amicrofilm copy of the possibly "quite long and detailed" wedding

announcement. I've heard of a Frank Crehan from a list member but not a

New York one to my knowledge.Theresa Mary tidbit contributor


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 11:50:46 EST Subject:

[CRYAN-L] Re: Underqualified To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Now how the devil do you expect us to believe that you're"underqualified",madam, when you go about doing the research and contributing to thelist insuch a fine manner? :)

You seem to be making good headway ... keep it up (and keep sharing --it'smaking good reading, at least to me).Lyle - I never even thought about the songs, but of course! I'm afraidIdon't recognize your's, do you mine? They're all nursery songs: "Camels andbears, and ponies are found / prancing around on the merry-go-round..." andthe other one that comes immediately to mind, again from my

Cryan-gene-pool,"Roo-ta-li-too-la-ti-de / You are *(Nick-y)*-bare-baby / You belong to

Mommy /and I belong to you ..." We presently have four generations of ourfamily

alive today who were sung these songs as infants ... I wonder how farbackthey go?

- Leslie


From: ljstandak@webtv.net (Lyle Staehnke)Add to Address Book Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 10:10:26 -0800 (PST) Subject: [CRYAN-L] RE:Songs To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

One more song I remember my Grandfather singing goes like this.. Of

course I can only remember the Chourus! (NO pun intended) Oh how they

Tittered how they laughed when they heard the Lawyer declare,,Granny

died and left to you her old arm chair..(Then it went on to say that the

bottom fell out of the chair, and it was filled with gold and jewels and

all sorts of valuables..The last chourus was sung full of glee and

revenge for having been ridiculed.).Oh how they titter how they laughed

when they heard the lawyer declare Granny died and left to you her old

arm chair.. Lyle


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From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 13:18:32 EST

Subject: [CRYAN-L] New Years' traditions from Genire-L To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Sorry for the repeat for those of you subscribed to Gen-Ire already, but

thought others might enjoy, too:--

Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 14:25:00 -0800

From: "Windows 95" <maggimae@chc.net.au> (by way of Vicki Lindsay)

To: GENIRE-L@rootsweb.com

John Dixon sent the following to me and has given me his permission to

forward to the list. It is a comment on my email re a Scottish

tradition.The "first-footing" in the North-East includes bringing in a piece ofcoal -apparently to ensure a warm fire all year - but may it have some linkto the"black" item you referred to.Traditionally the first-footer had to be a dark-haired man (??Blackagain),who was given a piece of silver - usually a florin - and a drink ofsherryor similar.I recall vividly that on my walk to collect my grandmother to come toourhouse for New Year's Day lunch I was waylaid by several older ladies,livingon their own, who were superstitious about going out of their housesuntilthe obligatory dark-haired man had crossed the threshold. Despitebeing avery young dark-haired man I was thought to be big enough to fit thebilland remember little about the subsequent afternoons through a haze ofsherryand jingling pockets!Feel free to forward this to the list if you think it of interest - Icannotpost to the list direct.

Regards from Hong KongJohn Dixon Maggie M Keely Heffernan in Coffs Harbour, NSW, AUSTRALIA


Subject: Your New/Updated RSL Information To: caoimhghin@yahoo.com

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 20:37:20 -0800 (PST) Organization: RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative From: rsl@rootsweb.comAdd to Address Book Reply-to: rsl@rootsweb.com


The recent release of the Root Surname List (RSL) contained new or

updated information from you. Attached to the bottom of this form

letter is the information we currently have in our files. If you want

to change your address information, or add more surnames, we can do.

The easiest approach for us would be to have you submit the new

information via the form at


but if it is more convenient for you to use e-mail, just send the new

information to rsl@rootsweb.com. If you do, though, help us by

identifying which information is new and which is a change

to old. Please please do not resubmit information we already have in

our files. Also, whenever you correspond with us, please be sure to

remind us of your nametag -- that is how we know for sure that you are

you, so to speak. Your nametag is: kc949714

For information about the RSL, how to get a copy, etc., send any

message to rsl-info@genealogy.org

A table of the abbreviations that are used is located at


Your surnames are also now on the WWW, in the RSL database accessible

from http://www.rootsweb.com/rootsweb/searches/

Thanks again for participating!

