Dr Robert Cryan MRIA
(1826 - 1881)

Family tree


Descendants list and notes by Richard Cryan


Robert Cryan 1827-1881

     m    Mary Whitty Cryan 1833-1865

            Robert William Whitty Cryan II 1865-1907

            m   Mary Matthews Cryan (Daughter of Henry 1824-1899 & Mary Donohue Matthews)

                  Robert William Whitty Cryan 1893-1927 buried Allegheny Cemetery Pittsburgh

                  m   Eugenie O'Neil 1888-1973

                        Robert William Whitty Cryan III living

                        m    Peggy Lister Cryan

                               Robert Whitty Cryan  living

                               m  Andrea Dougherty Cryan living

                                    Kelly Cryan living

                               Antonia Elizabeth Eugenie Cryan living

                               m  Robert Staargaard living

                                    Andrea Cryan living

                                    Amanda Cryan living

                               Sean Lister Cryan living

                               m  Susan Gonzolas Cryan living

                                    Liam Cryan living

                                    Jared Cryan living

                               m Lori Cryan living

                        Eugene Whitty Cryan

                        m    Alice McAlpin Cryan

                               Bruce McAlpin Cryan living

                               m  Susan Simonson Cryan living

                                    Daniel Cryan living

                                    Audrey Cryan living

                               Kenneth Jarvis Cryan living

                               m  Fredrica Tomkins Cryan living

                                    James Cryan living

                                    Elizabeth Cryan living

                               Richard McKay Cryan living

                               m  Deanna Cowan Cryan living

                                    Jonathan Arthur Cryan living

                                    Madeline Joyce Cryan living

                        Elizabeth Cryan  living

                        m    Anthony Kuser Marshall living

                               Philip Cryan Marshall living

                               m  Nan Starr Marshall living

                                    Winslow Marshall living

                                    Sophie Marshall living

                               Alexander Russell Marshall living

                               m  Susan Gonzalas Marshall living

                                    Hilary Marshall living

                        m    Craig Wheaton-Smith

            Harold Cryan

            Helen Cryan

            m Count de Treneror

            Cyril Cryan

            Adrian Cryan 1896-

            m   Mary Calder Cryan

            Eleanor Cryan




Robert WW Cryan I, the only child of Robert and Mary Whitty Cryan, traveled extensively and wrote travel articles for The Westminster Review. Apparently on one of the travels to California he met and married Mary Matthews of San Francisco, daughter of Henry Matthews and Mary Donohue. I have a tribute to Henry Matthews written by his friends at the Society of California Pioneers, where he was an officer. Summarizing it quickly, Henry grew up in England, traveled extensively as a young man, then settled in Northern California where he tried his hand at various businesses, apparently with some success.

The traveling bug remained with RWW I and his wife Mary, as my uncle RWW 3 tells stories he heard of extensive travels with large steamer trunks. RWW I's writing continued nearly to his early death in 1907 (age 42)

RWW I had 6 children, one named after himself, RWW 2 – my grandfather. He came over to the US sometime around the turn of the 20th century where he met and married Eugenie O'Neil of Pittsburgh. The O'Neils were a prominent family in the city, owning The Pittsburgh Dispatch newspaper.

The other 5 children of RWW I all moved to England along with their mother at an unknown time and for unknown reasons. I surmise they moved after RWW I died because we know he is buried in Dublin and because my grandfather was only 14 when his father died.

RWW 2 himself died at an early age of heart disease (age 34). Apparently he was symptomatic for quite some time but did not take care of himself nor seek proper care. At the time of his death two of his three children were already born and Eugenie was pregnant with Elizabeth. Wishing a stricter environment than America for raising three children as a single mom, Eugenie and children moved to Montreux Switzerland for about 8 years until they were forced to leave by impending war in the continent.

When they moved back they settled in the Philadelphia area in part to be closer to the universities the boys were interested in (my dad went to Princeton).

Ultimately my dad, Eugene Whitty Cryan, became a doctor and had 3 children. He died at age 62 of heart disease (see a pattern here?)

Robert WW Cryan 3rd became a stockbroker and had 3 children

Elizabeth Cryan was a housewife and had 2 children (twins)

All children are married and in turn have children.