Roots Surname List Data EntryTeam


P.S. Corrections and changes we've received very recently

are not reflected in the data below.

Your address info:

kc949714 Caoimhghin [Kevin] O Croidheain [Cryan], caoimhghin@yahoo.com

231 Campus Res., Ballymun Rd., Dublin 9, Ireland

Your surname info:

Cryan 1836 now IRL>USA kc949714

+Cryan 1836 ---- IRL>USA kc949714

+Dolan c1840 ---- Boyle,LET,IRL>USA kc949714

Walsh c1760 now Ballinla>Drumdowny,KIK,IRL>WAT,IRL>USA kc949714

+Walsh c1760 ---- KIK>WAT,IRL>USA kc949714


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:34:39 EST Subject:

[CRYAN-L] Ask and thou shalt receive To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

No, I don't have a place to live yet ... but I did ask the Gen-Iremailinglist for lyric/song sites for Irish music, and look what I got! Hopethishelps, Lyle. And Theresa Mary, are these to be added to our FAQs? -Leslie

Try http://www.sd.monash.edu.au/~exton/words/

Bob Lunny


Try this one: It was posted on a discussion group a week or so ago...I

had alot of fun with it.


: <hamiltont@washpost.com>

Hi, I'm at the Rice Public Library in Kittery Maine. If you check out our web site at :


and click on WWW Links on the left hand side you will get a list of topics. If you scroll down to Genealogy and then scroll down the Genealogy page to the very bottom you will find two little dots under the tree. Click on these and you will find my personal bookmarks. There is a section for folk music and you will find a few links relating to Irish music. Enjoy. -- Joyce. jstephens@rice.lib.me.us

- - - - - - - - - - - - -Try this site for lyrics. It's the best I've seen. Type in some key

wordsinto the text box and press search. If you find out any sites thathave thehistory of some of these songs, please let me know. I haven't foundany butwould love to.


Good luck,Frank Geary, geary@progress.com

Hi Leslie, Try the following URL :


I'll sent you another one later on, I have to find it. Chris


Try " http://www.downrain.com/home/lyrics.htm"

Also, and I don't know for sure if these work or not: go to your

browser andselect Info Seek and place in the search "Irish Midis" then select.

Thirdlytry " --//www. midiform.com" good luckWilliam Heatley, BiNo2731


From: Fatarm@aol.comAdd to Address Book Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:52:25 EST Subject:

[CRYAN-L] More lyrics, a new subscriber (and spelling), and another Xmas site To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

Please welcome Michael, subscriber #42 (this reflects the 2-3 who'veleft).He's got a new spelling for us, CRAEN. Thanks for finding him,Kathleen, andwe look forward to reading/sharing/chatting with you, Michael! (I'llleave itup to you to post what you will from your Crain-L inquiry -- we've gotno

special formats, just jump in ...)

More song sites...

Another Web Site is Mudcat Cafe/ : http://www.mudcat.org/!-mnop.html


Go to: www.cs.hut.fi/~zaphod/irish/all_titles.html

Have fun, Dick : rvs01@earthlink.com

Thank you, Mr. O'Hara, for suggesting this website. It is veryprofessionaland beautiful, too. I really enjoyed it ! The graphics and the musicare

first rate. (http://members.tripod.com/~pg4anna/xmas.htm)

Mary McAuliffe Nigro, <CountyCork-L-request@rootsweb.com>



Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 04:35:49 -0800 (PST) From: Caoimhghin O Croidheain <caoimhghin@yahoo.com>Add to Address Book Subject: [CRYAN-L] Croghan Cryans

To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

hiThe Croghan list of births was the result of a visit to the Croghan

parish priest a couple of years. He proudly showed me the complete

computerised parish records going back to 1812. I then asked him

gingerly if he would mind if I copied down all the Cryan birth

references. "Havent you a camera there?" he replied, "Why dont you

just take a picture of the pages - sure thats what the Americans

always do!"Mind you, I did feel like a CIA agent taking the pictures.....



To Liam Walsh

hi againTry out this amazing website for Walsh family history.


If you have a problem use a search engine under "Walsh Family History"Let me know what you think. I am convinced that you have quite close relatives in the States from your grand or greatgrandfathers generation.....Kevin


Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 12:34:09 -0500 From: "Michael J. Jordan" <SYNTAXINC@compuserve.com>Add to Address Book Subject: [CRYAN-L] More lyrics, a new subscriber (and spelling), and another Xmas site To: CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

This is my Craen line:

Descendants of Craen

Generation No. 1

1. CRAEN1 was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

Children of CRAEN are:

2. i. WILLIAM2 CRAEN, b. Bef. 1759, Bellview, Armah County,

Ireland; d. December 17, 1829, Lisbon, Ohio.

ii. JOHN CRAIN, b. Abt. 1789, Ireland; d. Aft. 1790.

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM2 CRAEN (CRAEN1) was born Bef. 1759 in Bellview, Armah


Ireland, and died December 17, 1829 in Lisbon, Ohio (Source: COLUMBIANA

COUNTY, OHIO CEMTERY INSCRIPTIONS (Volumes 1 thru 20)Note: Spaces

indicate different pages or groups of tombstones in same row.Phillips

Christian ChurchCemetery, Salem Twp. Vol. 7.). He married ELIZABETHKING

Unknown, daughter of KING.


William Crain born in Belloreir near Armah, County Down Ireland with his

brother John came to America in ? John's history uncertain - but William

settled in Lancaster Co., PA at Georgetown Bart.. P.O. where many of his

descendants still reside. But on the 8th of July 1812 he purchased of

Abraham Snider the N.E. quarter section 20. Township No. 15 Range No. 3

ofSalem Township Col. Co. O. and settling there, afterwards - in the year

1817 - July 10 sold to his son John Crain the 7.6 acres - on the east

whichland is still in possession of Wm. Viers a grandson of John Crain.


Elizabeth King coming to America on the same ship with William Crainthey

became aquainted and on arriving in America were married.


i. JOHN3 CRAIN, b. November 26, 1789, Pennsylvania; d. June

13, 1844; m. TABITHA PRITCHARD, January 03, 1815.

More About JOHN CRAIN:

Fact 1: 1812, War of 1812 ii. WILLIAM CRAIN, b. Bef. 1823; d. September 05, 1823; m.

ANNBAER, Unknown.

iii. MARGARET CRAIN, b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. GEORGE


iv. ELIZABETH CRAIN, b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. NATHANIEL


v. NANCY CRAIN, b. Unknown; d. June 07, 1824.

Sincerely,Michael Jordan - Syntax, Inc


P.O. Box 1068

Litchfield Park, AZ 85340-1068



C: 602.531.2658

F: 602.935.0317




Writing at 10:37:20 AM on Saturday, December 12, 1998

Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who put them into action

are priceless.

Message text written by INTERNET:CRYAN-L@rootsweb.com

>Please welcome Michael, subscriber #42 (this reflects the 2-3 who've

left).He's got a new spelling for us, CRAEN. Thanks for finding him,

Kathleen,andwe look forward to reading/sharing/chatting with you, Michael! (I'll

leaveitup to you to post what you will from your Crain-L inquiry -- we've got

nospecial formats, just jump in ...)

More song sites...

Another Web Site is Mudcat Cafe/ : http://www.mudcat.org/!-mnop.html


Go to: www.cs.hut.fi/~zaphod/irish/all_titles.html

Have fun, Dick : rvs01@earthlink.com

Thank you, Mr. O'Hara, for suggesting this website. It is very

professionaland beautiful, too. I really enjoyed it ! The graphics and the music

arefirst rate. (http://members.tripod.com/~pg4anna/xmas.htm)

Mary McAuliffe Nigro, <CountyCork-L-request@rootsweb.com>

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